Leonardo Watch

Guardian of Memories Leonardo Watch (a.k.a. Watcher)

There are a lot of entities within the metaverse who are hard to nail down entirely. These entities are what we have come to call Remnants. Individuals who's origin is hard if not impossible to trace completely. Most of these remnants aren't just impossible to trace where they came from, but they could even be considered Ghost stories in nature. Entites that leave no trace of their encounters, who most people consider urban legends or literal ghost stories. There are some remnants that are hide themselves much less though, even capable of being encountered by Rift Born such as yourself. Curious about some of them? Go ahead and take a seat while I tell you about one such Remnant, Leonardo Watch.

Leonardo Watch

Leonardo Watch, also known as Watcher-0 is the leader of a taskforce known as the Watchers, tasked with recording history so it is never forgotten.


Leo is known to normally wear a hoodie vest on top of a blue tshirt with dress pants and normal sneakers. Most who encounter him would mistake him for a ordinary earthen adult. At least until he opens his eyes that is. Once he opens his eyes it can be seen hes anything but an ordinary human, with his eyes seemingly entirely alien in nature. Though its not entirely clear what they are, they seem to glow with a power unheard of in the current era.


Leonardo Watch's personal history is hard to figure out. As far as we are aware he kinda just showed up one day around the same time the gate of life was reactivated. whatever his past was though, we do know that he held an integral role in helping collect the 26 Ancient Tomes, with his Fiancee Eden helping crack the riddles for their locations in the Lost Journal he collected. He also held an integral role in reclaiming the corrupted Heart of Torrosque from Eileen, which was then taken by Ouroboros to the Door of Truth. Leo then taught Eden how to access the Akashic Records in the planes above and they browsed history of eras long forgetten. In the process Leo and Eden learned recovered the Tome of Revelations as well as Sacred Stone Gran Exiel. Eventually after Eden passed the trial for the Tome of the Infinite Cycle, Eden asked Leo to take them to the Records to figure out what actually happened back in a previous era. After browsing through the archives Eden realized her memories were sealed so Leo suggested they go to The Phoenix Sisters who are in possesion of the Tome of Memories to unseal the memories. Its unclear what Eden learned from her unsealed memories, but she and Leo quickly spoke to Evelyn to reveal what she learned and then went to speak to Dr. Trinidad Bond. On the way to speak to Dr. Trinidad Bond, they ran into The Architect and Dr. Nekomasu who were sent to speak to Trinidad as well to discuss reviving the "Ascendents Project". All 4 of them then went off the grid and MIA. Not even a few moments after they went MIA, A large superstructure digitized into the 20XX series from somewhere entirely unknown, with Leo and Eden's energy signature detected inside the structure. A few moments later, when a piece of alien equipment ended up in the Sahara Desert of 2058-A-C1-3, known locally as New Earth, an unknown entity went to try and claim it and Dr. Allen lee went to stop them. 3 of the Nasod Empress Sibilings went to confront them at the same time. The Leader of the Ascendents revealed themselves as they went to confront the unknown entity and nearly nuked the entity with their scepter. Leo and Eden followed them to the planet to stop them from doing so and after Kurumi Tokisaki got involved the unknown entity retreated as did everyone else. Leo and Eden then went back to the superstructure and began to attempt to teach the Ascendents how things are working in the current era as they have been offline for eons of time.


Leonardo is a kind hearted soul that rarely if ever is willing to hurt anyone, no matter if they are a threat. He spent most of his time just observing the events that occur, rarely if ever altering events that are occuring. Recently though, he has decided that helping those who he can is more important than the Oath he took when becoming a member of the Watchers.

Education and Intellect

Leonardo Watch is considered to be the least intelligent member of the MDA, with a IQ of 10K. His focus has always been on history more than any other field of study, which matches what his job is to a tee. Despite his lower Intellect compared to the newer Ancient Guardians, he holds knowledge of worlds long gone, and as the Collective will remind you of: "Knowledge is Power". So it would be wise not to take his capability for granted even though his intellect is lower than the other Ancient Guardians.


Leonardo Watch's works for the MDA as the leader of the Watcher Taskforce. His job is to observe and record history as it happens. One of the CCs Caleb Harris, came up with a nickname for what he does: Combat Historian. Which isn't entirely wrong to consider himself that. While he is cleared for field work by The MDA, he rarely if ever directly is seen in the field himself. Instead he uses the Relic implanted in his eyes to allow him to take control of the other Watchers and see through their eyes.


