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How Do The Divisions of Di-Ne Work?

How Does Magic Work?
  The power of Magic was once a single Di-Ne power. During the great Elf and Dragon Wars, the immortal triads tried to steal the Ring of Merlin and take the power of Magic at the same time, but the process was interrupted and the power was split into three parts, but outside of the Di-Ne power, magic works as such:   One can make their own magic stronger by practicing it more, but just as with physical limitations of exercising, there are limitations to what some can do by nature and predispositions of genetic influence. Spells are neutral. It's how the wielder is capable of interacting with them that makes it Light, Dark, or Wild. If one draws on outside forces, it's considered Light Magic. If one draws on inner strength and emotions, it's considered Dark Magic. If one draws on energies by exchanging one's own with the forces around you it's considered Wild Magic.   Magic is a neutral element. Some people are more atuned to darker quiet places than bright bustling cheerful places. Some enjoy places that give back as much energy as they put out like theater or gardening.   It is not a matter of Good MagicTM vs. Evil MagicTM, but rather different personalities working together in different ways. Sometimes they bleed into each other. Magic in and of itself isn't evil or good, rather the intent behind it determines it's functionality.   Example: A knife cannot kill anyone unless acted upon by an outside force. It has the potential, but it doesn't have to cut anything to be useful. One can use the handle to smooth something down, hammer a nail in, or even scratch an itch with the blade. Whatever the widely accepted use for the knife is, or even the fact it has the potential to kill or maim someone, doesn't matter. If someone can use it as a tool for something else entirely, should they not have the proper tools present, then it served a purpose. Others may find it strange, but the intent depends on the person.   Just like with a knife you can have many precautionary measures but someone can still get hurt. So too with magic.   Magic also has an energy signature to help identify what kind of magic is used. Types of energy signatures are:  
  • Positive (doesn't = good)
  • Negative (doesn't = evil)
  • Neutral (doesn't = unbiased)
This also helps narrow down culprits in illegal use of magic. The three split divisions of magic are divided as such:  
  • Light = Negative Energy
  • Dark = Neutral Energy
  • Wild = Positive energy
Just how negative ions are good for you and positive ones are bad, the terminology of "positive" and "negative" and even "neutral" don't determine the moral alignment of the power.   Light Magic:
  • Revolves around solar energy and are strongest in daylight
  • Takes energy from things around it, thus resulting in a negative energy signature because the surroundings lack the energy previously present.
  • Warmth, drawing energy from positivity
  • Drawing energy from socializing
  • Critical thinker, extroverted, creating
  • Sometimes can draw energy from more calming places rather than bustling
  • Can borrow techniques from Dark and Wild Magic styles
  Dark Magic:  
  • Revolves around lunar energy (moonlight, starlight, strongest at night)
  • Shadows, night, calmness, stillness, inner strength and peace make spells stronger
  • Emotionally driven power, deconstructing
  • Introverted
  • Takes energy from self, thus leaves a neutral energy behind because no outside energy was disturbed in the casting of the spell
  • Self reliant to a fault at times
  • Doesn't indicate a shy spell caster rather someone who works better with a clear head and heart
  • Can work well with others who resonate well with their spellwork
  Wild Magic:  
  • Revolves around nature itself
  • Storms and sunshine, trees and animals, chaos and untamable energies
  • Getting back as much energy as one puts out
  • Equivalent exchange, reforming
  • Ambivert
  • Instinctual reactions, sensing rather than feeling or thinking; gut sense
  • Can use gut instinct as a means to react emotionally or thinking critically
  • Leaves a positive energy signature because energy is put out as much as is taken in
  All of these energies worked together but now work separately in the Di-Ne, borrowing from one another in techniques. Sometimes the energy signature can vary because of this, but the predominant charge will always be obvious. It will also be able to be tested to see if more than one magic user participated and to what degree. It's like finger prints and IP addresses. If one doesn't cover one's tracks, one's magic can be traced back to them, especially if one's information is already in a magical database.   Magic can also be combined with other Di-Ne divisions to create new fighting styles/problem solving teams.  
