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The Simians

The Simians
"The Strongest Warriors & Preservers of Cultures"
Origins:   Physical Description: This humanoid-Monkey has pale white skin, their body is covered in hair, except for their palms, feet, face and chest and they have a tail. All Simian naturally stand at an average height of 100 feet & weigh 15,000 pounds but with either their armor's abilities or their own natural abilities they can change these attributes at will. At birth; Simians are genetically bonded to a sentient living machine called "Abraxicon"; they envelop their hosts and act as a body armor that will protect them from any harm. The armor's technology allows this race to take on many different forms to interact with other alien species but the armors almost look organic and can be translucent or invisible to help conceal their race's technological advantages. Notes: However, a Simian's true power cannot be contained within these living armor and members of this race prefer to fight with full physical contact. They would much rather die then use this technology as a armor but they will use them as jewelry or as weapons.   Personality: text   Combat: text  
Simian's Racial Attributes
Age: (Infant-1-24) (Adolescent- 25-49) (Mature- 50-74) (Ancient-75-00)   Alignment: 25% are Scrupulous, 17% are Principled, 4% are Diabolical, 54% are Anarchist.  
Simian's Racial Sizes
Height: (Infant-15 ft) (Adolescent- 30 ft) (Mature-100ft) (Ancient- 136 ft)   Weight: (Infant-2,500 tons) (Adolescent-5,000 tons) (Mature- 15,000 tons) (Ancient- 20,000 tons)  
Simian's Racial Mental Attributes
INT/IQ (Intelligence): (Infant-1D6) (Adolescent- 2D6) (Mature- 3D6) (Ancient-4D6)   WIS/ME/MA (Wisdom): (Infant-2D6) (Adolescent- 3D6) (Mature- 4D6x5) (Ancient-5D6x10)  
Simian's Racial Physical Attributes
STR/PS (Strength): (Infant-1D6) (Adolescent- 2D6) (Mature- 3D6) (Ancient-4D6) (SN)   AC/AR (Armor Class): (Infant-1D6) (Adolescent- 2D6) (Mature- 3D6) (Ancient-4D6) (SN)
DEX/PP (Dexterity): (Infant-1D6) (Adolescent- 2D6) (Mature- 3D6) (Ancient-4D6)   CON/PE (Constitution): (Infant-1D6) (Adolescent- 2D6) (Mature- 3D6) (Ancient-4D6) (SN)   CHA/PB/HF (Charisma): (Infant-1D6) (Adolescent- 2D6) (Mature- 3D6) (Ancient-4D6)  
Simian's Racial Speeds
Walking: (Infant-10 Feet) (Adolescent- 25 Feet) (Mature- 35 Feet) (Ancient-70 Feet)   Running: (Infant-40 Feet) (Adolescent- 85 Feet) (Mature- 100 Feet) (Ancient-200 Feet)   Jumping: (Infant-80 Feet) (Adolescent- 170 Feet) (Mature- 200 Feet) (Ancient-400 Feet)   Climbing: (Infant-10 Feet) (Adolescent- 25 Feet) (Mature- 35 Feet) (Ancient-70 Feet)   Swimming: (Infant-40 Feet) (Adolescent- 85 Feet) (Mature- 100 Feet) (Ancient-200 Feet)   Flying: (Infant-200 Feet) (Adolescent- 400 Feet) (Mature- 800 Feet) (Ancient-1,600 Feet)
Simian's Racial Hit Points & Damage Locations
Main body: (Torso + Head + Eyes + Legs + Arms + Hands + Tail))   Torso: (Infant-1D6xCON) (Adolescent-2D6xCON) (Mature-3D6xCON) (Ancient-4D6xCON)   Head: (Infant-1D4xCON) (Adolescent-2D4xCON) (Mature-1D6xCON) (Ancient-2D6xCON)   Eyes (6-14): (Infant-1D6) (Adolescent-1D4xCON) (Mature-1D6xCON) (Ancient-2D6xCON)   Legs (2): (Infant-1D4xCON) (Adolescent-2D4xCON) (Mature-1D6xCON) (Ancient-2D6xCON)   Arms (2): (Infant-2D6) (Adolescent-1D4xCON) (Mature-2D4xCON) (Ancient-1D6xCON)   Hands (2): (Infant-1D6) (Adolescent-1D4xCON) (Mature-1D6xCON) (Ancient-2D6xCON)   Tail: (Infant-2D6) (Adolescent-1D4xCON) (Mature-2D4xCON) (Ancient-1D6xCON)   Bio-Regeneration: (Infant-1D4xCON) (Adolescent-2D4xCON) (Mature-1D6xCON) (Ancient-2D6xCON)  
Simian's Racial Magical Attributes
PPE/Ki: (Infant-2D6xWIS/ME/MA) (Adolescent- 3D6xWIS/ME/MA) (Mature- 4D6xWIS/ME/MA) (Ancient-5D6xWIS/ME/MA)
Simian's Racial Spellcasting
This race is a 20th-level spellcaster. Its spellcasting ability is Intelligence (DM Note: This means it's Spell Attack Bonus is +15 and its Spell Save DC is 23). Members of this species has the following Wizard spells prepared:
  • Cantrips (At will): acid splash, mage hand, mending, minor illusion, ray of frost, shocking grasp
  • 1st-level (4 slots): chromatic orb, detect magic, identify, magic missile, shield
  • 2nd-level (3 slots): acid arrow, blur, detect thoughts, invisibility
  • 3rd-level (3 slots): counter-spell, dispel magic, haste, lightning bolt, slow
  • 4th-level (3 slots): banishment, dimension door, phantasmal killer
  • 5th-level (3 slots): cone of cold, modify memory, telekinesis
