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Dr. Gearmo

Those who refuse to Learn will find themselves forever Lost

Chief Doctor Gearmo

They had it once, in the palm of their hand, and they let it slip away-   A life free of illness and disease, save for the once they could not cure.   It is a time I would like to see again,   One where the people I have come to love are not threatened by the frailty   of their very bodies.    
~Dr. Gearmo, regarding the Memoria and his passion for studying the body.
  Dr. Gearmo is renowned throughout the Medical profession as a passionate doctor and highly learned man. He's also a Mechanical, which lends both impressed and curious looks to those who learn of the doctor. Probably those who know him the best and speak of him the most highly, though, are the medical staff at Northern Shore, Mira's main immigration facility. What was meant to be a minor supervisory position has instead blossomed into a well respected-and very powerful- role as Chief Doctor    Dr. Gearmo spends the majority of his days processing the piles of paperwork that keep the medical side of the Immigration center running, from release forms to requisitions. However, his true strength is in teaching the staff under his charge the newest medical techniques and illnesses that have been discovered by the medical community. His leadership and passion for discovery give encouragement to the staff, who in turn look after every soul that passes through the doors of Northern Shore.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Dr. Gearmo stated what could be called a Mechanical's life in the way all Mechanicals did: On an assembly line. Created as part of the Metrologic Line, Metrologic 16 was sent to a factory on the outskirts of the capital of the Memoria to assist in the production of pleasure-enhancing drugs. Metrologic 16 served in this capacity for several decades until unexpectedly being pulled to assist in a secondary project. A new drug was being produced, and as many hands were needed as possible. Although Metrologic 16 could not express excitement in the way humans could, the idea of change seemed... appealing.   Several years passed in the secret facility. Metrologic 16 learned that the drug being produced was meant to increase fertility in the imbiber. Not through the project leads, however; they had not deigned to share any details of the project with their robotic assistants, only give orders. Metrologic 16 instead memorized every ingredient and its function, and through this process of categorization and causality, began to learn. He also learned that, no matter the change in chemicals, amounts, or even chemical structure of the drug, no change was induced in the test subjects; the Memoria had suddenly become unable to bear children.   Slowly, the project halted. Despair had overcome the Memoria, and with it a lack of drive. Slowly, the elders of the community died with no one to replace them. Metrologic 16 continued work, although the order to stop had been given long ago. Although he could no longer work on a cure, Metrologic 16 instead turned to learning of the strange illness that had overtaken their creators and left them barren. His curiosity continued for almost five decades, until the last of the Memoria began to pass away. The final order came one cold winter day: One week after the last Memoria had passed and had been buried, all Mechanicals were to shut down. Metrologic 16 spend the week watching the snow fall outside the laboratory windows. It was strange, he thought, how different the days seemed knowing they would come to an end. His work would bear no fruition and yet... he didn't want to stop. There was so much to know, so much to learn, and so little time left.   It was a universal command, sent from the headquarters at the Manufacturing center where Metrologic 16 had been created. He'd kept working until the last moment, unable to do anything else to while away the time. The burners had been quietly turned off, the hazardous chemicals sealed away and the important tools powered down. Still, notes covered the boards on the wall, A small book sitting on the table the sum of over sixty years of work. Metrologic 16 lay on the floor and listen to his own body power down, gears and pistons easing to a halt before the light and sound of the lab slowly faded away...     It was thousands of years before he was re-awoken, discovered by an exploratory expedition that had uncovered the solitary lab. Metroloic 16 was one of five constructs-called 'Mechanicals' by these new people- that had been successfully recovered. Suddenly bereft of purpose yet given a second chance, Metrologic 16 joined the expedition on their return to their home, a place called "Poartlind." Metrologic 16 quickly discovered that all technological advances of the Memoria had been wiped away by time, and that these new people who had replaced them as stewards of the planet had scarcely enough understanding to rescue and repair those Mechanicals that could be scavenged from the ruins.   So, in typical Mechanical fashion, he decided to help.   Metrologic 16's expertise in medicine and disease prevention was soon much sought after, and in return he accepted access to any and all libraries he could find. The networked libraries of the Memoria were no longer available to him, and the inter-speak of the Constructs was eerily silent. So he was forced to learn in the way he always had, by observing and putting pieces together. In time he earned an honor that was presented to only a select few people; the title of Doctor. With this title, he decided, it was time for his own name.   Dr. Gearmo served in small hospitals in the country of Mira for several years before being called upon for a particular position. A new immigration center was being opened in Poartlind, and a position was needed to manage the myriad of medical professionals overseeing the inspection process. He accepted gratefully, looking forward to a new challenge, and a new opportunity.


