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The Majesty of Colors

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This is Canvas. A clean slate. A world without form or purpose.   Then arose three beings of ultimate power, the prime gods. These beings were Red, Blue, and Yellow. Together they painted the foundation of creation. Red painted the land, giving Canvas a solid base. Blue painted the water, giving Canvas a force of change. Yellow painted the light, his sun shining down on their artistic work.   But they wept, for there were none to appreciate their creation. Together, they created the 3 secondary gods, Green, Violet, and Orange. Orange painted the wind and the atmosphere, stirring Canvas into animation. Green painted the flora, the sweet scent of flowers and grass wafting on Orange's breeze. Violet painted the fauna, giving Canvas beings to call it home.   The gods were content as they marvelled at their creation. But Orange, ambitios and curious, created intelligence. The other gods were both excited and curious at what Orange had created, and shaped a being that would house this intelligence: man.   Red gave his people strength and courage, and they called the mountains their home. Blue gave her people curiosity and harmony, and they called the coasts their home. Yellow gave his people morality and loyalty, and they called the hills their home. Green gave his people insight and cunning, and they called the forests their home. Orange gave his people observation and understanding, and they called the rivers their home. Violet gave her people empathy and joy, as well as various animalistic features, and they called the marshlands their home.   The people prospered, and the land lived in harmony, until two beings saught to cause chaos and discord on Canvas. The twins, Tint and Shade, were jealous of the peoples' love for their gods. They created monsters to terrorize the kingdoms of man and demons to combat the gods. In this dire hour, 6 heroes arose. Each was a champion of the people, using the powers of the gods themselves. They were Marigold, Vermillion, Magenta, Maroon, Cyan, and Chartreuse. These were the first Painters. Together, they drove the twins back, restoring piece throughout canvas. The gods allowed the 6 of them to ascend to immortality, and they became demigods.   Now, eons later, the darkness and the light grow restless. The twins send out their spies and scouts to cause trouble on Canvas once again. The gods rest easy, knowing that in times of need, the demigods will protect the land. Despite this, the demigods haven't been seen for many years, and their whereabouts are unknown. In times of war, it's up to the new generation of Painters to protect Canvas and defend their kingdoms and their gods. But in this new age, can the six peoples work in harmony as they did so long ago?

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