  • Ether user + inorganic shapeshifter = ultimate long range fighting duo
  • Element Earth/Plant User + Ether user = living forest army
  • Alchemy healer + team of Sight/Mind readers = mind wipe confusion team
  • Magic user + Alchemist + Shapeshifter + Ether user = long range projectile weapon or long range connection stabilizer
Not everyone can do magic. Those that can are taught at schools after primary school - similar to colleges. Magical strength and abilities are based on one's own energy. The more one practices, the stronger one can become. When worn out, one's power/spells are less potent. However, long term spells can have a one time price, an outside fuel source, or even be self sustaining.   One's own life force can be used as a long term fuel sorce, but is not recommended as it will shorten one's life span. A life force is a powerful fuel source otherwise. Magic cannot bring people back from the dead. It can reanimate their body and preserve it, but without a soul, it will be a mindless creature. If a soul has been bound, and not moved one, it is possible to maintain it in a preserved or false body for an allotted amount of time, but the soul will wither and become dormant and impossible to function after a time, and the body - preserved original or artificially created - will become a mindless drone.   Magic cannot create an endless source of food. It cannot make something from nothing or turn something into nothing. Everything must come from something else or turn into something else. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it just changes forms through magic.   Time altering magic has been lost over time and made illegal. However spells that can make things slow down or go faster - eg. for thinks like cooking, - are acceptable as they do not effect a massive area or large number of people, rather a small area or a few individuals.    
How Does Shapeshift Work?
  There are multiple ways to shapeshift.  
  • Organic shifting: to be able to turn into any organic materials, various items, etc.
  • Phase shifting: allows one to pass through certain objects
  • Inorganic shifting: the ability to transform into inorganic objects or materials
  • Synthetic compound shifting: the ability to turn into synthetic materials - or materials created by a reaction of other compounds
  • Humanoid shape shifting: the ability to alter one's appearance to mimic that of other humans or creatures that have two arms, two legs, one head, no tail, and a torso
  • Animal Shifting: the ability to change into any animal or mythological beast that does not fall under the humanoid definition.
  • Liquid Shifting: the ability to turn into a liquid form and still move from place to place
  • Elasticity shifting: the ability to stretch, enlarge, reduce in size, or flatten in shape. Can also be considered size shifting if done in a uniform manner, rather than just a partial transformation
  • Elemental shifting: the ability to turn into any element
  • Empathic shifting: the ability to show emotions through changing one's physical form. Sometimes can occur involuntarily
  • Digestive Shifting: the ability to ingest an item from someone or something and change into its shape (e.g. a hair from a culprit, type of metal, etc.)
  • Multiplying: the ability to produce identical versions of oneself several times
  • Morphamerge shifting: the ability to turn things around you and others into other things or people (e.g. your clothes or that chair shift into something else or you give your friend a really bad unibrow to scare off that guy that won't leave her alone)
  • Nemesis shifting: aka fear shifting is the ability to turn into something someone fears most.
Most shapeshifters only have one ability, and some only a partial of the individual ability. E.G. the ability to shapeshift into one or a certain type of animal. Like a specific dog or just mammals, etc. No power works in the Mortal World unless Di-Ne.  
How Does Ether Energy Work?
  This Di-Ne skill is separated into five categories:  
  • Chi (or Qi): The life force, aids in protection, healing, centering. It is a force used to heal injuries either physical or spiritual. It is best when creating protective barriers. These barriers can take many forms, depending on the person.
  • Mana: Allows user to tap into the energy of a spell to alter and deconstruct them in real time. This ability allows one to actively deconstruct/alter the very mechanics of a spell, and either disperse and deactivate them, or reverse them on the wielder/caster, or even cause them to malfunction. Some more complicated spells would take more time/concentration, but this process can effectively (potentially) end or deconstruct a spell - even as it's being cast/created.
