The Blade of Virkonna

The Blade of Virkonna

    Aspect: Air   Divinity: 4   Known Primals: Djinn, Zephyrs   Known Guardian: Unknown   Defining Ability: Ride the Lightning   Common Materials: Feathersteel, Sky Diamonds       The Blade of Virkonna is a relatively minor Catalyst, despite its impressive size. The weapon has borne many names over millions of years, and we have no idea who originally created it. Most of the power dwells in the colossal Sky Diamond in the pommel, which is nearly as large as a small moon.   Reaching the Catalyst will require some sort of resistance to electricity, and incredible martial prowess as the place is guarded by armies of Djinn who will stop at nothing to murder anyone attempting to defile the blade.   The Djinn are at war with the spirits coming from the heartwound, and with the Marid loyal to Hotep, and may ally with persuasive adventurers who convince them they share the same enemies. Djinn are quick, lethal, and not terribly prone to long conversations. Stealth may be your best approach, as Djinn have no access to wards or divination.    

Known Primals

  Djinn are to air what Shayans are to life. They are infused with it, and it courses through their veins, as surely as blood does in a human. They are deadly fast, and strike hard. Djinn often prefer becoming war mages over spellsnipers, as it suits their offensive tactics.   Djinn Paladins are also quite common, and are just as aggressive as their war mage counterparts, but harder to take down. Avoid both if you can.   Zephyrs are not to be trifled with either. They are flying serpents comprised of pure electricity, and they try to swim inside their victims to electrocute you from the inside out. Ouch.      

Known Guardian

  Unknown, but probably a really big, really fast, really scary Djinn.        

Defining Ability

    Ride the Lightning   Effect: Become electricity for up to 3 rounds   Uses: Once per day   Description: Transform into lightning for up to 3 rounds. Each turn you may take two move actions (and no other type) with a move of 20. Anything you pass through suffers 10 air damage, and suffers + 2 DT for their next turn, but may only be effected once per move action.   This ability may not be used in water, or another environment where electricity is impeded. You are immune to all physical attacks and gain 3 air resistance for the duration.      

Common Materials

    Feathersteel   Effect: +1 Armor, Lightweight   Cost: 1,000 credits per ingot   Description: Feathersteel is lighter, stronger, and easier to work than traditional steel. It is highly prized throughout the sector, and used in the construction of everything from starships to spellrifles.     Sky Diamonds   Effect: Stores up to rating x 3 pool. This pool is gathered naturally at a Catalyst, or can be manually filled by a mage.   Cost: 2,000 per rating up to 3. 12,000 Credits for rating 4, and 20,000 for rating 5. Rating 6 and above are negotiated sales.   Description: Sky Diamonds are some of the finest mana batteries in existence, and are often used by mages to store additional pool to prolong their usefulness during fights. They are also highly prized by artificers as they excel at storing enchantments.


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