  • 6th-level (2 slots): disintegrate, globe of invulnerability
  • 7th-level (2 slots): plane shift, teleport, prismatic spray
  • 8th-level (1 slot): mind blank
  • 9th-level (1 slot): psychic scream
Simian's Racial Psychic Attributes
ISP: (Infant-2D6xINT/IQ) (Adolescent- 3D6xINT/IQ) (Mature- 4D6xINT/IQ) (Ancient-5D6xINT/IQ)
Simian's Racial Psionic Abilities
Telepathy (4), Telekinesis (8 per 10 pounds), Mind Block (Auto-Defense), Total Recall (2), Insert Memory (25), Bio-Regenerate (Super) (20), Mind Bond (10), Sense Time (2), Clairvoyance (4), Tele-mechanics (10), Curse Insanity (30), Telekinetic Force Field (30), Psionic Shield (30), Mentally Possess Others (30), Psychic Diagnosis (4), Psychic Surgery (14), Invisible Haze (30)  
Simian Traits
Superior Brain This being's brain storage capacity would rival planet sized computers, the organization techniques this brain uses enables this being to archive centuries worth of life experiences and still recall every memory they had experienced since they were born. The highly active neural network allows this being to think faster than most other intelligent species, they have an incredible imagination for creative skills. Their internal defenses are really remarkable because if an intruder was to attempted to force their way in to this mind they would only be met with endless mazes, libraries or universes, thus possibly trapping them forever. Any attempts of harming this being's mind will be met by endless defenses or constructs that will prevent any further intrusion. Additionally, this brain naturally prevents any psychic attacks from ever reaching this being's mind. (Automatic Mind Block)   Superior Senses This being has heightened senses of smell, touch, taste, hearing, and sight that is considered to be supernatural. The character can use their senses at a range of 300 feet + 30 per level of experience and can identify specific odors, components in anything it tastes, identify or locate scratches, cracks, dings, imperfections, etc. anything it touches. They feel temperature changes and the slight disturbance in the air or gas that they are currently in. This being's vision abilities are as listed, Perfect Vision, Night Vision, Telescopic, Ultra Violet, Sonar, Infrared, Thermal, Motion, X-Ray, Time, Microscopic, Atomic, DNA, Electromagnetism Vision.   Genetic Memory This race is able to access memories and information stored within their genetic code; this results in them calling upon their ancestors or relatives with perfect accuracy. Additionally, they can absorb DNA/genetic information, while removing it from the source, into their body and use it in various ways, gaining some form of advantage, either by temporarily or permanently. Common advantage includes gaining targets skills, memories, appearance, and powers if they have innate ones. The first Luminar was gifted with their creator's vast knowledge & truths, by doing so; all of their lineage have access to that knowledge too and that ensures that the Luminous Society's members could never lose their way.   Immortal Lives The character who possesses this ability does not age, they are immune to disease, sickness and poisoning. Additionally, this ability allows this character to completely and automatically regenerate their physical body shortly after the moment of death. The regeneration occurs when the character is completely dead, not within a coma or near death. Even if their body is disintegrated, dismembered and scattered; their physical body will turn to dust and their life force finds a safe location to begin generating a new body. The character's life force can travel for 100's miles in its search for a safe location and once the physical body has regenerated their life force will return to its body and bring it to life. The new body will look identical to the previous one, including attributes, memories and abilities.   Mimic (Superior) This character has the ability to imitate another being's physical and mental attributes, including psionic powers, super abilities, magic abilities and this includes abilities from enchanted items. These abilities can last indefinitely or be inert for later use; mimic is an instant ability and can be used instantly. When witnessing a skill being performed; this character will instantly learn the skill and can be performed at the same experience as the person who first performed the skill.   