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Sidqiel (Cid-KEY-el)

Jekkyl turned to be confronted by a heavily armored figure with a large shield and two handles of swords on their back. "Well didn't know I would have compony on this run," Jekkyl smirked as the armor stood there silent. "So you don't talk much do you?" Jekkyl stepped left, the armor traced his movement, "Ok, this makes my job easier. Let's have some fun!" Jekkyl charged at the armor and slid between the legs of it before he continued his run. "Catch me if you can!" Jekkyl's foot propelled him forward. . .
— Excerpt from The Nephalim's Asylum
The Sidqiel are foot soldiers of The Court, created by twisted Divine Sakti during the Angelic Crusades. They are the saviors to some and the reaper to most. They are Sidqiel, born of mixed forbidden magick.

Basic Information


The Sidqiel share basic human anatomy with one difference. They have protrusions of their angelic essence that form wings. The number of wings can differ, but more commonly, a Sidqiel averages two pairs of angelic wings, but some have been known to have three or even four pairs of wings.

Genetics and Reproduction

The secrets for how the Sidqiel were made are closely kept to the Court. it has been known to the Court that the process of making them is both tiring and if they do it too often, deadly.   The process consists of mixing the Jotun techniques for reproduction with the infusion of Angelic Essence. This takes several days to complete and everything must be taken into accout before the Sidqiel is made.   When the Court gives the okay for a Sidqiel to be made, then it is made. But there is a risk that it might not survive. Only three out of five Sidqiel survive their making.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Sidqiel much like their Angelic ancestors do not need to eat, sleep, or drink. Instead they just need to take a couple of hours every 60 days to shift into Niflheim so the realm's soothing and rejuevenating mist can seep into their rocky skin. This is called The Seeping.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Sidqiel are ranked based upon their jobs they have, this includes the ranks of Guardian, Protector, and Vanguard. Protectors are below Guardians and Vanguards. While Vanguards are slightly above Guardians. What this entitles is how close you are with the Court.  
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If you are an Oathbreaker, like Atraxa Oathsworn, then you have relinquished all titles to the Court and are deemed lower than the Jotun the Angels killed during the Crusades.

Facial characteristics

From their mixed heritage, they are extremely beautiful and have mixed features of both feminine and masculine structures.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Sidqiel possess human senses as well as a few others traits given by their mixed heritage.   From their Angelic nature: Sidqiel have been given the ability to sense any living being in a radius depending on how much Sakti they put into the ability
They have access to Smites. Forms of Divine Sakti in the raw. These Smites can be combined with other types of Sakti to create special Smites.   From the Jotun ancestry: Sidqiel have the stony skin of the Jotun as well as a connection to the Realms based upon the Jotun technique used to make them. Such as Limbo for Muspel's fiery etchings and Nex's cold, dark, and grim calligraphy for Helheim.
They also possess to ability to see into the future in a brief spurt.   All Sidqiel possess the ability to shift into the other realms, except for Helheim.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Names are bestowed like an honorary title, especially last names. The most common last names for the Sidqiel is: Oathsworn, Virtue, Grace, Feathertip, and Malice Slayer.   The only exception to naming is the first names of Sidqiel, as they know their names at birth.


The history of the Sidqiel stretches back to the end of the Angelic Crusades. The Jotun's days were outnumbered and they were captured or killed for sport by Angels. It was then that the Angels discovered how the giants procreate through sculptures and infusion of Planar Sakti and decided to learn how to create their own angelic beings of their own. They watched and learned and tortured the Jotun to figure out how to make something akin to the Jotun childer.   As the Angels made the first of the Sidqiel, it wasn't going to their plans as they blew up, fell apart, or were obliterated by the angelic essence contained within. It was thanks to one of the captured Jotun, who was given a deal, that their plans came to fruition. The deal was to spare the Jotun's family and he would show you how to contain the essence within.  
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After the deal was struck, his family was unfortunately killed in an "accident" and kept hidden from the Jotun.
  The Jotun taught them how to construct a more refined version of Sidqiel. They had recesses carved into the Sidqiel's skin so the angelic essence within could flow out. This in turn became the Sidqiel wings. But secretly the carvings served another purpose.
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The carvings served as a dampener for the Jotun heritage. The dampener would keep their true Jotun forms secret while they served under the Court until the day of reckoning for the Angelic Crusades.   To this day, Sidqiel have not been able to access the ability except for a select few like Atraxa Oathsworn.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Sidqiel view the other races as damned because that's what they've been told by The Court. The most hated of these damned species is the Jotun, next to Demon and Angels, while they favor being near Human. The creatures of Helheim are something Angelic and Sidqiel alike do not want to go near and so, Sidqiel know nothing about them.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Homo Jotunnis Angelis
Svartl, Nex, Muspel
8-10 Centuries
Average Height
7'-10' or 213.3-304.8 cm
Average Weight
500-800 lbs or 226.7-362.8 kg
Average Length
30-33 feet or 9.1-10 meter wingspan
Average Physique
All Sidqiel are made for perfection in their job and can't be made any other way as the stone is set. This in turn makes most of the Sidqiel genderless, unless the Sidqiel in question says otherwise.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
All Sidqiel have grooves in their skin as recesses for the Angelic essence to "vent" if it could be called that. These engravings are given upon birth and from then on can be modified or added onto their body if chosen.   As for their skin pigmentation they share the Angelic pigments of blues, golds, and purples, with very rare cases of reds in color.
Geographic Distribution

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