  • Spirit energy: A tangible energy force that can physically affect people or objects it comes in contact with. It can also be fashioned into a particular shape or object. (E.g. a sword, an arrow, etc.) It can enhance weapons, be used as a weapon, or even as an extension of one's body. It can take a solid form, or be emitted as an energy burst. This tactic can also be used as both a fuel for spells and create shields and barriers.
  • Chakra: Can be used for astral projection, and keeping other energies in balance. It is the ability to center oneself or others and energy so that attacks or energy based actions are efficiently distributed. It allows the user to astral project and move about at will. This does not protect against detection if someone is searching for said energy signature. Astral projection is not possible without clear flowing chakra gates.The user can absorb negative energy and expel/negate it.
  • Fighting Styles, Weaponry, and Tactics: These users excel at fighting in ways those that merely practice can't grasp. A natural affinity comes with this power. Many become soldiers or protectors. Combat techniques are taught by various schools. Any user can practice each category, but may not be able to perform the nonphysical attacks/abilities.
What Is The Power Of Sight Capable Of?
    The power of the mind and divination falls under the capabilities of the Di-Ne of Sight.  
  • Clairvoyance: is clear seeing, or inner seeing, or the ability to see another's thoughts and memories in bursts of images, sounds, smells, and tastes. It is illegal to purposefully read one's mind without express permission or legal jurisdiction.
  • Clairsentience: is clear feeling or the ability to both feel what the other's are feeling (even from an unseen place and is sometimes used to locate disaster victims) and unfluence other's emotions. One could calm a panicking victim or incite a mob. Can be used as anything from rescuers/inspirational speakers to interrogators and ambassadors/peace keepers.
  • Claircognizance: is the ability to immediately know either when someone is telling the truth or a lie, and altered memory, or can tell what a person who cannot properly articulate wants/needs/means. These people are often officers, detectives, judges, and teachers. Also this power is known as clear knowing.
  • Telepathy: is the ability to speak directly into someone's mind with words and or images, and emotions. Some can form a two way link where the other person can communicate back similarly or nonverbally/nonphysically.
  • Telekenesis: is the ability to move things with one's mind. Can be used to levitate oneself if trained well enough. Can also be used to hold or bind someone from moving. It is illegal to hold someone against their will unless legal jurisdiction has been given. User can only lift the weight they can physically move if they were in peak condition. They do not have to be in peak physical condition at all, though the power strengthens and weakens with use much like a physical muscle. Limitations vary person to person and stamina can be built, but once their limit has been reached it acts like an over worked muscle.
  • Precognition: is the ability of foresight. One cannot see the absolute outcome, merely the potential outcomes, and possibilities up until a certain moment. One's own death cannot be predicted and when a "blank spot" occurs in a vision it is up to the individual to make a choice to decide how things will go from there.
  • Mind Link Transferal: is the ability to have one's mind linked with another in order to see or hear from multiple angles at once. It is illegal to use this to steal tip secret information or to stalk people unless given special clearance as if attempting to catch a culprit in the act. Cannot be used to reanimate the dead.
  • Telekenetic Auras: are the ability to create a protective mental barrier around oneself one others. Still susceptible to physical attacks.
What are the Capabilities of the Di-Ne of Element?
    This Di-Ne is capable of creating/producing, manipulating, and controlling surrounding objects/things made out of water, fire, earth, air, lightning, plants, metal, and variations of each. The highest level of element users are capable of becoming the element they control. Abilities are limited to a person's strength and stamina, but can be built. These users are often employed for farming, warehouse, and factory productions.    
What Is The Power of Alchemy Rules/Abilities?
    First and foremost for an alchemical reaction to occur, a few things must be in place/take place:  
  • Equivalent exchange: Alchemy cannot create something out of nothing, nor can it create something large and substantial out of something miniscule. Alchemy can create food out of proper ingredients, but cannot turn a rock into a living turkey.
