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House Esterim

"To the storm we toil, 'till the roar of thunder comes."

  Led by Duke Latus Esterim, a half-astrata man, House Esterim is one of the most powerful noble houses in Karathus.
Uninterested in the pursuits of the nation, House Esterim runs independently from King Toddy Emberseer, having clambered their way through the ranks to the top of the pecking order. Many officials of Karathus worry over the growing power of the Esterim house, as their military might matches that of the Karathusian army, and there is suspicion among the courts that they are planning to attempt a takeover of the nation.
  House Esterim rose to power through the trading and dealing of weaponry during Karathus' war against the Archiat Confederacy, and later on to the Farron Imperium, supporting their war efforts during The Unholy Crusades. Nowadays, House Esterim is a flourishing house of craftsmen, famed for the artisanal arms and armour they create, adorned with their motif of the storm-cloud, and often enchanted with lightning and thunderous magic.
Duke Latus Esterim, son of Ikila Esterim, has begun branching the house away from being a sub-servient company of weaponsmiths, and has raised a significant mercenary force of elite fighters, dressed in their finest white and gold armour, wielding lightning javelins and great piercing spears of thunder, their ranks laden with spellcasters, bolstered by heroes from across the world.

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