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Nana Johnstone

Elizabeth Snee Johnstone- Bismuth (a.k.a. Nana)

Known in her prime as Elizabeth Bismuth, one of the greatest Adventurers to have ever lived Nana Johnstone now lives in a semi-quiet retirement with her husband Julius.   If one had to sum up Nana's character in a word, the less-inclined to her personality would say 'nosy.' Nana is a traveler at heart, and even in her old age finds way to put herself into, if not the center, then very close to it, of her neighbor's troubles. She'll regale grandchild and attacker alike with tales of her youth and misadventures, even while sitting them down with a cup of tea to while away the hours. She won't take 'no' for an answer, and somehow manages to win the hearts, or at least the grudging respect, of everyone she meets.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

In her Prime, Nana was a fearsome woman to come across; her stature often caused her to come into combat with ceilings, and her girth could be compared to that of the northern tundra bears. She could fight six men by herself, barehanded, and come away unscathed.    In her retirement, age has gotten the better of her. While she is still tall and broad, there is not as much strength behind her muscles as there use to be, a little more of a stoop to her posture.  Still, she carries herself with pride.

Identifying Characteristics

Her immense height and girth, which would put a bear to shame. Aside from that, the dangerous twinkle in her eye that is a beacon of adventure to the excited, and danger to those who wish to be left to their afternoon tea, thank you very much.

Apparel & Accessories

Nana's handbag looks inconspicuous, at least on the outside. A powerful enchantment laid upon it by her friend Tabitha allows it to hold far more than its small size suggests. It's been rumored that a man climbed in there once and wasn't found for weeks. Nana carries all sorts of nicknacks that could come in handy, from clothes to sewing gifts, to a myriad of gifts and offerings, to her grandchildren's noodle art.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Although Nana is more prolific about her history than her friend Tabitha is, her story is no less confusing to the causal listener. Even her own grandchildren often wonder which of her stories is real, and which has been... decidedly embellished for the sake of telling a good Story.   Her story as she tells it to her Grandchildren begins at the Madame {name reference from Tabitha}, where she attended with her new friend Tabitha Goodvich. A chance encounter between Tabitha and a mysterious young man who shortly therafter vanished from the city set both Nana and Tabitha on a grand quest across the world, seeing the Golden Tortoises of {name}. While they never found the Golden Tortoises, they did find a grand purpose in life; adventuring.   Nana soon made a name for herself in the Archeological world, and no wonder; she was a hard woman to miss! Nana never took challenges from a distance, preferring to wade into the muck and set things right, in her own way. It was on one of these myriad adventures she met her husband Julius Johnstone, a reporter for the Poartlind Herald. She assembled a small group of friends that she came to call her closest companions.   Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and for reasons unknown to anyone but her inner circle, Nana ended her adventuring days shortly after the Night of Falling Crowns. Her family needed her more than the world needed her wanderlust, and she had been gone from home too long. She, as gracefully as a woman of her spirit could, retired to the small town of Livingbrook, on the western border of {Kingdom}. That is not to say she gave up adventuring altogether; far from it, in fact. She still travels frequently, visiting her many friends, children and grandchildren across the country and regaling them with tales of the old days, and dispensing advice for those setting out on their own adventures for the first time.


Nana had a private education growing up; her status as a member of the wealthy Bismuth family saw to that. That, and her more-than-impressive size which often intimidated other children her age. However, she was not to be outdone by her brothers, who recieved very specialized educations. Finally, when her father realized that trying to keep her from ready every book in his study was pointless, he sent her to be 'refined' at {school name here}.   That being said, it is not sure if Nana ever formally graduated from said instistution.


Nana was... self employed, as one could call it. Her status as an adventuring archeologist saw her employed by expeditions and organizations across the Kingdom, then across the planet as her skills became more refined, and more notorious. While she is now retired, there are still a few who seek her out for advice. Those who do had best be prepared for a lengthy afternoon of tea and crumpets.

Personality Characteristics

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Nana has an impeccable ability to appear wherever she is need, and several places she isn't. This often causes her to show up in stories she has no purpose being in, but there she is nonetheless.    As a retired adventurer, Nana knows better than anyone else how to avoid a deadly trap or placate a tribe of head-hunters. Her experience is renown the world over, although these days not many people believe she was the great Elizabeth Bismuth.   If there is one failing of Nana, it is the inability to recognize when someone does not want-or need-her help.

