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How Dog Became Wolf

Describe the myth surrounding a creature in your world     This is a tale of the Cold Winter, when the Mother wandered the world and gazed upon the failings of her child, Man. They had taken too much knowledge from the fires of destruction and unmade both themselves and the Garden.   She gathered the shattered pieces of Man and began to remake them, taking advice from the animals who had survived their fall. By this time she had granted them Bear's wisdom, Badger's courage, Mare's speed, Cat's dexterity, Serpent's reason, Bird's faith, Bee's will, and Whale's fortitude.   Yet Man lay cold and still, for the Mother knew they yet lacked something vital. At last, Dog came to the Mother and advised her.   "Man failed you because they lost their heart somewhere along the way. I'm sorry, Mother. I tried and tried but I couldn't find it for them, either. So now, I'd like to give them mine. They made it in the first place, out of scraps and oddments, and filled it with their own love. It's only right to return it to them now when they need it most."   Tears filled the Mother's eyes as she held Dog's heart in her hands. It was a small thing, mismatched and poorly sewn, but sewn with love. The bond that had stayed strong for untold millennia would be broken, she advised Dog.   And Dog said, "That is fine. Without my heart, I will simply be Wolf once more. They cannot be Man without a heart."   The Mother smiled at Dog and kissed his brow, and sewed his heart into Man. And Man became warm and drew breath and remembered Love.   Dog shook himself. His coat grew long and shaggy against the cold winter. His eyes glowed yellow with the moonlight and his fangs sharpened. He stretched and his legs grew long, his paws wide. His ears stood up and swiveled as he sniffed the air. He forgot the love Man had given him, and he was left with the love of the pack.   He was made new, as Wolf. And he howled, singing with exultation at his freedom, and sorrow for what had been lost. And all Creation honored Wolf his sacrifice. And the Mother wept.

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