Ki Manipulation (Passive) Simians have a natural affinity to control Ki energy, allowing them to generate very powerful energy blasts even at young ages. It is said that Simians and half-breeds possess a unique type of energy called "Saiya Power". Also, any energy lost during a battle, will be completely restored, and, in some cases, multiplied, after a short time of resting. Ancient Simians possess different energy from their present day counterparts, the evil ancient Simians have a corrupting aura and the ability to create shadow hands. Hybrid Simians are shown to be able to manipulate their ki subconsciously without formal training though said abilities usually manifest when they are in danger. They gain their hidden potential through emotional distress particularly when enraged, though their power often fluctuates depending upon their emotions though with training they can learn to consciously and better control their energy.   Spirit Blast Cast Time: 1 Action, Range: 120 ft, Duration: Instantaneous. As the character outstretches their hand, they can send shining bolts of energy from their fingertips towards their target within their range. On a hit, the target takes 2D4 force damage; the damage increases by +2D4 for every 5th level the character achieves. (5th level 4D4, 11th level +6D4, 17th level 8D4 per bolt).   Spirit Beam Cast Time: 1 Action, Range: 150 ft, Duration: Instantaneous. The character forms a single sphere of energy between their hands before unleashing it as a devastating beam; the beam will travel in a straight line for 150 feet & 10 feet wide before dissipating, it will move in the direction that the character's desires and will stop early if it impacts an object or their target. If the beam strikes a living being they must make a Dexterity saving throw 13 DC; if they were to fail it then they take 4D10+10 force damage and if their hit points was reduced to 0 by this effect then they are turned to ash, then the beam continues on. The damage increases by +1D10 for every 5th level the character achieves. (5th level 5D10, 11th level +6D10, 17th level 7D10 per beam).   Spirit Bomb Cast Time: 1 Action, Range: Self to 1 mile away, Duration: Concentration, Special. By harnessing the life energy of the world, the character can create a well of energy that surpasses the limits of any mortal, it starts by being the size of 30" in diameter, the damage dealt by this, as well as its area of effect. This is determined by the environment and population within a 50 mile radios; the base damage starts at 10D6 and for every turn the character charges the well the damages increases by +10D6. Once 4 turns have gone by and the character has not lost their concentration; the Spirit Bomb is ready it will reach the size of a small planet (1,500 Miles) and does a maximum of 40D6 of force damage within a radios of 2,000 miles. Every creature within the sphere's blast range must make a Dexterity saving throw of 18; if they fail they receive the full damage but if they succeed they will only receive 1/4 (10D6) of the damage. Once the character has successfully derived energy from a population or location, they cannot do so again for 30 days. The bomb can be directed by the character using their finger as a pointer, the damage increases by +5Dd6 for every 5th level the character achieves. (5th level 45D6, 11th level +50D6, 17th level 55D6 per bomb).   Spiritual Construct The Simian race were created with a unique ability; they have the ability to project their spiritual self into a physical form, while their physical is safely fastened within their ABRAXICON armor. This spiritual construct acts as their physical body and takes on the form that the Simian believe themself to be spiritually. Unlike similar spells; this form is solid and allows them to fight within this construct or to interact within the physical planes. If this spiritual construct were to ever be destroyed; the Simian's living spirit will instantly return to their physical body and it will take one action to recover from the fatigue. Once they are no longer fatigued; they are able to use this ability again, all damage they have received while within this spirit form does not affect the Simian physically but it's possible for them to suffer mental anguish. Additionally, while a Luminar is concentrating on controlling their construct; the Abraxicon can fight side by side. Yet, while within this spiritual form they can wield many abilities that will aid them during their struggles while traveling through existence. Abilities are listed as followed.
