Chsol: City of Floating Soles

In this dream of Ca'eam, the city is called Chsol— a city that you will never feel beneath your feet, as everyone here floats a foot above the ground. Whether they are working, shopping, exploring, or in their homes, the residents of Chsol are always in the air.  

A Hovering Home

Those who enter the city limits of Chsol are encouraged to leave their shoes outside— after all, they have no use here. Once inside, one will find themselves floating— able to move forward, backward, left, right, and any other direction they wish besides upwards or downwards. Doing so is easy, a mere thought of movement is all that is required, not unlike that which you subconsciously use to move your limbs. One need not move their legs, knees, or feet to float, however. New residents often take some time to get used to this form of movement, but most are able to move about proficiently with a mere week of practice.   Life within Chsol takes a leisurely pace, as no matter one's height, strength, or age— everyone moves at the same speed. Cars are few and far between, being quite difficult to operate without the ability to push down on the gas or brake pedals. Instead, most goods are transported by porters carrying pallets, litters, and slings between one another. Without the friction of the ground, carrying goods becomes significantly easier.   The city itself is built with floating in mind, streets are thinner and made for floating rather than driving, ceilings are a foot higher than elsewhere, and residential spaces are in short distance of essential structures, including grocery stores, schools, and parks. The people of Chsol do not mind the slower pace of the city, they are used to waiting, to taking in the sights as they pass by them, and taking the time to enjoy the little things in life. They are, quite fittingly, content with floating along.  


Without much use for them, the legs of most within Chsol are atrophied— making it difficult to leave. Those who dream of travel take periodic trips to the rolling hills west of the city, where they walk, run, and hike along its snaking trails. Many, however, would rather float for the remainder of their lives— as even with practice, walking never feels quite right to long-time residents of Chsol.  

The Beach

At the south end of Chsol lies one of the most beautiful beaches in the world— though it is one that sees little use by the city's denizens. When one cannot touch the sand, wade in the water, or even swim, the beach loses some of its allure. Those that do visit the beach, still, are fond of floating over the water. With its moving height, it causes those floating above it to soothingly bob up and down.


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