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  Summarize the Ancestry in no more than two sentences. These first sentences will also be used in the excerpt. This section should provide an adequate summary of everything you need to know about the ancestry. Summarizing is generalizing, the nuance can be left for later. Do remember that with classical fantasy races the reader has certain expectations. It may be better to focus on what expectations are subverted or put a spin on rather than the stuff played straight.   A more indepth and nuanced look at the different facets of the ancestry will be further below.


  What is the origin of this people? Do they have any creation myths or other tales that may be relevant? Take the time to consider how well much of these myths and tales describes the reality of their origin and what they may use as proof of this. Do other cultures have a different opinion on how they came to be?   The next thing to consider is what has happened to this people since they came into existence. Did they migrate? How were their initial meetings with other cultures? How did their relationship with other cultures develop over time? Were there any significant events that completely changed how they were percieved? History is a great tool to justify how outsiders view people of this ancestry.   Since this is a fantasy setting, it is a good idea to think about any deities or spirits they historically worshipped, and what sorts of magic they may have developed.  


  What are the distinctive features of this ancestry? Is it something genetic, like eye colour, or is it something cultural like tattoos or other body modifications? What do they consider beautiful?   What skin, hair, and eye colours do people of this heritage typically have?  

Community & Traditions

  It is our cultural history and ancestry that often informs what we believe a family should look like and what our role in a community is. What does a traditional family structure look like for this ancestry? How do they view close family friends? How do they view their elders? How do they view gender and sexuality?   What traditions do they have? How do they welcome a new family member, and how are funerals preformed? Do they revere any dieties, spirits, or ancestors? What does that reverance look like?  


  What food do they enjoy? Is there something they find more appealing than most? What are the staples of their diet? How do they structure a meal, and does it differ depending on which? How many meals do they eat each day, and why?  

Naming Conventions

  Names are a big part of most peoples cultural identity. It is not just informed by an individuals ancestry, but also what country they live in. More traditional families will lean more towards ancestral naming conventions.   What structure does a name have? Do they use patronymics or matronymics? Are names based on desired traits?  


Female Names

Male Names

Stats and features

  This is where the parts relevant to Dungeons and Dragons 5e is added.  

Ancestral Features

  A person in the morning realm may only choose one set of ancestral features.   Ability Score Increase. Whatever D&D ancestry you choose for your character, you get a trait called Ability Score Increase. This increase reflects an archetypal bit of excellence in the adventurers of this kind in D&D's past.   Size. This is a quick description of the height and build of the ancestry. Your size is usually Medium.   Trait. This is where a short description of how the trait works goes.   Language. You can speak, read, and write Imperial Common and one of the following languages:.

Common Minor Features
1. List features associated with the ancestry
2. No more than one sentence
3. Also a useful resource for mixed heritages
The above table provides suggestions for common minor features people of this ancestry possess. These do not impact gameplay mechanically, but serve as a resource for players and dungeon masters.

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Total population
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Regions with significant populations
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