  • Spiritual Beam The Simian's default power, the Spiritual Beam is a continuous energy beam fired from their right hand that extends up to 20 meters, which deals roughly 2,000 damage per second to the target with a 1-meter radius of its impact point. Despite its sound the Spiritual Beam is considered silent and will not alert enemies, however Spiritual Mode will be deactivated while firing.
  • Spiritual Blast: This Blast is a cone-shaped area-of-effect attack which knockbacks all targets in 4-meter radius and deals (1D4x10 per level) damage, the damage diminishes with range.
  • Spiritual Leap: This Leap is a mobility power that launches them towards the direction of aim for 12 meters, which will damage and knockback any targets in range. Each enemy hit with Spiritual Leap will restore 1D4 Hit Points to the Simian.
  • Spiritual Mode: Spiritual Mode turns the Simian incorporeal and thus invisible to enemies and various sensors, while also protecting them from any incoming damage, including fall damage and Status Effects.
  • Spiritual Weapons & Shields: Spiritual weapons can be manifested within the hands of the Luminar or its Spiritual Construct at will and takes one action to form; the weapon's form or destructive capabilities entirely matters on the Luminar's imagination. It is also possible for them to envelop themselves or other targets within a shield bubble that is made from spiritual energy. However, if the shield or weapons were to absorb enough damage they can collapse or disappear. Weapon damage-(1D4 per Level) Shield & Weapon HP-(1D4x10 HP per Level)
  Vulnerabilities, Immunities & Resistances The following list is what this race's vulnerabilities, immunities and resistances.
  • Slashing-Resistance (): Imagine this as any type of cut, gash, or – if you’re feeling extra fancy – laceration.
  • Piercing-Resistance (): A big ole’ hole being poked in you from a sharp and pointy object.
  • Bludgeoning-Resistance (): Straight up just getting smacked by something hard.
  • Poison-Resistance (): A toxic substance that is “ingested” and causes harm to the body.
  • Acid-Immune: Not the good kind… Simply put: An excess of H+ ions in a solution. This causes intense burning and stinging and can corrode through certain materials if strong enough.
  • Fire-Immune: Any damage caused by heat or flames.
  • Cold-Immune: Any damage caused by intense cold or ice.
  • Radiant-Vulnerable (): A divine smiting from the highest heavens.
  • Necrotic-I think of this as the destruction of ‘life force’. Death, decay, rotting, and corruption. Smells like the geriatrics ward.
  • Lightning-Lightning damage is caused by a high voltage of electricity (approx. 1.21 gigawatts).
  • Thunder/Sound-Vulnerable (): Percussive noise that is loud enough to cause damage. It’s like standing next to the speaker at a concert.
  • Force-Vulnerable (): A raw form of magical energy that hits targets like a brick wall.
  • Psychic-Immune: Telepathic abilities inflicting massive damage to the mind.
