Errata for version 1.06

Added   Page 11: True Mage: All True Mages get a Spellstave of GM's choice.   Page 24: Spellsniper: Added Starting Equipment. Environmental body armor and a Mark VII Spellrifle.     Changed   Page 14: Path of the Eradicator: Efficient Killer reduces the cost of all destruction, fire, and void spells by 1 to a minimum of 0.   Page 17: Path of the War Mage: Devastating Strike also works for Ranged. Augmented the description accordingly.   Page 18: Path of the Tech Mage: Efficient Caster only works when casting through a Spellweapon using Melee or Ranged and can't be used to reduce the cost of pledged spells.   Page 44: Step 9 - Purchase Equipment: Second Mark V Laspistol is a Mark VII Laspistol.   Page 48: Step 9 - Purchase Equipment: Added Movement to the different types of Spellarmor.   Page 68: Common Catalysts: Echo of Nebiat lists Shayawood and Blood of Shaya as Materials. Changed to listing no materials.   Page 70: The Flame of Knowledge: Known Primals: Arachnidrake Hatchlings have eight creepy eights. Fixed: "have eight creeps eyes."     Spells:   Page 78: Section Spells: Spirit listed Infuse Reason, Water listed Infuse Will, Called it Frost Bolt instead of Water Bolt. Fixed: Spirit lists Infuse Will, Water lists Infuse Intuition, Water lists Water Bolt.   Page 80: Jump: Added that the effect continues as long as the pool is pledged.   Page 82: Charming Voice: Charming Voice gives Edge on all Charisma checks as long as the pool is pledged. Removed Resistance and Asterisk.   Page 82: Added that Blur can go over the maximum Dodge.   Page 83: Fire Bolt has an Asterisk now.   Page 88: Infuse Will contained the “super-humanly intuitive”. Fixed to "super-strongly willed".   Page 88: Added effect for wrack: Wrack cannot be countered or dispelled. Further, this spell may be sustained past its duration by expending 1 pool per round.   Page 89: Water Bolt: Changed description to fit with Magic Penetration.   Page 89: Water Spells: Infuse Will: Changed to Infuse Intuition.   Page 93: Enhance Damage: Book Errata. Half of the Text repeats and needs to be corrected.   Page 102: Fixed spelling error in description of Mark of Luck and Mark of Obscurity "object suck as" -> "object such as"     Page 122: Gear up: Grenades: Plasma Grenade: Changed Cost to 250 credits.   Page 130: Relics & Artifacts: Defensive Rings: Changed Description: The bonus can/cannot exceed the user’s maximum Dodge/Brace/Skepticism.   Page 130: Ring of Skepticism: Fixed: Cost changed to 28,000 credits.     Page 142: Miracles: Umbral Jaunt listed the Covenant Echo of Virkona. Fixed.   Page 143: Miracles: Rock Spike: Changed: The base damage is physical damage. The miracle ignores 3 points of armor.     Page 153: Forges and Foundries have a maximum size of their Mk in Meters cubed, not in cubic meter. E.g. a Mk5 Foundry has a maximum size of 5m*5m*5m=125m³.     Remaining Changes   Summon Ammunition should be capped by the Magic of the caster. Keeping the spellcasting check.     To be Clarified


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