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The Hammer of Reevanthara

The Hammer of Reevanthara

  Aspect: Air   Divinity: 25   Known Primals: Earth Elementals, Dwarven   Known Guardian: Unknown   Defining Ability: Immovable Mountain   Common Materials: Infused Vegetables, Primal Acid     The Hammer of Reevanthara belonged to the titan of life, and wrought the Great Cycle itself. Rumors abound that the Forge of Reevanthara lies somewhere near Arlen, but these are unsubstantiated. No one has sighted the Gauntlet, the third of his artifacts, and it is assumed the titan took it with him when he left the cycle.   He dropped the hammer the moment the godswar ended, and the Cycle was safe. The hammer fell to the earth and created a great crater, which many have mistaken for a volcano. The hammer is so powerful that its magic permeates all surrounding people and objects, eventually infusing them with earth.   Even people who've never been to the Catalyst sometimes find their children are born with earth magic.      

Known Primals

  The most common primal are the dwarven, also called dwarves in some lands. Earth elementals are also common, and highly aggressive if you attempt to approach the hammer. If the hammer happens to be lying in a location for a while a dwarven civilization will always rise up around it.      

The Guardian

  Presumably Reevanthara either appointed a guardian, or left a mechanism to do so. I have no idea what it is, and no one else does either.      

Defining Ability

    Immovable Mountain   Effect: 7 hit points, 5 Damage Resistance, Cannot be moved if standing on stone   Duration: Permanent   Uses: NA   Description: The most highly sought after ability in the west is called Immovable Mountain, because the bearer cannot be moved from his location if he is standing upon solid stone. They are tougher, and can sustain immense damage before going down.      

Common Materials

  There are a number of available magical materials in and around the Hammer, but the two most accessible and most commonly sought are primal acid and infused vegetables, detailed below.     Primal Acid   Effect: Primal acid can he used to power a variety of magitech items, and makes great batteries, which will self-sustain spells like wards.   Description: Green burny acid stuff.     Infused Vegetables   Effect: Gain Damage Resistance 1. Heal Fortitude in HP.   Description: Infused vegetables grow in the shadow of the hammer. They are filling, nutritious, heal the person eating them for their Fortitude in hit points, and give damage resistance 1 for the rest of the day.


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