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The Magical side of Earth and Beyond (Modern Fanatsy)

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"Magic does not exist. Seriously, it doesn't. I mean, it's not like dragons, fairies, werewolves and other magical creatures like vampires are real, right? They are as fictional as God!" Behind him, a shadow drops from the ceiling. "Science has proven that 'magic' is a hoax, created with lies, overreactive imaginations, and meaningless superstition." Our class says nothing as a pale hand taps his right shoulder. "What?" He turns around to see a pale face with scarlet eyes looking at him. "Jesus Christ on a sidecar!" A smirking Vlad grins, his fangs gleaming white. "Vampires aren't real? Well, guess I don't exist... Oh wait, HERE I AM!!!!" The man screams as his throat gets torn by the vampire, who proceeds to slurp his lifelood with gusto. The misguided fool does not last long before expiring. "Did you have to kill him?" I frowned, thinking about how we would explain this. "What? He had it coming." "Yes, but not what I meant.' Vlad stared at me, confused. "Then what do you mean?" Beside me, Brian rolled his eyes. "Because, idiot, how are we going to explain to the faculty, the police, and the media about this? 'Hey, our Vampiric friend murdered our science teacher, but hey! No biggy, he was just a random demon summoner who tried to murder us in a dark ritual a few months back, so no harm no foul.' Yeah, that's not gonna fly in court." Vlad looked from me, to Brian, then to Mr. Sato. "Okay, maaaaaybe I did not think this through." Behind me, I distinctly hear Leshana and Elisiv facepalm, followed by a synchronized, "Moron."

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