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Hallowed Corpse

Beyond the Gates of Death, the truth awaits.   Beyond truth, power.   Beyond power, immortality.   Beyond immortality, transcendance. No matter the cost, we will pass through.
  A secret nested deep within the Thanatological Society, its tendrils coiled throughout. A cult that seeks not only knowledge, but a sort of power and immortality they believe can only be achieved by conquering death. To them, the stiff is just the fir step on a road they believe will lead to true ascension. They hope to breach the gates of death - at any cost. The Corpse runs illegal experiments on human prisoners of war and undead, fund research into cutting-edge areas of necromancy, and on occasion dabble in political manipulation when it serves their need.   Between the grim laboratories and blood-soaked search for knowledge, most of the Corpse's members have their... Pet theories. These range in credibility from promising to crack-pot, skewing heavily in the direction of the latter. For all their secrecy, it is these differences of opinion and belief that threaten to expose them. Members quarrel and squabble constantly over them, and it is the greatest source of friction for the Hallowed Corpse.   Only a few are found worthy of joining the Hallowed Corpse. They're drawn exclusively from the Thanatological Society and come in two primary forms; old necromancers of immense skill, wealth or influence, or young scions who show promise. The latter can be groomed for years, even decades, before they are finally inducted into the Corpse. Even then, they're not told what it truly is until it's too late. The only nation that doesn't have a presence is the Shinomas Magocracy; the ruling magocracy have many of the same goals, and are not keen to share.

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Summer Camp 2021 Promp 17: A religious order founded or based in your world's history

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Amélie I. S. Debruyne
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Ooooh I'm curious about those theories now... I also expect that there are some figurative and maybe some literal backstabbing going on there? :p

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You know there's gonna be some literal backstabing about those research grants! :D

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5 Aug, 2021 07:56

If only it was so easy in the real world :(

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