Virtues & Personality perks

One of Nana's greatest virtues, despite what her usual demeanor would have you believe, is Humility. She has never tried to play up her status as a renowned adventurer for wealth, power or glory.   She is also Charitable, always looking out for those in need, whether they need it or not.

Vices & Personality flaws

Nana's greatest flaw is Wrath; although she is slow to anger, once her wrath has been invoked it is very hard to stay. It is rumored that there were villages in the world that are now nothing more than craters, simply for invoking Nana's wrath.   She also has a tendency to wander in where she is not invited and make herself at home.


As a student of Madame {name}, Nana is very particular about hygeine and self care. Tramping through a muddy jungle is no excuse for not looking one's best. Of course, she also understands the dangers of being untidy in areas where filth and disease are rampant; a clean and healthy life is the best defense, after all.


Contacts & Relations

Nana has a black book the size of a dictionary with the names of men, women, pixies and every other race under the sun that she's met over the many years of adventuring. Some of whom may not be alive anymore, and a few are definitely not, but she keeps their names down regardless.   Her closest friend is Tabitha Goodvich; even as elders the two are nigh-inseparable. Other members of her inner circle and old adventuring crew are the Archbishop of St. Bartholmoew's Cathedral in Poartlind, A small-town Priest named Geoffery, The leader of the Poartlind Adventurer's guild Leroy, and a woman named Magdelene, who vanished after the Night of Falling Crowns.

Family Ties

Nana is very close and doting to her family. Her Husband, Julius, is the closest object of her affection. She has Five children, and amoungst them fifteen grandchildren. Many members of the Goodvich family are also considered a part of her own, even if it is not through blood.   She is very close to her missing brother, now gone for decades. She was cordial with her father at best, before his passing during the NOFC.

Religious Views

Although Nana is not as strictly Religious as her Goodvich counterpart, she is still a steadfast believer in the Creator. She does her best to attend church every Sunday, even while she is travelling the globe. A rosary and her bible are constant companions in her handbag, as well as some holy water and other accoutrements. For the infernal ones, you see, they do tend to raise such a stink if allowed to inhabit old ruins for too long.


"oooh, look at you deary! Why, when I was your age..."   This is usually how Nana begins her conversations with strangers, doubly so if they happen to be wielding a sharp object in her general direction. She proceeds to blather about some story from her youth, usually long enough for the agressor to drop their guard and allow them to be easily disarmed, before being sat down with a cup of tea and a cookie. She is an overbearing grandmother to everyone she meets, blood relation or no.

Hobbies & Pets

Nana's pet cat, Baron, is the fluffiest and meanest cat one will ever see. She keeps him on a dainty pink leash crocheted by her hand while she is out traveling, which is easily to the cat's dismay. His white fur and sour demeanor would easily cause one to mistake him for a villain's pet-but it is Nana that he has the misfortune to be tied to, even if she does feed him wonderful kippers.


Nana dispenses advice about adventuring, and sometimes life in general, through... interesting stories and metaphors. Her grandchildren are sometimes confused about what lesson she was trying to impart on them in the first place, but they appreciate the thought regardless.


Tabitha Goodvich

Friend (Vital)

Towards Nana Johnstone



Nana Johnstone

Friend (Vital)

Towards Tabitha Goodvich




Tabitha and Nana have been friends since their days at finishing school, and their relationship has withstood the test of time. Multiple times. It is rare to see such fire-forged friendships in the Mortal Lands, but these two have been to the Infernal Realm and back and will fight to the last for each other, even in their old age.    Even after they both retired from adventuring in their fifties, they remained close friends and will often travel together to visit family or on smaller misadventures.

Wealth & Financial state

Everyone thinks Nana has a hoard of treasure saved up from her years of adventuring. And she might, hidden somewhere in her sock drawer for a rainy day. However, Nana is quite content to live in her humble little cottage by the river in Livingbrook. Although she did pay to have Ekyltricity installed, and these days that's not always cheap to come by.
Current Status
'Happily Retired' in Livingbrook
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Although Nana has collected a great many titles, from 'Famous Adventurer' to 'That Creation-Damned Woman', everyone just calls her Nana. Everyone. Even those she has never met in her life, or will never meet her in theirs. She's just.... Nana, to everyone. It almost makes you forget she was one of the most famous adventurers in the world.
Brown, with flecks of blue.
Grey and exquisitly curled, although carefully tied back.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Tanned and Leathery. Lots of spots and scars
307 lb, carried with not quite as much grace
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Walk Tall. God is With you Always."   "Life is an Adventure. Live it."

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