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Zarazin Electromancy

“The purple glow awaits!” yell the dozens of adventurers who delve into the depths of old Zarkul Empire ruins every year. Many of them say it for the last time.   You’re different. You’re the veteran of a dozen such expeditions, and your skill with the bow and the sword means you’ll pull through for a while longer yet.   Your goal: Zarkul technology. Your reason: selling it to the highest bidder.

Mixing Magic and Technology

Zarazin Electromancy is a system of Lightning magic storage and specialized magical conversion devices connected with animal fibre.  
  • The energy required to power these devices are stored in Zarazin Batteries, which contain enough power to last centuries of use. No other kinds of storage device are known to exist, but the Batteries themselves can be a multitude of sizes and shapes.
  • The devices themselves use the stored energy by converting it into other forms of magic or into mechanical energy. These can range from fire-shooting traps to door hinges. These are commonly activated by other devices, such as levers, buttons and sensors.
  • The animal fibres permit the energy from the Batteries to make their way to the devices. The most common source of these fibres are the Poder rabbit, a creature native to Zaraz that the Zaraz-kin introduced to Dreandril. On a few rare gruesome occasions, the fibres have been sophont hair.
CW: inproper use of body parts, war (mentions)
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Legal Trade (for now)

Zaraz-kin technology in general is incredibly valuable. First, it's pointedly scarce, as the creators of the technology are all long gone. Second, most of the remaining sources are in inaccessible places like mountainsides and oceans. Third, the Zarkul Empire tended to leave traps and guardians to protect their fortresses and laboratories, many of which are still alive and deadly dangerous.
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23 Jul, 2022 14:04

Ooh, interesting! I like how they essentially use animal hair instead of wires. It makes me wonder what our world would look like if electricity was an ancient technology.

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