Humanity's knowledge of this damned place

This is all recorded history by humanity, there might be other events but these are forgotten or where never observed by us mortals.

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    Founding of this plane

    at the beginning of time this plane of existence was there, silent, devoid of life. an calm and dark place.

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    The disaster of ancients
    Disaster / Destruction

    for some reason life came to be, it formed two entities. simply known as gods by us mortals. these two entities, which names are long forgotten created the earth a place where we can wander on, aimlessly.

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    The age of Radiance

    The earth we walk on was covered in grass, civilizations of immortal beings. An age of peace and prosperity. Most of the knowledge of this age is long forgotten.

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    The Eldritch grin
    Disaster / Destruction

    While the immortal beings where enjoying their age of radiance, some horrid creature from deep down below, beyond the earth, perhaps even beyond this very plane of existence, laughed. his laughter destroyed kingdoms, burned down forests and brought forth creatures from the deep. Immortality became a curse, nobody wanted to coexist with these creatures from beyond.

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    The struggle for mortality
    Disaster / Destruction

    The horror's from below ripped apart the kingdoms of the immortal humans, with no way of wining from these creatures, humanity turned mad of eternal purgatory. Those that tried to keep their sanity where seeking an way to become mortal, hoping to die human and not wander this plane as some feral creature for eternity.

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    The great purge
    Disaster / Destruction

    Humanity, with no option left purged the entire world by engulfing it in eternal flames. The flames did not last eternal and they did not destroy the eldritch horrors, the only thing the flames did was ruin all previous written knowledge and covered the floor in ash. Which caused only more problems.