  • Hunger/Starvation-Immune:
  • Thirst-Immune:
  • Suffocation-Immune:
  • Pressure-Immune:
  • Magic-Immune:
Prehensile Tail & Feet These beings are born with a brown-furred monkey-like tail and hand-like feet. Commonly for adult, they will wrap their tail around their hip as a makeshift belt for better convenience. The tail & feet are very prehensile, and can be used to grasp things, giving them in a sense an extra hands to fight with. While as strong and coordinated as any other limb on the them, the tail is a particularly sensitive area. When grabbed or injured, it causes great pain to the owner, leaving them drained of all strength and effectively immobilizing the whole body. However, the they can train themselves to overcome this weakness, leaving them unaffected altogether. Their monkey-like tails, alongside their turning into Great Apes, is the main reason why those of this race are sometimes referred to as "monkeys" or "apes" as a racial slur. Sensitive Tail (stunned if grabbed DEX save of 14 will free them)   Flight Due to their natural ability to control their energy, and the massively increased gravity of their home planet, they possess the innate ability to fly at hypersonic speeds, with little, to no effort at all. Due to their superior Ki control, they're able to fly much more faster than normal humans.   Supernatural Strength These beings naturally possess vast superhuman strength, far greater than that of Earthlings and other alien races, and are veritable fighting machines. They are capable of easily lifting ten times their own weight, the naturally high gravity of their Planet (10x that of Earth) develops their physical strength, making them incredibly strong at young ages. Even weaker members of this species are capable of conquering most planets alone. Due to their insane levels of physical power, they are easily able to destroy mountains, islands, and potentially entire planets just with pure physical strength, especially in the Super Simian states. God-like being, possess an astronomical level of physical strength, capable of crumbling apart the entire universe when clashing with another God. Through tough training, These beings are able to reach new levels of power, and the more intense training and fights they go through, the stronger they become. If they survive a near-death experience through extreme injury to the body, then, when the body recuperates, they grows much stronger than they were previously, their body adapting to compensate for the damage dealt, essentially evolving their power, the more they fight. The duration of recovery does not seem to hinder this ability as these beings have healed through natural, technological and mystical means and still gained substantial increases in physical strength. Notes: These beings put a heavy emphasis on strength and fighting ability when it comes to importance in their society.   Speed & Agility These beings possess tremendous levels of superhuman speed, easily capable of breaking the sound barrier, even with their basic moves. They also have much faster reflexes than an average Human; reflexes so fast that they can avoid a bullet without any trouble at all, or even catch them with no harm. Their superhuman speed can easily be seen in their fighting skills; their movements occur in fractions of seconds which are not visible to average Human eyes, and even "super" humans have trouble following up a Simian's speed. Their agility is also substantial in their battles and training, they can easily perform immensely high jumps or acrobatics far more advanced than those of normal human beings, with no drawback or strain on their bodies. These movements can be improved by training, transformations, and other methods. These natural powers of speed and reflex make nearly all Simian hand-to-hand combat very fast. In the anime, the strongest and most powerful members of this race (especially those who can turn Super Simian), can easily move faster than the speed of light. Members of this species who have achieved the Super Simian God form and above, can even keep up with a God of immense speed, a being whose speed surpasses sound and light.   Durability and Endurance These beings possess enormous amounts of superhuman durability, and are a remarkably resilient species, who refuse to be physically broken. Even as children, they are easily capable of taking on bullets (at least those belonging to small arms such as handguns and machine pistols), explosions or sharpened objects and come out relatively unharmed, and as even younger infants, are able to survive extreme head-trauma and stunt forces. However, their ability to resist bullets may have limits, Black and Blue implied that Simian children can still be killed by higher-caliber bullets such as shotgun rounds. On a related note, Simian children were also capable of withstanding even being crushed. However, as fully-developed adults, they possess immense levels of resistance to nearly all harm, and essentially, no Earthling-made weapon could possibly hurt them, and even most alien weapons cannot either. Stronger or god-like Simians can survive a direct nuclear blast. Even while unconscious and in their base form, a Simian is capable of surviving re-atmospheric reentries with no negative effect to their bodies. When a Simian becomes a Super Simian, their durability, as well as their strength, increases massively, becoming tough enough to easily survive powerful energy beams, even to their faces, with no visible harm or scratch, and take most blunt forces against large amount of rock or solid matter, with no discomfort. God-like Simians are able to survive universe-clashing forces with essentially no harm, or even take planet-destroying blasts with little issue. However, they are not invincible, and substantially powerful forces and enemies can overcome a Simian's basic durability. But even if they are hurt, they not only also appear able to heal from injuries at a faster rate than normal human beings, but also have an extremely high tolerance to physical pain, and will only succumb to injuries if a massively high amount of bones are broken, also, they possess remarkable immune systems, making it very hard for them to become sick. If a Simian lets his guard, the most important part of their durability, gradually down, no matter how powerful, this will cause the Simian to become vulnerable to behind surprise attacks, and will take as much damage as a "super-human" could. God-like Simians have an even higher durability, and can survive star system-shattering energy attacks but with extreme difficulty. A Simian's tough skin protects him from harm and grants them a +2 natural armor bonus to AC.   Limit Master: Members of this race can either innately or through training, is a master of limits themselves. With this power, they can sense what kind of limits other living beings or objects may have, minimum or maximum, and intuitively know how to break those limits or how to work with such limits. When a Simian has complete mastery over their limits; they have superior control, knowledge and abilities over their abilities, capable of having prodigious skills and enhanced trainings and expert intuition over them and be extremely proficient in its usage, but also understanding over the concept and it’s possibility. Achieving full mastery over their arts and gaining preeminent status can take a great and difficult ordeal of training, study and exercise for them to eventually become complete masters.   Limit Breaker: The Simian species have the natural ability to break their limits, both physical & mental. When they are within the heat of battle or experiencing an intense emotional distress; a Simian will either unlock a new ability, a new attribute limit or a new form within the transformation table, achieve a new skill or developing their own unique transformation that could surpass the others.   Reproduction Simians have a sexual reproduction system compatible with most humanoids, as they are able to produce fertile offspring together. This indicates that despite their vastly enhanced physiology, Simians have genes that are similar enough to a humanoid’s to be able to avoid debilitating genetic conditions that come with hybridization, allowing the resulting hybrids to be born perfectly healthy and normal.  