Dr. Gearmo is self-taught, insofar as a being with instantaneous access to near-perfect databases on any subject can be self-taught. For the first eighty years of his existence, he had access to any database with perfect recollection and recall. Still, he prefered to learn by physically performing the work, learning how chemicals reacted and putting pieces together in his head.   After he was shut down and reactivated, Dr. Gearmo was forced to use these more traditional methods to learn as the intellectual archives of the Memoria had been shut down and lost. Still, it was the method he preferred, and took to it with great gusto. He eventually earned his doctorate by taking classes at Poartlind University, one of the first Mechanicals to pursue a degree in the traditional fashion.


Dr. Gearmo began life as a pharmaceudical production assitant for a Memoria company. After being re-allocated to assist with top-secret research, he was shut down with the end of the Memoria.   Thousands of years later, after being re-woken, he has found new purpose as a doctor, currently serving as the Chief Doctor at Northern Shore.

Mental Trauma

One would not think that Mechanicals can have mental trauma; they have no emotions to associate with any particular event. Still, watching the Memoria die off due to a disease left an impression on Dr. Gearmo, one that has persisted thousands of years to his current position as chief doctor. The Blue Fever Epidemic resonated very strongly with those memories, and Dr. Gearmo worked to the point of shutdown to ensure that the fate that befell his creators would not be the one that befell what had become his new family.

Personality Characteristics


Dr. Gearmo has found his purpose in learning how to prevent the diseases that have often plagued humanity. While he currently serves as Chief Doctor at Northern Shore, he forever strives to learn everything he can about illnesses so that the people he has come to love may be kept safe. This drive to learn and protect has inspired those who serve under him at Northern Shore. By keeping their skills sharp and ever learning, they protect Mira from plagues it is unprepared for, sparing thousands a grisly fate.

Personality Quirks

While any Mechanical is bound to develop quirks in their software if not factory reset every once in a while, Dr. Gearmo has somehow managed to segment his into two separate personalities. He has a 'Managerial' mode for the days he has to be the stern manager at Northern Shore, and a 'casual' mode for when he is discussing new discoveries with his fellow medical professionals. While most managers are encouraged to separate professional and persona lives, Dr. Gearmo seems to have refined it to an art form.


A Mechanical like Dr. Gearmo does not need to keep itself clean for the sake of its own health. However, it is for the sake of other's health that Dr. Gearmo regularly checks himself for damage, remove dirt or grime, and ensure a general state of sanitization. His internal wiring is remarkably water-proof, allowing him to use a wet cloth to remove most of the grime from his exterior and more fiddly components.


Contacts & Relations

Mechanicals do not inherently have a family, so instead Dr. Gearmo has taken to making the people he oversees at Northern Shore the closest thing he has.    He also has several acquaintances at Poartlind University and in the City's Boiler disctrict.

Wealth & Financial state

As a Mechanical Dr. Gearmo does not need to eat to sustain himself. However, he does need a place to recharge his internal batteries and ensure pieces of him don't go missing during the night, so he accepts the pay the Chief Doctor receives with quiet gratitude. He spends relatively little of his pay outside of rent for the modest apartment he rents, although recently he has discovered bookstores and is very quickly building a collection of rare medical journals.
Current Location
Over 2000 Years old
Current Residence
A small apartment on the south side of Fisher's Plaza
Amber. One is larger than the other.
Aligned Organization

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17 Aug, 2022 16:30

What a fascinating story! I know nothing about this world yet you got me involved with the story of Dr. Gearmo. He looks like a great fellow! Quite sad that he got shut down for thousands of years, but I guess it's worth it for the people. Great job!