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Clive Ismael

Runescribe, Clive Skald Ismael (a.k.a. Bookwyrm)

Oh I'm sorry I bumped into you, my, you have such beautiful eyes and hair. Hey would you like to go and grab a coffee sometime?
Jekkyl Hyde complimenting Clive at first sight.

Physical Description

Body Features

He wears the symbol of his academy inside his hood and tattooed on his wrist. He has numerous scars along his chest and legs from the experiments he endured from his family.
Now, why in the world would you have so many scars on this sexy body?
I don't know but whoever did is in for one hellofa beating.
I wouldn't say that, but you know what, just kiss me and not worry about it.
Jekkyl Hyde and Clive after the fourth date

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

He prefers the pronouns He/Him. He wishes to not be out in public alot of the time and to be in a library or at home.


He is a gay male who fell in love with Jekkyl Hyde. He died shortly after the wedding. He was still a virgin before meeting Jekkyl Hyde.


He got his education from the private school, Voldin Academy. An ancient school that teaches the secrets of Runic magick as well as the basics to survive the world. He was taught how to inscribe, use, and enchant with runes in the academy. He was given the name "Bookwyrm" by Jekkyl Hyde because of the constant reading Clive had done.


He worked at a library since he was fourteen and then quit at age eighteen. He then worked as a editor for books, but also accepted a job that The Sect of Sigils gave him. He worked as the Sect's head achivist, a dream job at the time.

Accomplishments & Achievements

He enchanted the coat that Jekkyl Hyde wears. As well as wrote a Binding Spellbook for the runes at age seventeen. The book has been yet to be passed down to anyone and rests in the academy hall.

Failures & Embarrassments

He accidentally turned his arm into a snake and had to wrestle it. His father, Skal Ismael II had to change him back.

Mental Trauma

He went to his grandfather's, Skal Ismael I, funeral. He was teased for his sexuality. He had numerous attempts of threats, death or hate-mail, sent to his door. He had stones thrown at him in the academy and hates going back there because of it. As a child he was put throught experimentations by the Sect, that caused his hair to turn a deep red and his skin to be pale as a ghost. These experimentations are also what caused a wedge between him and his loved ones, only talking to them at mealtimes and at special gatherings.

Morality & Philosophy

You want to know why I don't talk to my family Jekkyl? It's because of what they did to me. You see the tattoo on my wrist, this is the symbol of their blind faith, this is the symbol that they branded me with. I hate them for this and I will always hate them for this, I thought I could trust them but all I thought was wrong. This symbol that is on my flesh is something even I can not fix. Jekkyl, it's been a day why don't we go back home?
— Clive on the fourth date with Jekkyl Hyde


You will not see him with out a book in hand or in his bag.
Current Location
Date of Birth
January 4th 1979
1979 CE 2000 CE 21 years old
Circumstances of Birth
To carry out the legacy of Runekeeping for future generations
Circumstances of Death
Killed by a demon and began the murderous sprint of Jekkyl Hyde
Emerald green, squinted
Long curly red
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
pale white
Known Languages
He taught Jekkyl Hyde Klingon, Star Trek Voyager was their favorite show to watch. He knew a few older languages as well, Demonic, Angelic, Jotnar, as well as Draicormric (language of the Draicormr)