These beings have the ability to transform into many different forms; the benefits of these forms is that they provide temporary boosts that can greatly enhance their ability attributes & their battle performance. Each form has their benefits & disadvantages and each member of this species naturally knows these techniques through extensive training and their genetic memory abilities. Regardless, their bodies require the training to toughen them up and once they learn to master both Body & Mind; then they can be a unstoppable force. Notes: These transformations acts as multipliers towards these being's base stat attributes and require intense training to achieve or master. Additionally, each transformation has a duration & a stress test that determines how long a transformation can last for or how long the character can maintain the form. Each form takes one Action to transform into and at the beginning of each new turn; this character will need to perform a Stress Test and if they fail; they will return back to their base form or natural appearance.  
  • Great Ape (Transformation): Their tail also grants a Simian special transformations; a great metamorphosis into a giant ape beast with tremendous power when looking at a full moon. The Simian grows incredibly in size and tenfold in strength while drastically changing in appearance. If the tail is removed, this ability is lost. In this state, a Simian will generally lose most if not all control of themselves, with aggressiveness reaching its peak, causing them to lost all rationality to primal instinct. However, some Simians who have advanced enough are able to contain this heightened ferocity, allowing them to retain their individuality and rationality to perform in battle as normal. Additionally some Simians are capable of retaining partial control over themselves allowing them to avoid attacking allies and/or family, while focusing their aggression against their enemies. Though normally a tail is required access the transformation, it is possible for Simians to transform even if their tail is removed. Once per transformation the Simian may attempt at any point in the transformation to make a DC 18 Control Shape check to regain their senses and can distinguish friend from foe. Notes: By combining Great Ape and Super Simian, a Simian becomes a Golden Great Ape. Their offensive capacities have become much greater, and their rage is even more intense than the standard Great Ape's. While in the Golden Great Ape state, the power and strength of a Simian increase extraordinarily. The form resembles the Great Ape form in every way except that the fur is gold instead of brown. It is also obviously much stronger, surpassing even the power of a Super Simian III. Duration: Up to 8 hours. Conditions: Must be present during a full moon. Stress Test: (INT 18 DC), (WIS 18 DC). Boost: STR (+16), DEX (+12), CON (+14), INT (-4), WIS (-3), CHA (+11), Hit Points (+16D10+64), AC (14).
  • Super Simian (Ki Boost): The most powerful ability of a normal Simian, however, is the ability to drastically augment their speed, strength and energy by transforming into a Super Simian. The ability is rare and difficult to achieve normally, but gives the Simian unbelievable enhancements to their normal abilities. Simians possess several Super Simian transformations, each different in appearance and the power they provide. For the majority of the Super Simian forms, the Simians muscle mass increases slightly, their irises turn bluish-green and their hair turns golden in color. There are additional transformations beyond Super Simian, and variations thereon. When used by a heroic ancient Simian, the form is identical to the modern day Super Simian - though it possess a golden tail (which is not always portrayed as a trait of a modern Simian). The ancient Simian also displayed a unique angered state with black Super Simian-like hair and red eyes. When used by an evil ancient Simian, the Super Simian form exhibits differences from those of a present day Super Simian; the forms retained its red and black aura and both pupils and irises were present. Notes: Hybrid forms- Simians are capable of mixing their Super Simian forms with their other non-Super Simian states in order to achieve powerful hybrid states. This has shown to be possible by mixing the standard Super Simian form with either Great Ape or Super Simian God. Duration: ( ) Minute. Conditions: The transformation awakens within a moment of righteousness or self-sacrifice. Stress Test: STR 10 DC, DEX 10 DC, CHA 10 DC. Boost: STR (+7), DEX (+7), CON (+8), INT (+2), WIS (+1), CHA (+6), Hit Points (+1D10+50), AC (+4).
