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With every bone in my body. Clive I will avenge thee. Grant this weapon with the powers to destroy my enemies of outerworldly plaines. Spirts of old and new I bless this weapon with aim of true. I call upon a new function of madness to methods of old and dub this weapon the name Insanity!
— Pissed off Jekkyl Hyde blessing the weapon

Legend Lore

This weapon is unique in make and in style. The gun has been used by only one person, Jekkyl Hyde. He first created it to fulfill his promise and oath. The gun is only a year old and has more blood than the Angelic Crusades had caused.

Being forged with holy metals the weapon Insanity is a poweful weapon that Jekkyl uses to hunt and slay the monsters. Jekkyl has faught countless creatures and killed more than he likes to mention, one of them being his lover. Jekkyl had a count on how many creatures he's slain until he couldn't remember how many.


The blessings Jekkyl did to imbue it with the name Insanity came to him as a summoning of a Grief demon.

Jekkyl deemed the weapon Insanity because of the countless headaches he got when he fired the gun. The runes and other inscriptions that are on the weapon are divine and Angelic in nature, but cause a nasty inpact on the foe being slain. This weapon is a force to be reckoned with, the blessed silver and the custom monster hunting rounds that Jekkl made to be fired from this gun, make it a wicked weapon to be in the right hands. 

What does it shoot

The rounds that Jekkyl made for them are .50 caliber with custom functions to them. Each round has its unique purpose and all contribute to the monster slaying. Jekkyl likes to open the cylinder and slide a round one at a time and fire. He does this so that he can conserve on ammo. Jekkyl made a main round and deemed it the name, Lazarus. This bullet acted as a tracker for him. The bullet left behind a green floressent glow and liqiud trail on the ground to help track the creature he has fired at. Jekkyl after that has made three more rounds, the Impaler, Fuze, and Agony rounds. 

Special features of the gun

The gun has a small but important feature to the slaying. The runes inside the barrel are multi functioning kill runes. The runes flare and flash with every shot which imbue the bullet with a small side affect the user is unaware of. The blessings of the metal as well give the user a small headache, which goes away within a few minutes.

You are my trusty friend and ally, Insanity. With you I shall have a drop on all my enemies, no one shall harm us when you are with me. I promised to protect and kill the monsters on this world and I indend to keep that promis Clive shall be avenged wether I like it or not.
— Jekkyl after a hard fight with a Stryga

Another effect of the gun is that the handle is pointed and can be used in hand-to-hand combat. Small flowers, black dalias, are engraved on the barrel and handle of the gun to remind Jekkyl of the loss it took to make this weapon. Jekkyl had made the metals himself, with a little help from local smiths, and forged the gun out of the mystical metals.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

This extraordinary gun has a rotating cylinder that flips out to the left side. The user loads the rounds into the cylinder and then reinserts the cylinder, aim and fire. The hammer slames into the cartridge and sends the bullet out the barrel. The cylinder rotates and then readies a new bullet to be fired. This process repeats until the eight round cylinder is empty.


This is the only weapon that Jekkyl Hyde first made to be able to keep his oath with hunting and killing the creatures that plagued the Prime World.
Item type
Weapon, Ranged
Current Location
Current Holder
Subtype / Model
Used by
This is the first weapon that Jekkyl Hyde created after his encounter with Siren Clive. This weapon has not been recreated since it's creation and will not ever be recreated due to the darker powers Jekkyl Hyde had to call to bless the weapon with the destructive force.
1.5 lbs
3'' from dragon wing edge handle up to 8'' from handle to edge of barrel.
Raw materials & Components
This metal of the gun was made from irish church bells, iron from crucifixes, blessed silver, and other mystical metals. This bullet holds it's own custom made rounds that Jekkyl Hyde made, these rounds include Impaler, Fuzes, Enigma, Lazarus, Agony, and Frostbite rounds.