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Loas Venturias

Loas Venturias is the most northern port of the small state of Clopica. It is the only place in the state that foreigners are allowed to visit.   Merchants within the Clopican state realised that trading within its own borders was never going to be profitable, but the High King refused to allow any contact or trade with outsiders. Eventually a group of extremely wealthy merchants came up with a plan and presented it to the king: How about a settlement that foreigners could visit, but everything was designed to milk as much money from them as possible. The idea of fleecing foreigners suited the High King, thus Loas Venturias was born.   with a nice tropical climate and a nice beach, the port town was a huge success. Several theatres, casinos and expensive shops have been founded in the area creating for all intents and purposes, the worlds first tourist trap.
Large town

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