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The Mountain House

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Years into the future, male humans obliterated themselves through biological warfare. Females were forced to try to genetically remake them, slowly and painfully. Over time, women became used to being the stronger sex, with genetically-produced males often proving sickly and inferior. Women became so proficient with genetics that they were able to create eight strong breeds of women called the Eight Houses.   Eventually, as more and more men were born into the world, they could not stomach their second-class status to these women, and many left to colonize the planet Mars, called by most "Huzing." Those men that remain live as a part of the two underground Houses - the Breeding House for men who will fertilize women, and the Brawling House for eunuchs who were considered too violent to be left fully intact.   Peace has reigned over Earth for six centuries, and women are not willing to give that up - nor the power that they wield to enforce this.

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