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A world discovered thru Izmat in 2204, inhabited in 2295. The pause was due to the disaster of 2205.  


  LOCATION IN STAR SYSTEM, STAR, GENERAL PLANETOGRAPHY   Hollix is known for the comment of its first explorers: "It's pleasant enough." It is Earthlike, but not so amenable: it is windy most of the time, and the worst storms can speed the ocean to half-mile waves and uproot forests. (Which the forest-plants of Hollix are adapted for; mapping them is a constant process.) Needless to say, there are no seafront inhabitations.   OCEANS CONTINENTS ETC, OTHER FEATURES   Hollix has a single continent, surrounded by battered, worn-down archipelagoes. The highest island is Androg, or Pyramid Island, on which the door to Izmat stands. It is the highest due to the protective mountain built on it to protect the door from the terrible waves of Hollix's constant storms. The door is still protected by the small pyramidal construction from 2204, but the small mountain over it (constructed from nearby islands) gives room for people waiting for the storms to pass to access the less trying inner parts of the continent.  


  • Pyramid is the underground city around the door to Izmat, on Pyramid Island. It is the only inhabitation on the archipelagoes of Hollix; all the rest are deep inland on the only continent.
On the continent:
  • Toshikanee --- deep mountain valley
  • Misaka --- underground
  • Jamo-Dajo --- underground
  • Forester --- specially hardened pyramidal aboveground buildings, near an interesting point in the Intracontinental Circular Forest Migration Ecology Route (ICFMER).
  That Hollix is "pleasant enough" is a common saying: some locals use it for understatement, others to mock the storms when they grow frightful; still others hold "pleasant enough" as a guiding principle and a philosophy of life. Some find acting any of these in the presence of off-worlders to be great fun. Some truly find the planet most pleasant of all worlds, and say "pleasant enough" ironically.  

The second door?

  There are persistent rumors that just before Earth made a door to The End, the Opener of Ways there made some sort of a practice or experimental door to Hollix, near present-day Jamo-Dajo, which would have made Hollix the first Izmat-first world to be contacted thru Earth. There is no proof of this; though with the end of Earth, much was lost. Wilder rumors usually add that this portal still exists, somewhere on Hollix, and in contradiction to known laws of doormaking, the other end is still anchored to Earth's surface --- so an enterprising person might find this squirreled-up hole, force her way through, and exploit the charred, priceless treasures of dead Earth at will. This is commonly thought nothing but a fanciful cover story for relics brought off-Earth before 2205.

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