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The Sorcerer Archetype

Not every practitioner of magic has the luxury of possessing real magical power. In fact the vast majority of mages in the sector are sorcerers, not True Mages. True Mages are the magical elite. They have the power.   Sorcerers are trained in the use of magic, but do not possess it themselves. They drain power from potions, magical materials, or even from an eldimagus, and then use this magic to fuel their own spells.   Sorcerers can learn spells from any aspect within the circle of eight, however to cast spells they must first ingest the correct form of spell pool. This pool can be purchased, though it is often provided by an employer where they work using the few spells they have been taught.   Because sorcerers cannot utilize Greater Paths they lack the respect of their more fortunate brethren. Even tech mages possess a form of magic and merely lack training. Sorcerers don't even have that much.     To balance this all player character sorcerers begin play with a Catalyzation, however they may not select a form of magic. Most generally choose an attribute bonus, or a special power.   All sorcerers must select a Hunger. Sorcerers must consume at least one spell pool a day, or they will be irritable and moody. Players are encouraged to use this as a flaw, and GMs may award luck if they wish.   A sorcerer's hunger represents how they learned sorcery, and this should be tailored to the character. Maybe they're a thrall of a dragon, and that dragon has taught them magic, and then kept them dependent with a flow of its own scales.   Perhaps they were part of a Ternus online certification course, which taught them the basics of sorcery, and sent them their first magical materials kit. Somehow your character learned to ingest magic, and then funnel that magic into spells.   We recommend choosing perks and flaws that support this. Magical addiction, Bonded Eldimagus, and several others may fit your character's background.   If a sorcerer obtains magic from a Catalyst, then they may fuel their spells normally for that aspect only. All other aspects require an external source, and a sorcerer may only regenerate pool acquired from a Catalyst.    


  Sorcerers, regardless of path, all ingest magic. This requires permanently destroying the magic, as it is consumed by the sorcerer. The formula is very simple. For every 100 credits of materials a sorcerer ingest, they gain 5 points of pool.   Most magical materials are sold in increments of 1,000 credits. GMs have final say on the "value" of consumed materials.      


    Sorcerer’s start with the same equipment regardless of path.   A Mark III Spellpistol.   A Mana Bag for storing materials   1,500 Credits from their professional work   A Magical Resonance Scanner to detect magical material   3,000 credits of magical materials from the Common List (Page 157 of main Rulebook)       Hit Points: 10   Initiative: 0   Catalyzations: 1   Spell Pool: 0   Starting Spells: 3   Skills   Spellcasting 3   Arcana 2   Expertise 2        

Mana Bag - Storing your materials

  Sorcerers require easy access to magical materials and thus always carry some on them. Of course, a Void Pocket would seem like the logical way to do this, but Sorcerers cannot consume materials directly from the void. They find it hard to describe but those who have tried this describe it as if the material tastes and feels both boiling and frozen, bland beyond recognition and fiery hot with spice and rotten and sweet at the same time.   Regardless, Sorcerers don’t seem keen to try it twice. They can store materials in a void pocket, but it takes between 12 and 24 hours for it to lose the taint of the void and be edible.   Instead they use relatively mundane bags and may carry several small pouches, splitting fire materials from air for instance. These are often color-coded or marked with emblems that can be distinguished by touch and of course, always kept in the same belt position.   While the quantity of storage these offer varies, it is recommended that only one or two units of each material can be stored per pouch or bag.   Without a Mana Bag, a sorcerer must fumble around in a rucksack which costs an action. Thus they cannot both consume and cast magic in the same action.      

Help! I Consumed Something from the Void! What Do I Do?

  Firstly, you didn’t get any benefit from that and won’t be able to cast spells by consuming it, so that was a waste of time.   Secondly, you are probably experiencing random vomiting right now, as you try, without any success to clear the taste from your mouth.   Thirdly, no you can’t wash the taste out because it’s magical, see?          

Path of the Leech

  Leeches are primarily employed by Ternus, especially in the wake of the last war. They gain their power by taking pool from other sentient beings, and this is generally done by ingesting blood. Unscrupulous leeches will often capture mages, drain them, and then dump the bodies.   Their more law-abiding counterparts will often find a true mage employer. They perform any number of functions for the mage, and in exchange the mage keeps them supplied with enough blood to cast their spells.   Note that if a mage is supplying enriched blood, it will cost them an amount of pool equal to what the leech receives.      


  Leeches receive masteries in First Aid, and a skill of their choice as they are versatile.    

Extra Skills

  Leeches gain Perception and First Aid at 3.    

Aura of Suppression

  If a leech has fed within a number of hours equal to their magic, then their aura activates. All other mages within their magic in meters have their power suppressed as the sorcerer subconsciously leeches magic. Raise the DT of all spells by an amount equal to the sorcerer's magic. If multiple leeches cover the same area then only the strongest malus applies.   While their aura is active leeches gain edge while casting any spell fueled with blood. They do not suffer from their own suppression.        

Path of the Ghoul

  Ghouls are almost universally despised in the sector, as they gain their power through ingesting the flesh of dead mages, or gods. At least leeches have a glamour and mystery about them. Most ghouls can and will eat anything, and many are considered subhuman by local governments. Ghouls do not have an easy life.   Over time they will begin to take on the characteristics of the creatures they feed upon. For example, if a ghoul primarily feeds on demon flesh, then they will eventually sprout horns, and possibly wings or a tail. If they feed on Ifrit, then they may eventually gain flaming eyes, or flaming hair.      


  Ghouls receive masteries in perception, and a skill of their choice as they are versatile.    

Extra Skills

  Ghouls gain Perception and Melee at 3.    

Aura of Revulsion

  If a ghoul has fed within a number of hours equal to their magic, then their aura activates. All sentient beings within their magic in meters must make a willpower check DT the ghoul's magic. Failure fills the subject with fear and revulsion, and they can take no action except to flee, though they may defend themselves. Each turn the affected character may make another check to break the fear. Once they have succeeded they do not need to make additional checks if exposed to the aura again.   While their aura is active ghouls gain edge while casting any spell fueled with consumed flesh.          

Path of the Dragon Thrall

  Dragon Thralls exist all over the sector, and are one of the most common sorcerers. Dragons have many needs, and it is a simple matter to train a mortal to cast a spell or spells, and then fuel then with their own scales. For every Outrider a Wyrm possesses they also have twenty thralls, though only the Outriders will ever receive a slice of the glory.   A thrall can be elevated to an Outrider, and while this carries no system benefits, it may grant access to one or more Catalysts, and an increased supply of magical scales.        


  Dragon Thralls receive masteries in Negotiation, and a skill of their choice as they are versatile.    

Extra Skills

  Dragon Thralls gain Negotiation and Perception at 3.    

Aura of Enhancement

  If a Dragon Thrall has fed within a number of hours equal to their magic, then their aura is active. All sentient beings within their magic in meters gain +1 to their expression, if they have one, including the sorcerer. If multiple Dragon Thralls cover the same area then only the strongest bonus applies.   While their aura is active thralls gain edge while casting any spell fueled with dragon scales.


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