Leonardo Watch has a master of the Primal Aspects gleaned from an unknown amount of time studying them. Along with having mastered the Aspects, he also has a set of exclusive abilites gained from the Relic implanted in his eyes, known as the All-Seeing Eyes of God. Using the All-Seeing Eyes, he can manipulate the perception of reality of others at will. Along with being able to see through and dispel even the strongest of illusions. He also is capable of seeing things that are moving far too fast for a mortal eye to notice. The eye is even said to allow for viewing the auras and true soul of others. A previous Era document provided to us by the Collective explain that the All-Seeing Eyes are also known as the PI Mark -1, or the protoPI relic. In the design document it lists that they are capable of giving the wearer the power to see "The TRUTH of the world". What that means entirely is unclear, but it is said they allow for seeing from the perspective of others, capable of viewing their past experiences. They also allow for viewing past events and supposedly predicting the future as well. The All-seeing eyes also gives perfect recall to Leonardo, making it extremely difficult if not impossible for them to ever forget anything they have ever experienced. This in turn makes him a walking history book of sorts,as he holds the knowledge of everything that has come before, dating all the way back to the First Era most likely.


Leonardo Watch

Fiancée (Vital)

Towards Eden Delacruz Watch



Eden Delacruz Watch

Fiancée (Vital)

Towards Leonardo Watch




Recovering data from Previous Era Database.... Snippet 1 Recovered.
Playing back Snippet 1, Origins....

Leonardo Watch first encountered Eden(then known as Evelyn Alpha) back in the Exclusion Zones, when after Brainiac's defeat, ARK protocol claimed the data Brainiac had collected before they were killed, sending everyone that the coluon digitized to the Arks as a means of preserving them. Eden willingly chose to enter the Exclusion Zone to collect the last piece of Eldrassil, the blade of life. Because Phoenix was aware just how dangerous the Exclusion Zone is, he requested that Leonardo Watch keep an eye on her, making Leonardo promise not to interfere in their journey. At first Leonardo upheld his pact he made. Eventually though Leonardo realized they could use more help if they were to defeat the incarnation of Element, known as The Master. Leonardo used the fact one of the Ancients shared his physical form to enter and leave the Exclusion Zone twice in the effort to unite everyone who was trapped there, sending Soran to the Arks at his own request. The Ancients were not exactly pleased that Leonardo had broken his oath of noninterference and they left his form as punishment, knowing it was their power that allowed them to enter and leave the exclusion zone at will. Meanwhile The Master had realized that while those trapped did not represent a threat individually, their unity was a substantial threat to his playground. And the two single entities that was working to unite them all was Leonardo and Evelyn Alpha. So the Master manifested physically inside the sanctuary banking on the fact that Leonardo would try and deduce his true name and would likely die in the process. Leonardo took the bait and his eyes exploded from the effort, causing him to bleed out. One of the ancients decided that his effort was noble and banished The Master away, and used the blue flame to heal Leonardo. But the party quickly learned that Leonardo's death was a distraction, as The Master stole the one major advantage the party had, The Creation Gate. Eden became quickly upset from that and ran off to a peak in the thundering basin after telling Althea what that they were "putting herself infront for everyone, risking herself for us..". Leonardo went to find her, using his powers and causing his eyes to overheat, hurting himself to find her and encourage her to keep being hopeful. Because of the fact The Master all but grinded their progress to a halt, Leonardo breached a seal and brought himself and Eden into DARCS, to meet with the one known only as DA. Eden requested their help to make sure "everyone gets out safely" and wrote DA a blank check to make sure this would occur. In return, DA handed the party back the Creation Gate The Master stole, bringing them back on target for escaping the Exclusion Zone. Eden deactivated the gate to prevent it from being taken and absorbed its abilities into herself allowing her to become a mobile warp platform. Eden then tried to figure out who could pilot the MEKs they made, but because of an argument between those trapped there from the Dawn and those trapped from Teldrassil, CC Erika decided to take matters into their own hands and possesed those there to remove the argument. Leonardo and Enigma broke her direct control of them, and Leonardo then made a device to keep Erika from being able to control Eden, saying that is what "friends" do. After a climactic battle with The Master's pet the King Titan, the party came out victorius and everyone was freed from the exclusion zone.

Data Recovery still in progress... 10% complete...

Entity ID
Power Classification
Theme Song
Current Status
Prepping to teach history class to The Ascendents
Biological age: 19, Chronological age: Unknown
Presented Sex
Blue eyes that seem almost alien in nature
161 cm
Aligned Organization

Cover image: Leonardo Watch(Full body depiction) by Doctor Enigma(Via Mannequin)
Character Portrait image: Leonardo Watch(Headshot) by DoctorEnigma(via Mannequin)


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