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The Dark Advisor of the Sun Kingdom

Vizar Quelar

It is not often that the Archeological world is turned on its head. Yet turned it was when it was discovered that a man formerly believed to be the closest friend of King Ignatius IV of the Ageis Kingdom was in fact a Traitor and worse, a Wizard.   Old Histories are rediscovered and ancient secrets revealed as the dark heart of Quelar is finally exposed to the light of day.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Quelar was, in his time, considered a competent and wise Advisor and skilled political opponent. It was his skill with forbidden Magicks, however, that is currently quickly causing chaos in the Mortal Lands.   As his forays into magicks are a recent development in the archeological world, the full extent of his power is not currently known. However, he was able to make hundreds if not thousands of The Cursed Coins of Quelar to better observe and control the Kingdom. There were also hundreds of war marchines hidden in the lair underneath his personal villa, hinting at a strong understanding of war asset management, if not a bid for power.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Very little is known about Quelar himself; almost no written record of the man exists. Historians instead must make do with what few writings remains from the Aegis kingdom proper, and put together the pieces from there.   What is known is that Quelar was a Vizar, the most trusted Advisor of King Ignatius IV. Trusted to the point that the king graciously bestowed a summer villa upon the Vizar with which he could withdraw to the quiet countryside, perhaps start a family.   Considering the ruins that were found underneath the Villa, it is highly unlikely that Quelar ever had a family.   The Villa itself has been the main source of information regarding the Vizar. Although at first archeologists believed the lack of personal effects meant that most of them had eroded or rotted away, the revelation that Quelar was far from a wise and good man may indicate that he never truly saw the villa as a home, and kept no personal items there.   The newest hypothesis concerning the man was that Quelar was, if not the singular, then one of the first Wizards to walk the Mortal Lands. Tempted by the dark magicks of the Infernal Realms and an ever-growing lust for power, Quelar learned how to use the magic of the Sources in ways they were not meant to be used. A rather curious curse found on the The Flock of Ignatius IV adds to the mystery, as the curse, when active, was meant to sow discord and hatred. A far cry from the original purpose of the Flock, which was meant to promote harmony.   While archeolgists, in partnership with the The Keepers of The Oath, have been slowly excavating the lair under the villa, only time will tell just how dark the Vizar's heart was.     Regardless of his motivations, Quelar was killed in the fall of the Ageis Kingdom and the disappearance of Agiea, the capital city. Archeologists now wonder if he had a hand in the city vanishing in fire and darkness...


Quelar was employed as, as the few historical records that survived the fall of the Ageis kingdom attest, the most trusted Advisor of King Ignatius IV. What his employment was before this appointment, however, has been lost to the ages.    Despite his apparently evil bent, Quelar did seem to take his position as Advisor seriously. The Kingdom certainly prospered during his appointment as Vizar, indicating that he had no intention of razing the kingdom to the ground.

Personality Characteristics


Quelar was motivated by a single dream: Power. The ruined war machines and thousands of commanding coins hint that he was not content with assisting with ruling the Ageis Kingdom; he wanted to rule it for himself. To that end he worked himself tirelessly to accrue assets that would better allow him to take control when the time came.
Current Status
Circumstances of Death
Vanished with the city of Agiea in Fire and Darkness
Place of Death
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Olive, but with a sickly tinge

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