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The Divine Wheel

What is the most popular tattoo design I can get inked? What does it mean?     The Divine Wheel is a holy symbol that is common throughout the world, recognized by everyone. It is an illustration that's used to explain the nine Virtues to children, a holy symbol that belongs to all faith traditions. It displays the trinity of trinities in such a way that all are shown as equal, in balance, and necessary- simultaneously for an individual and for the world as a whole.   The design consists of a series of circles nested within each other. The outermost circle represents the world as a whole, which encompasses all people and Nations within it.   Within the world line, there are three circles- one for each Virtue Trinity. The one circle at the top represents the Body, the one at lower left represents the Mind, and the lower right represents the Soul.   The Body Trinity circle encloses three more hoops, one for each of the Virtues honored in an ideal body: Fortitude, Agility, and Dexterity. These hoops also represent the Nations that revere each of those respective virtues: The Deepwater, the Ungul Alliance, and the Catlands.   The Mind Trinity circle encompasses the three Virtues essential for a balanced mind: Reason, Wisdom, and Willpower. Likewise, they also honor the Nations which focus on them so strongly: The Serpent Pits, the Bear Clans, and the Hive.   Finally, the Soul Trinity represents the intangible Virtues so prevalent in a powerful soul: Faith, Love, and Courage. The Nations which tether themselves to these respective Virtues are simultaneously represented: The Aviary, The Wolf Tribes, and the Masked Kingdom.   There is one more circle in the design, at the very center: a small ring which touches all three Virtue Trinities. This represents the individual, with all Virtues in balance for their physical, mental, and spiritual health.   The design can be inked as simply or as complexly as the individual (and the tattoo artist) decide. The blank spaces could be filled with intricate runic or tribal designs, or simply solid colors, or even left completely blank. Traditionally only one of the Virtue hoops is filled with an image- the one corresponding to your Nation. In the case of Chimeara, all Nations whose blood they share are illustrated.


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