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The Mark of Di-Ne

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Once, the human world and the magic world once coexisted peacefully. Then war broke out between magical kind and nonmagic kind. In order to bring peace to the world, Merlin cast a great Veil between the worlds and separated the two kinds. The once war torn nations now spread across the earth in peace, and the world of nonmagic people fell into myths and legends. Unfortunately, this spell took Merlin's life in the process.   In his place to watch over the world, Merlin split his power to be reincarnated into future generations in people called the Di-Ne. These people are rumored to be the bridge between the worlds to see if peace can be created once again between the two kinds. There are seven Di-Ne divisions: Alchemy, Shapeshift, Light Magic, Dark Magic, Ether, Sight, and Element. Each division of power is born into one person a piece and when they work together as a whole unit, they are quite powerful and nearly unstoppable.   These seven people look over the Magic World and all magic kind in order to keep peace and bring balance to the world. Until the day came when the Di-Ne were hunted and as a result thrown into hiding. Three Di-Ne were ferried across the Veil into the nonmagic world and grew up unaware there was such a place as the world they came from. Now the Magic World is in an uproar trying to find the lost Di-Ne, but when the trio discover the world of magic, they inherit the responsibilities of a Di-Ne and the problems that the Magic World are now dealing with.   Can they bear the burden of being a Di-Ne?