  • Super Simian II (Ki Boost): In this form, the Simian initially short hair spiked and grew much longer. Their aura maintained a small amount of lightning around it, and their strength and speed significantly increased. They will became confident to a fault. Duration: ( ) Minute. Conditions: Training Time 125 Days. Stress Test: STR 12 DC, DEX 12 DC, CHA 12 DC. Boost: STR (+8), DEX (+8), CON (+9), INT (+3), WIS (+2), CHA (+7), Hit Points (+2D10+50), AC (+4).
  • Legendary Super Simian (Boost): Like Ascended Super Simian and its upgrade, the Simian's muscles grow much larger. However, in this form, their speed is not at all affected. Their hair also gains a green tinge as opposed to the original yellow, and their eyes become white without pupils. It is difficult to control but possesses a raw power that is stronger than Super Simian II. Duration: ( ) Minute. Conditions: Training Time 250 Days. Stress Test: (STR ( ), DEX ( ), CON ( ), INT ( ), WIS ( ), CHA ( ). Boost: (STR ( ), DEX ( ), CON ( ), INT ( ), WIS ( ), CHA ( ).
  • Super Simian III (Ki Boost): This form is drastically different from the first few. For one, the Simian's blond hair grows huge and falls behind their back. They also lose their eyebrows entirely, which makes for a more menacing look. The downside is that it requires a huge amount of energy and therefore can't be maintained for very long. Duration: ( ) Minute. Conditions: Training Time 325 Days. Stress Test: STR 14 DC, DEX 14 DC, CHA 14 DC. Boost: STR (+9), DEX (+9), CON (+10), INT (+4), WIS (+3), CHA (+8), Hit Points (+2D10+100), AC (+4).
  • Great Simian (Transformation): In keeping with the ape theme, the Simian also grows red fur all around their body with the exception of the chest, face, hands or feet. The Simian also gains a red outline around their eyes. The Great Simian form is a unique transformation attained through control of the Great Ape form, it is not part of the main Simian God or Super Simian line of transformations. Within this form; it is possible for a Simian to use any boost that their physical body can handle and use the Simian God transformation booster to further enhance this being's abilities. While within this form they can utilize multiple abilities they would not have access to normally; they gain the ability to enhance their current techniques by 100%, they can absorb any energy attack & convert it into usable Ki, their physical body naturally adapts to any attacks or techniques (1D6) that makes physical or mental contact with them while within this form. Unlike "Boost" transformations; this form has no strain or drain to maintain it but the Simian will fall out of the form while being unconscious. Duration: At Will. Conditions: Must have mastered "Great Ape" & "Super Simian". Boost: STR (+16), DEX (+12), CON (+14), INT (+6), WIS (+6), CHA (+9), Hit Points (+16D10+64), AC (14).
  • Simian God (Transformation & God Ki): Through several different methods a Simian can ascend to godhood and achieve the Simian God form, the most notable being a sacred ritual involving the transfer of ki from five righteous Simians to a sixth Simian as host. Attaining these forms is quite difficult and only a few are known to have ever accomplished it - with only two retaining the power. These forms possess Godly ki. Retaining the godly power also causes the user's normal forms to become more powerful than before, and also gifts them with the God-like Simian state, a state which utilizes the power of Super Simian God without a physical change in appearance. A Simian can also transform into a Simian God at will if they retain the godly power in the past. A Simian with the power of Simian God who transforms into a Super Simian becomes a Super Simian Blue. Duration: ( ) Minute. Stress Test: STR 16 DC, DEX 16 DC, CON 16 DC, INT 16 DC, WIS 16 DC, CHA 16 DC. Conditions: Must have performed "Sacred Ritual". Boost: (STR ( ), DEX ( ), CON ( ), INT ( ), WIS ( ), CHA ( ).
