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Enigma Poisoning

Written by EmperorCharlesII

Subject: Eleois Cariwi (Renathian Elf, Boparian descent, very old appearance (likely 750-800)   Referral: Subject was given to the Hospital by a research assistant. She claimed he was a researcher looking into the contents of the Enigma dimension. He had been travelling there for hours at a time for many months, causing his body to slowly deteriorate. Earlier that day, the researcher suddenly clutched at his throat then collapsed while doing his travelling, and she was unable to revive him.   Diagnosis: Enigma Poisoning   Investigation: The body's various organs and skin had a wrinkled, emaciated look. The liver in particular was covered in a thin sheen of bright orange goo, which is consistent with other cases of EP in the past. The brain was a giant pile of greyish goo, which is also consistent with previous cases of advanced EP. Other symptoms noticed while alive are also consistent, such as shaking limbs, childish babbling, and obsessive tendencies.   Disposal: The body has been sent to the Sixten Gardens for interment.   ~File located in the Filarwo Hospital in Limbo


Anyone who travels to Enigma often enough will begin to suffer the consequences of exposure to this energy. No one truly knows how the afflicted get infected with this kind of Dimensional Corruption (DC), only that this energy is particularly insidious and much more subtle than other versions of DC.   Studies of people affected with Enigma Poisoning have discovered that this process begins around the fourth or fifth trip, although older people have been afflicted after only two or three voyages to that dimension. In general, the elderly are much more susceptible to infection by DC as a whole, but Enigma Poisoning is particularly common among elderly mages.


Enigma Poisoning starts as a fuzzy mental feeling, often manifesting after every unprotected trip to Enigma but even protections might not be enough. Things become more hazy, memories become less reliable, and everything that one does feels like it is happening in slow motion for a brief moment.   Once the disease begins to hit its middle stages, the liver begins to secrete an orange goo that still remains unidentified by researchers. Organs become significantly more brittle, and the brain's circuitry begins to deteriorate significantly. Memories become lost, and it becomes harder to control involuntary body functions and basic functioning. Language becomes more unclear and roundabout expressions become more common as the sufferer loses vocabulary.   The terminal stages of the disease mean a complete loss of bodily autonomy. The mind and the body separate, and both begin to move and progress independently. That is, the brain thinks something, but the body does not respond, or the body feels pain but it registers as itching or joy. Many sufferers go completely insane at this point, as nothing they see or experience makes sense.   If trips to Enigma continue after the terminal stage, the victim will likely succumb to the illusions and maze-like interiors of that place and shut down entirely.


Time is the only well-known cure for this disease. Depending on the severity of symptoms, anywhere from a few hours to a few years of rest will be necessary to regain proper bodily function. Due to the disease being a form of Dimensional Corruption, healing spells will have no effect or a completely different effect than anticipated.


Once the disease reaches its middle stages, the sufferer becomes much more susceptible to other diseases of the body, although diseases of the mind become more difficult to catch. As the disease continues its course, the sufferer becomes much more susceptible to other diseases and other forms of Dimensional Corruption as well.
Chronic, Acquired
Affected Species
Any species capable of travelling to Enigma


The only form of prevention is to never travel to Enigma at all. Since it is commonly accessed through dreams, this is more difficult, but many of those dreams are lucid and can ended quickly to minimize exposure.  


Mages since the early days of magic have felt some low level symptoms after minor trips to Enigma while sleeping, but more serious symptoms have only begun to manifest recently due to the many studies of the Enigma dimension. Researchers have been struck by the disease rather early into their studies, making the disease more well-known to mages all over the multiverse.

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