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Magical Mishap: The Foundation

Why Magical Mishap?

I am creating Magical Mishap to show off what the centre of the world of the Magic Multiverse is like in a fun, low-stakes adventure for those new to role-playing or using the Ethnis Lite game system specifically. I wish to have new players attracted to my world and to bring my existing players into a more narrative-based adventuring style.   As for why should YOU choose Magical Mishap, it's rather simple. Everyone expects to see the same-old same-old when it comes to what kinds of stories and what kinds of characters tell those stories; we lean on tropes and expectations. The identifying and attractive mark of the Magic Multiverse is freeing oneself from those clich├ęs and daring to try new ways of imagining TTRPG stories. Magical Mishap is a taste of the depth that the Magic Multiverse brand can achieve.

What's Magical Mishap Like?

The Magic Multiverse as a whole is a mix of the genres of science fantasy and urban fantasy. Magic is a form of technology that is being heavily studied in its many manifestations across a variety of settled planets. Earth is one such world, and characters might originate from the Terran Human race and relate to our own struggles as human beings.   The goal is for players to feel that their characters have an impact in the multiverse, and that they can explore the depth of a realistic setting. The general feeling is bright and hopeful, but there will be contrasting periods of danger and fear. The most important thing in this setting is that the players take central stage, and their actions can have good AND bad consequences.   Some recurring themes in Magical Mishap and the wider canon of the Magic Multiverse include:
  1. Cities bustling with life and energy that contain an element of danger and mystery.
  2. The vastness of the multiverse and the variation in its inhabitants and their viewpoints.
  3. Threats of incomprehensible power from beyond this dimension that are trying to take over the multiverse.

What Conflicts Exist in Magical Mishap?

Government of Limbo: the characters will, over the course of an extended campaign, meet and interact with the Council of Keepers and other high-up officials, showing the tensions between the visions of the Seven and how their disorganization is hurting the multiverse as a whole. They will have an increasingly large role in regulating this or dismantling it, whichever they choose. A short introductory adventure might involve a discussion with a lower-level clerk or officer of the Chosen, the Seven's military arm.   Magical Research: the attempts to centralize and categorize the types of magic in the multiverse will be reflected in the characters, their enemies, or their allies and associates. Wild, new forms of magic will wreak havoc in the multiverse unless the characters try to suppress or protect them. New advances in magical "technology" might lead to unexpected effects on the fabric of the multiverse.   Relationships with the Wider Multiverse: the bulk of the extended campaign would include exploration of the five settled planets of the Multiverse (Earth, Renath, Dreandril, Endaman and Orkanis) and their relationships to the Seven's government. Some might have positive views on the Seven, but others might take offence or attack people. A shorter adventure like this one might have players interact with a variety of different peoples with varying opinions of the government of Limbo.   Philosophical Differences: Due to the plurivocal nature of the multiverse's inhabitants, each inhabitant of Limbo has a different outlook on life and varied goals and ambitions. This means that player-characters and non-player-characters alike might butt heads over philosophy and personality types, leading to disagreements, deep conversations and improved/strained relationships.

What is the Backdrop of Magical Mishap?

  1. Earth has come under increasing attack from the demonic hordes for some unknown reason, and the Sanctuaries of that world are hard pressed to defend their cities and recruit new mages. This is also putting a strain on other worlds who are being recruited to help deal with this threat, calling into question the importance of Earth in relation to other worlds.
  2. The Seven Keepers are chosen through a sentient set of artifacts known as the Cubes of Power. However, recent decisions of these artifacts seem to indicate poor choices, to put it lightly, calling into question the strange mago-oligarchy of the Seven and whether other methods of ruling - most pointedly elective democracy - are viable in a magical society.
  3. Since Limbo takes in people from all over the multiverse without regard to nation, race, or personality, that means that there is the occasional refugee from a dispute on a settled world. These refugees are often still in danger from their home-world as bounty hunters or police forces can also enter Limbo to hunt them down.
  4. The five settled worlds of the multiverse have different levels of technology, different races and different ways of seeing the multiverse. Carefully navigating these various ways of living is one of the chief objectives of the Seven, but some aren't so sure they are quite as accommodating as they believe.
  5. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and there are those in Limbo and without that use their magical abilities to bring harm to people across the multiverse. The Seven is only supposed to deal with interplanetary disputes or disputes between Limbo and the rest of the multiverse, but many believe that it should take a more direct role in the governing of the multiverse.

Summary of the Adventure

It was supposed to be a routine check-up on a small potions store off of Limbo's main street. But everything begins to go sour as the experimentations of Mirothar Zathas-clan into dimensional engineering begin to unravel the fabric of reality. His shop has now become a maze of Portals to other worlds and dimensions, threatening the safety of the Sunless City. Will our players successfully turn off the Experimental Dimensional Enhancer? Or will the unstable Portals tear the building, and perhaps the city, apart?  
Key Locations Limbo
Adventure Type Mystery
E-Lite Conflict Types Social, Exploration, Combat

What is the Magic Multiverse about?

Millenia ago, a fracture in the fabric of the multiverse allowed strange energy, often termed "magic," to infiltrate our world. This magic caused people to undergo a process known as the Change, causing them to develop abilities that surpassed normal physical feats through concentration and careful study. Unfortunately, it also opened up the multiverse to attack, as demons from beyond this dimension began to invade and cause havoc on the five settled worlds of the multiverse. Now peoples from Renath, Orkanis, Dreandril, Endaman and Earth are all attempting to keep back the demon tide while they work to discover the depths of their new abilities.
All art used in these articles is created by emperorcharlesii (that's me!).   Ethnis Lite is intellectual property of Ethnis. Go and check out their WorldAnvil world and the Ethnis Lite TTRPG system here!

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