  • Transmutation circles: must be properly aligned with planetary placement for the circle to activate. People not descended from the original star skinned alchemists have used quarts crystals infused with magnets to help store the desired circle as well as align properly with the position of the earth's magnetic field to get the astrological alignment more easily. Magic poi may also be used as a transmutation circle/sigil maker.
  • Ingredients: Unless the alchemist is or is a descendant of the star skinned alchemists, they will need to carry vials or ingredients around with them because alchemy's full potential can't be unlocked by non-descendants of original alchemists unless granted by the star-skinned alchemists, which is a rarity.
Alchemy is defined by the ability to use one's Qi to manipulate surrounding matter from one object/substance into another, following the laws of equivalent exchange. The user can deconstruct, then reconstruct matter within the capabilities of the Qi. The lesser/weaker the Qi, the greater the difficulty to manipulate anything and the heavier reliance on transporting the chemicals and compounds necessary for transmutational use.   Unlike magic, you cannot levitate objects or curse people, only alter an objects physical make up. (Though such alterations as turning lead into gold or counterfeit money into real money, changing one currency into another, and human transmutation outside of medical necessity is illegal.)   Alchemy cannot bring people back from the dead. It is illegal and offensive to create humanoid/animal hybrids. Any transmutations/experiments done on living creatures must be for medical purposes only.   Almost anyone is capable of performing alchemy though those with the bloodline of the star-skinned alchemists are capable of performing much more complicated tasks. Alchemy is possible to a degree in the mortal world, but only with normal physics limitations.

Notes on Magic: Magic cannot exist on the side of the veil where non-magic kind exist. Magical items, spells, and the like cannot cross the veil and continue working unless the spell itself was cast by a Di-Ne or the magical item protected by a Di-Ne cast spell. Only Di-Ne can cross the veil. This was set in place by Merlin in hopes one day the Di-Ne would bridge the gap between the worlds and restore peace without the chance of either side being hurt. At its base, magic works in sets of 3, 5, or 7. When Merlin's powers were split 8 ways instead of 6 (3 and 3), the power became unstable, corrupting the spell powering the veil between the worlds because it was made from the same spell that created the Di-Ne powers. To correct this, the powers have to be re-stabilized by returning them to the rightful wielder, becoming whole again.   Non-Di-Ne magic users can have an affinity for more than one magic style, (e.g. Light, Dark, Wild) because originally they were not separate. However, one is usually more dominant than another, and it leaves a sort of signature or fingerprint in every spell. Notes on Ether: It is illegal to astral project into top secret meetings of government processes or into an individuals home/property without permission. Most places have wards in place for detection and are capable of tracing back to the source and or stopping said individual from hearing/seeing what's going on in the room. It is also illegal to tamper with official spells set in place for public safety otherwise set up for business, government facilities, or private property.   None of the energy manipulations can bring people back from the dead.   None, save fighting skills learned into muscle memory through years of training are capable of working on the other side of the veil. This is the only power that has some use in the Mortal World. However, please note that unless one has memorized military tactics, these will also not be readily available for use or understood on the non-magic side of the veil.
Notes on Sight: None of these powers can bring people back from the dead. It is illegal to use one's powers for invasion of personal or private people/places/things/ideas or any government. It is illegal to use this power for personal gain such as convincing someone to hire you, fall in love with you, give you vital private information, or incite pandemonium. These powers cannot manipulate magic based energies. Psychic abilities are subject to the individual user's proportional capacity to their opponent. Meaning this: if the opposition is stronger, the user will not be able to defend for long periods of time, nor contain said opponent, depending on the stamina levels of both.   Fatigue, stress, fear, anxiety, depression, and other mental illness or stress factors can cause powers to falter or behave irratically. The number of objects one can manipulate is limited to the number of objects/things they can focus on at one time. Only perceivable objects can be manipulated if the user is under duress.

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