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Written by EmperorCharlesII

The DM has gifted you Inspiration.
  But seriously, inspiration is huge for me. It was a little difficult teasing out all of them, but here are the  


I have a wide music taste, but nothing quite gets me in the mood to worldbuild than video game music. I’ve set up playlists for different situations (writing cities, locations, battles, etc.). This grounds me in the world and gives me a non-visual perspective on the world (what does the world sound like?). Jeremy Soule and Justin Bell are my go-tos, but I’ve been trying to branch out recently with some more jazz and international music to get the brain juices flowing.  


I really enjoy reading fantasy novels. It’s part of the reason why I got into writing in the first place; I got so inspired by reading my favourite authors that I needed to get my thoughts down. My favourite books for inspiration are:  
  • Marie Lu’s Young Elites series: I can’t even begin to tell you how hard it is to find a book series that has the main character be the villain...and have it work so well. I won’t pretend that the concept of personality influencing and being influenced by magic wasn’t absolutely fundamental to the idea of the Forms.
  • J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings: I first picked this series up when I was a wee baby of ten and I still have the books in my house. It was so formative to the role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons that we play today, but it also contains such hope. Hope that evil will fall and hope that the world will get better, even when you’re standing inside a volcano.
  • Becky Abertalli’s Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda: The very first time that I found a book about me. The first book to make me cry for opportunities lost and a future that I hope to have one day. As a bisexual who sometimes questions his masculine gender, Simon have me a window into a world where I could be loved. I want to put something into the world that makes other people feel like that.

Video Games

I’m sorry but I still play Minecraft :D But there are very few games out there that match my vision for my worlds. The universe is out there and it is dangerous, but the adventure of exploring that cave or possibly getting trapped in another dimension is way too tempting. The Elder Scrolls games (especially Morrowind) are also a huge inspiration. The worldbuilding is very deep and creates a world that is very realistic, and that’s something I want to see in my worlds too. Of course, none of this implies that I’m actually good at video games... but I like them a lot.  


I’ve started making my own art for my WorldAnvil articles. I’m not Picasso, obviously, but I really enjoy the process and the results have been really great. I’ve had a couple of my art pieces inspire a fact about my worlds, which is something I find fascinating. For example, leaders of Orkanis’s otraylar have face paint because I wanted to spice up a drawing of an ancient leader and it’s canon now. To help add a little colour to the map of Endaman, I gave the forests of Silena autumn colours. Someone remarked that it must look very nice there since it’s perpetually autumn and I realized that that’s an amazing idea for a terrain quirk.  

And YOU!

My biggest source of inspiration is the wonderful community here on WorldAnvil. You are all so funny, open-minded, fantastic, intelligent and creative people and this place wouldn't be what it is without you. The stars burn a little brighter with all of you around!

young elites
lord of the rings
Cover Art Credit: emperorcharlesii (me!)

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