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Generation is the ritualistic creation of new Majikai which is performed once every year at the beginning of the second month, hence the name of said month. While this process is vitally important for the survival of the Majikai race, only one group of people have ever performed it, and have kept it going for the sake of the race as a tradition for thousands of years. The group which performs Generation every year is called the Biogenerators, or just Biogens for short. The Biogens are more of an organization than just a small group, and they are responsible for the introduction of new Majikai into the Multiverse, as well as both that these newborn Majikai receive homes with families, often by transporting them to orphanages across the Multiverse where they can be adopted by hopeful parents, and the recruiting of new Biogens in order to keep the Majikai race alive.


The practice of Generation began when the Alchemicals noticed that Majikai couldn't reproduce due to a slight error in their creation. Ba'alBio solved this by enlisting a group of BioMaji and teaching them the process of creating a new Majikai through Life magic. This group was the first of the Biogens, and they were responsible for the continuation of the Majikai race. When the time came for them to pass the torch, they recruited a larger number of BioMaji, then they recruited an even larger number, and so on until the Great Separation. The Great Separation proved difficult for the remaining number of Majikai, not the least of their problems being the fact that they needed Generation in order to survive for more than one actual generation. This was where the Alchemicals stepped in a second time in order to keep them alive. They each took part of the new Generation of Majikai every year, then transported them to their respective Verse. This continued until the Connection, when Majikai could travel the Multiverse and the Biogens could bring new Generations to the other Verses themselves. Since then, there have been orphanages built across the Multiverse to house recently Generated Majikai until they could be adopted by other Majikai seeking to raise one of their own.
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