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They were in the frozen wasteland of Helheim. They didn't know where to go, but ahead.   Skal shifted into his bear form and pointed to a large citiadel miles away from them. Atraxa narrowed their sight, ice covered all the land, and the citadel held a large cage at the tope of the peaks. A bird was trapped.
— Excerpt from The Nephalim's Asylum
Helheim is the realm of the dead and one of the two non replicas of the Prime Realm. This is also one of the settings for the novel: The Nephalim's Asylum.  


Helheim is one of two realms in the Nephalim's Asylum universe that isn't a copy of the Prime Realm, there is only one enctrance to the realm that was discovered. Well, two, if you count death. The way for any living being to enter is through Virgil's sword, Skilja. Althought after the Broken Branch Event, the realm of the dead has taken over Norway, Swedan, Finland, and most of Russia.   Helheim's plane is cold and barren wasteland. It has large peaked mountains made of permafrost and the ground is covered in snow and skulls of the fallen. The most common skull found scattered throughout is the skulls of Fury Demons. After all, the Fury Demons are the ones that made the complex caves and tunnels that make up Malgortrax's Prison.   Sadly this place also keeps one more entity, the Helgate, Sigguatr, a large bird Jotun that only wished to keep an eye on Malgortrax so she didn't make her escape from isolation. For more information see the prose Malgortrax's Binding  


The caverns of helheim are massive spreading across all that is the frozen realm. They were first created by the Fury Demons during their growth, this was of course, before Fury Demon eggs were harvested and placed in Limbo for transportation reasons. But the occasional larva of the original Fury Demon has been spotted numerous times by the realms inhabitants.   The Caverns, or Catacombs as they're called by the capture living in them, spiral and stretch across vast frozen lakes as well as the red gems that created the undying Draugr lying beneath the ice.
The deeper one goes into the catacombs, the closer one gets to the nightmares that lie in the ice. Or so that's what the myths say about what lie in the depths of the frozen seas that stretch for miles. But most of those who come back to tell the tale have been swiftly executed by the Hel Knights, an elite group of undying soldiers bound to the all-powerful Void to make sure no living dare enter nor leave Helheim.  

Currently Surviving Species

There are some of the realm that were there and that the Void didn't have His unending horde of Hel Knights kill. There are the Draicborne that live there in clans and clutches, but after the Broken Branch Event no one is really sure on the amount that is there.   There is also another type of creature that lurked in both the surface and the Caverns. These are the Hypohound, a race of shapechanging creatures the size of large bears.  

Laws of Nature

The laws of nature in this world is slower than most, specifically the law of time while the law of gravity is not really affected.
Alternative Name(s)
Hel, Abyss, Frozen Wasteland, The Chilled Scar
Dimensional plane
Inhabiting Species

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