  • Ultra Instinct (God Ki Boost): When a Simian enters this state, their hair is slightly spikier and more solid, with silver highlights and oftentimes having loose strands. Their eyes take on a more stern, defined shape, sporting silver-colored irises and visible pupils. They also gains a complex silver, purple and blue aura consisting of rippling, fire-like energy, complete with sparkling particles traveling upwards much like Super Simian God before it. The Simian is also slimed down in the same way Super Simian God does. When a female Simian takes on the form their hair remains the same albeit with silver highlight. However, this ability is a strictly defensive technique, if the Simian wishes to attack; they will have to work against the ability and this can result them of being potentially vulnerable to their enemy's attacks. Duration: ( ) Minute. Stress Test: STR 18 DC, DEX 18 DC, CON 18 DC, INT 18 DC, WIS 18 DC, CHA 18 DC. Conditions: Training Time 500 Days. Boost: (STR ( ), DEX ( ), CON ( ), INT ( ), WIS ( ), CHA ( ).
  • Ultra Ego (God Ki Boost): When a Simian enters this state, their hair is slightly spikier and more solid, with purple highlights and oftentimes having loose strands. Their eyes take on a more stern, defined shape, sporting purple-colored irises and visible pupils. They also gains a complex purple and red aura consisting of rippling, fire-like energy, complete with electric streaks traveling upwards. The Simian is also balked up in the same way Legendary Super Simian does. When a female Simian takes on the form their hair remains the same albeit with purple highlight. This ability allows the Simian's attacks to become stronger the more damage their physical bodies have received during battle. However, this ability is strictly a offensive ability; meaning that the Simian's physical body is more vulnerable to their enemy's attacks. Duration: ( ) Minute. Stress Test: STR 18 DC, DEX 18 DC, CON 18 DC, INT 18 DC, WIS 18 DC, CHA 18 DC. Conditions: Training Time 500 Days. Boost: (STR ( ), DEX ( ), CON ( ), INT ( ), WIS ( ), CHA ( ).
  • Perfected Ultra Instinct (God Ki Boost): In this form, the Simian's hair and eyes are completely grey. Their power is level gains a huge boost, though it is extremely damaging to their body if they maintain the form for too long, their body could literally explode. The Autonomous Ultra Instinct possesses a power level even higher than the God form and allows their body to automatically counter their opponent's attacks. Duration: ( ) Minute. Stress Test: STR 19 DC, DEX 19 DC, CON 19 DC, INT 19 DC, WIS 19 DC, CHA 19 DC. Conditions: Training Time 730 Days. Boost: (STR ( ), DEX ( ), CON ( ), INT ( ), WIS ( ), CHA ( ).
  • Supreme Battle Form (Transformation): Within this form, the Simian's transforms into their perfect form; the muscles are bulked up, their height raised by a foot, the body hair shortens & turns pure gold and the Simian's eye glow blue. This transformation is a Simian's true form and within this form they are allowed to use any of their Simian abilities without limits. They gain the ability to enhance their current techniques by 100%, they can absorb any energy attack & convert it into usable Ki, their physical body naturally adapts to any attacks or techniques (1D6) that makes physical or mental contact with them while within this form. Unlike "Boost" transformations; this form has no strain or drain to maintain it. Duration: ( ) Minute. Conditions: Must have performed "Sacred Ritual". Boost: (STR ( ), DEX ( ), CON ( ), INT ( ), WIS ( ), CHA ( ).
  • Celestial Simian (Transformation): When a Simian enters this state; they will undergo a transformation that most deities or gods/goddesses would never achieve. Within this form the Simian now harnesses the power of creation; this allows them to transform their physical body, another object or creature into anything they want; any object, creature, deity, plant, animal or persons. They can even transform into a stronger form of themselves; the only limitation is their own imagination. Additionally, they can pluck a single hair from their body and transforms it into a perfect copy of themselves. This duplicate's mind is linked with the original Simian and will obey any commands that are issued to them; the copy can disappear if their health points reaches zero or by it's creator's will. Meaning, if you were to be fighting one of these beings; your really fighting a army that are all as powerful as their creator; if not stronger. Notes: By sparing or battling with a LUMINCON or Luminous themselves (Any Godly being), a Simian will naturally develop this transformation. However, the transformation will either manifest during their battle with a primordial creator entity or they are unaware of this new found form but still can only be triggered by a intense battle. Duration: ( ) Minute. Conditions: Must have battled a LUMINCON or the Luminous Entity. Boost: (STR ( ), DEX ( ), CON ( ), INT ( ), WIS ( ), CHA ( ).

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