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Jekkyl looks behind and didn't see the armor. He felt the world shifted, this wasn't Limbo but something he couldn't figure out what it was, but a shadow dashed past him. He looked up and saw the armor flew above him, their swords were drawn and three sets of wings on their back.
— Excerpt from The Nephalim's Asylum
Niflheim is a calm copy of the Prime Realm, home of the Angel and Sidqiel, and one of the settings in the novel: The Nephalim's Asylum.  


Niflheim is another copy of the Prime Realm. But instead of it being saturated with the reds and oranges of the Realm of Demons, Limbo, it's saturated in whites and blues. It is also also "pure" in the sense that no demonic threat is there, unless through means of Planar Sakti
And unlike, Limbo, where the ground its cracked and corrupted. Niflheim has a thick mist along the ground. As well as the inhabitants of the Prime Realm. Humanity as well appears to be different for they look like spectral vessels of themselves wandering endlessly until their lives come to an end and they are taken.   The concentrations of the realm of the angelic world, Niflheim, are focused in Europe, mostly in the countries of Ireland, Germany, and Scotland. But there are some concentrations in North America, Asia, and some parts of South America.   Niflheim isn't corrupting Humanity like the Demons in Limbo. They watch from their misty and bright lands and wait for the call when it is time to take the soul of the mortal who has fallen to the hands of the eternal death.  

Laws of Nature



Gravity is one of the most consistent laws of nature that both the Prime Realm and Niflheim share.  


Time is different in Niflheim. For every minute that passes in Niflheim, only a second passes in the Prime Realm. This is how the Court has been able to survive for such this time, that and they're angelic blood that flows through them.
Alternative Name(s)
Heaven, Land of Mist, The White World, Jotun's graveyard
Dimensional plane
Owning Organization
Inhabiting Species

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