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Colparan Valley

The first things I discovered of the Great Jungle as I began my trek inward from Nienor were the trees. It was a large wall of green and brown just beyond the Emekdhar homesteads, almost like the ramparts of a gigantic city.   Then there were flowers. The edge of one sheep pen was entirely covered in a bed of vibrant daisies and petunias that left a swath of rainbow across the ground. I could tell why many in my homeland called this place the Rainbow Dragon Forest, although I thought it was because of Ziraanul...
— Travels in Jorandar
  The Colparan Valley is a large jungle located in eastern Jorandar. Home to many beautiful flora and fauna, the region is incredibly diverse and full of life. Combine that with the fact that very few people live here, and it becomes a hidden gem in the wartorn landscapes of Dreandril.

Verdant Green

The most important part of any jungle is its trees and plants, and the Colparan Valley does not lack for either of those. The jungle is dominated by its venerable hardwoods, the large Longdart trees. Some of those trees are so large that ten people could encircle their bases and only barely be able to link hands. These plants shoot up from the forest floor, providing shelter for birds and other animals.   In addition, the ground area is covered in flowers and ferns of many different colours. The Lizardkin travellers looking to see the shrines of Ziraanul in this valley don't call the region "the Rainbow Dragon Jungle" for nothing. Flowers of every conceivable colour and a few more spring up almost magically from the floor, and intricate ferns overshadow them in many places.

Stunning Creatures

The flora of the region heavily affects the fauna. Most of the animals that live in the Valley are birds, and oh what birds! They come in a colourful array of colours and feed on the various insects that make living here difficult for people, but not impossible. They also roost in the trees and help spread the seeds of the tropical fruit trees to the ground, allowing them to grow in the shade of the Longdarts.   Also, many predators stalk the woods, especially at night. Animals similar to panthers and lions called Felixids weave between the trees, mostly looking to eat the larger rodents that nest on the ground, but they have been known to attack people as well.
Alternative Name(s)
The Rainbow Dragon Jungle
Forest, Jungle (Tropical)
Location under
Owning Organization

The Colparan Clanless

The region is mostly uninhabited by sentient creatures, as the thick treecover and many poisonous plants make the region somewhat dangerous for settlement. But many Clanless worshipping Ziraanul, the dragon god of nature, have settled in small groups throughout the wilderness here, abandoning their clans in order to serve their god. They are slowly being encroached on by the growing Lithekin city-states near the coast as they collect resources at the forest's edge.  

Slash and Burn

The Lithekin who live near the coastline have begun to cut down many of the Longdarts at the edge of the forest to build their ships and clear land for paddocks and farms. What wood cannot be used for construction is often left to rot or burn, which adds nutrition to the soil but also causes damage to the forest. The smoke from the burnings often attracts animals as well who are killed for their pelts or feathers, causing a loss of biodiversity.

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