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The Storm

The Storm is a grand, ongoing phenomenon that spans the entirety of the TempoVerse, wreaking chaos wherever its eye focuses. It is also the Source of all Storm magic, one of the five elemental Sources of the Multiverse. Because of its size and influence over the TempoVerse, as well as its instability, it is known as the greatest magical phenomenon in the history of the Multiverse. The Storm gained this name mostly from being the most destructive and continuous "thing" in the Multiverse. Many have theorized that the Storm could be the elemental Source of Storm magic, especially given that Storm magic was named after the Storm itself, but very few people have ever learned that for a fact, and only so because of divine intervention. Regardless, the Storm grants people some of its limitless energy each time somebody attunes to Storm, as one would expect. But the exact method one might take to attune oneself to the Storm aside from the natural process is not yet known. Some say that one must survive a lightning strike brought down from the Storm itself, though that sort of thing is the stuff of rumors. Though, some say that the Storm has a mind of its own and chooses those it deems worthy somehow to gain an attunement to it. There is but one place that is perfectly safe from the all-encompassing Storm, with clear sky and calm waters. This place is called the Eye of The Storm, and it is almost mythical in nature. Some believe in it, some do not, some are skeptical yet hopeful. Nobody knows where the Eye is, but it is said that it is impossible to find, for the Storm has to take you to it, and that there is a great tower rising from the water in which Ba'alTempo resides when not out in the Multiverse somewhere. It is also said that small elements of nature can help predict the Storm's behavior, such as birds flying a certain direction or a lack of fish in the reefs. There is some evidence to support this, but it is as of yet somewhat inaccurate and not fully trustworthy.


The Storm was created with the final attempt to make an Alchemical element by the Alchemicals. Naturally, the last one to gain a name took the last element gladly and named the Storm and Ba'alTempo. After the Great Separation, the Storm began to run wild, disconnected from the rest of the elemental Sources which held it in check. Now, it encompasses an entire flooded Verse and its sporadic behavior is just currently being studied to figure out how to prevent the most damage.
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