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The Twelve Horseman

Another flash overtook Jekkyl's vision. He looked and saw that the hourglass was empty. There was a loud bell it sounded like church bells. Church bells in outer space?   He watched as Zadkiel closed his book, his eyes a deep orange as he concentrated on an incantation. Jekkyl didn't understand what it was for but he did in that moment. He watched as Pheone ran towards her Shades, a white blast followed her.   "Run!" Pheone screamed before she turned into cosmic dust, vaporized from existence.   "Mother! It's the Void's Wrath! Everyone come here I'll put our essences into the Vessels like we planned." With the final word that of the incantation passed. Jekkyl watched as Zadkiel, Virgil, and Eshreal turned into silk trails of light. Zadkiel's essence went into Galakrond, The Horseman of Ofnir. Eshreal did the same to a Jotun Horseman. Virgil possessed Malgortrax, The Horseman of Malice. Ioael couldn't make it into the circle that appeared, becoming vaporized by the Void's Wrath like Pheone.
— Excerpt From the Nephalim's Asylum

The Merging

The Merging was a event that killed the Shade Ioael, while her other siblings lived through the Vessels. At this point the other Realms were created and the Shades were ready to move on to their new bodies. This ended up backfiring and traping the Shades, it is said that the Horseman that hold the Shades can still hear and feel them inside.

Virgil merged witht the Horseman of Malice, Malgortrax. Eshrel merged with the Horseman of Reincarnation, Skal Hyde. Zadkiel meged witht the Horseman of Ofnir, Galakrond.


What were the Horseman

The Twelve Horseman were the final resort for the Shades, Pheone's first creations, to continue living after they battle with the Twilight, Thuher. During the process of the planet Earth's making, the Shades slowly became to make specifically chosen beings to become Horseman. The species that became Horseman were not all of the same, but they were mainly Jotun and Draicormr, with exceptions of Humans. Information on who the Twelve are is toward the side bar.  

Life as A Horseman

Life as a one of the Vessels is extraordinary, as they are primal conduits of Sakti. They are the embodyments of Avengence, Malice, Art, Progression, and many more. This, in return, gives them unique powers that most of the other magickal species and Sakti users cannot harness.
Although, the life of a Horseman is fairly lonely because of this uniqueness. Most don't fit in with their sisters or brothers, and many of their parents either don't exist or died due to mysterious circumstances unknown to the Horseman.  

Publicity of The Twelve

Horseman are not under the public radar as they are quite secretive with themselves, often being alone for eons if they live that long, or in a state of hibernation before the Broken Branch Event.
A Horseman will recognize another Horseman by the sheer power and Sakti pool they possess.  

Where Are They Today, And What Are They Doing

After The Broken Branch Event occured, many of the Horseman started awakening from their slumbers and coming out of their isolations. Some out of curiousity, while others for ill intent.   Some of the Horseman have even started working together, afterall power plus power equals even stronger power. As is the case with Galakrond, Jekkyl Hyde, and Skal Hyde.   Some of the Horseman before the Broken Branch Event, were trapped in different Realms while others sleep in the world of Humans.  

Abilities the Horseman Possess

Horseman possess a larger Sakti pool, more so than the Draicormr and Jotun. But because of their supernatural pool of Sakti, they often don't know how to control their powers at first. Over time they will learn how to control them, either through teaching of another Horseman or by another entity, such as the case with Jekkyl and Sakti'had.   They are skilled with two of the Sakti types, this depends on the Horseman. They possess special traits and features that some of their own kind does not possess.
Founding Date
Since the beginning of Earth's creation
Secret, Occult
Alternative Names
The First Chosen, The Vessels, The Twelve,

The Vessels

  • Horseman of Avengence, Jekkyl Hyde
  • Horseman of Malice, Malgortrax
  • Horseman of Betrayal, Ingr
  • Horseman of Ofnir, Galakrond
  • Horseman of Judgement, Drekkyl
  • Horseman of Reincarnation, Skal Hyde
  • Horseman of Blasphemy, Lucifer
  • Horseman of Art, Alestraz
  • Horseman of Progression, Crev
  • Horseman of History, Yog'sor
  • Horseman of Patience, Dreamer
  • Horseman of Cataclysm, Yannick