Grand Councilate

The Grand Councilate is an advisory council to the Castellan High King or Queen, and consists of some of the most powerful individuals of the Castellan Kingdoms.  


  The Viceroy or Vicereine is the head of the Grand Councilate. They are chosen by the High King or Queen. A Viceroy is the official who runs the Kingdom in name of and as the representative of the monarch of the territory when the monarch is not available. The Viceroy is also the High Queen's representative in the Chamber of Peers. The adjective form is Viceregal.   Historically the Viceroy is never a member of the Twelve Noble Houses, but instead a member of a vassal house or the common public.  


  The Archmagister advises on magical matters, and leads the Court Mages. Since they are nominated by the other Magisters from the Imperial University, the Archmagister is sometimes also seen as an advocate for the Argosian Empire.  


  The Archon of the Material is the Temple of the Twelve's method of reconciling the demands of religion with the fact that it does not, in fact, exist separately to the real world. In particular, the Archon of the Material ensures that the voice of the Temple and its flock makes it to the ears of the reigning monarch, as well as guiding them with regards to matters of the spiritual. More cynically, the Archon of the Material keeps a firm thumb on the scale, making it very hard for the Temple and the monarch to grow far apart.  


  The Imperator is the commander in chief of the Castellite Millitary, and advises on military issues. In times of war it is not uncommon for the Imperator to send a Herald in their place.  

High Clerk

  The High Clerk is the only member of the Grand Councillate not immediately affiliated with a specific faction. They do not only serve as the secretary of the Grand Councilate, they work with their team to draft and finalize law suggestions for the High King or Queen, balance the books of the kingdom, and have full access to the Accountant's Guild's records.

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