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The BloodStream

The BloodStream, the elemental source of Death magic, is a large, glowing white river in the the middle of the Xant empire. It serves as a border between two of its regions, Zallix on its north side and Shallum on its south. The BloodStream also serves as a path to the realm of the dead, Ba'alNecro's domain. However, the only way to cross over into that realm from the land of the living naturally is to die. That is to say, if one's connection and mastery with elemental Death is strong enough, one might be able to travel between the two realms. Because of the BloodStream's interconnection with the lands of life and death, it was used before the Great Separation as a transitioning tool by Bei'elNecrum, who collected Lost Souls and brought them into the realm of the dead before her exile. Now, the BloodStream is used for a similar purpose by the Order of Reapers, those who have taken up Bei'elNecrum's previous occupation in the name of Ba'alNecro. Though, instead of rafting the Lost Souls across to the other realm, since Reapers cannot actually enter Ba'alNecro's domain, they merely set them drift to find their own way. The BloodStream, being the elemental source of Death, naturally has a lot of power. However, this power is mostly contained within its ever-flowing waters. That is, mostly. One is to be careful when approaching the banks, for the pure energy of Death that emanates from the river can be enough for any creature that is unattuned to Death to be unable to get near without being reduced to a soulless husk as their life is slowly drained out of their bodies to be sent to the realm of the dead. Though one who is attuned to Death may be able to approach it, it is still wise not to make physical contact with the BloodStream's water. Each and every person who has attempted to drink from its banks has met with a fate worse than death. Due to the BloodStream's incredible destructive ability, there are very few bridges that cross it within the Xant empire. Those that do typically surround themselves with barriers so as to not allow their occupants to be annihilated while crossing. There is one way to attune to Death without going through the natural process, though nobody has attempted it in several years, and the last few to do so died a very painful death. The process involves being completely submerged in the BloodStream and reaching the other bank while not dying.


The BloodStream has served as a border between two regions of the Xant empire, Zallix in the north and Shallum in the south, since before even the empire itself. Additionally, the river seems to flow from somewhere in the mountain range which mostly shuts off Mentila from the rest and never seems to end, twisting and turning around each obstacle it comes across throughout the whole of the NecroVerse.

Localized Phenomena

Aside from the soul sucking nature of the elemental source of Death, the BloodStream has a number of other phenomena which occur seemingly at random. The most common, though, is the spawning of certain powerful monsters from its waters. among these monsters is the dream eater, a small, seemingly benevolent creature which consumes the nightmares and restless dreams of people to bring peaceful sleep.

Fauna & Flora

Because the BloodStream kills anything and everything that comes near it, no natural flora or fauna have ever come to it and survived.


For centuries the BloodStream has been used as a method of execution due to its destructive power. Often, the condemned would be fully submerged in its waters, their very essence seemingly consumed by the river. However, this has been abolished as a legal method of execution since it was found cruel and unusual by the emperor of the Xant empire 300 years ago.


As a result of the BloodStream's destructive nature, very few people come to it for reasons unrelated to religion or academic or philosophical study,
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