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The Dragoniods

The Dragoniods
"Builders of Worlds"
"Creator of Magic"
Origins: The Luminous Entity had created the Dragoniod race to be prime sources of magical energy; they provide & maintain the supernatural energies of an entire planet's Leyline network. These complexed network of supernatural energies are used be magic wielders to cast or enhanced their spell capabilities. Inhabitants of worlds that have leyline networks greatly accelerates their civilization's development & advancements. Only one member of this species is required to maintain a planet's leyline network but the more complexed the network is; the more skilled this being will need to be for the network to be successful. After millions of years of growth & advancements within mechanical technologies & magical techniques; the Dragoniod civilization decided to build megastructures called "Spheres" that is capable of creating & destroying entire star systems. They desired to expand their civilization & their reach throughout existence; these spheres have created countless new star systems and birthed numerous unique lifeforms that later formed became to be important advanced civilizations.   Physical Description: These reptile-humanoids are covered from head to toe with scales that serves as natural armor. They have fully functional pair of wings & tail, each having a mane of thick horns that run down their spine and ending at their tails. Members of this species infants can stand as tall as 15 feet, while a full grown adult can be 200 feet; ancient members are closer to 400 feet. They have a very humanoid body structure but they are very muscular and having six arms & claw-like hands has been highly useful when digging through solid materials.   Personality:   Combat: Members of this race prefer to deal with their enemies with a volley of various spells while flying from a distance. However, they are proficient with a multitude of hand weapons or melee armaments. These beings are highly adaptive to most environments; creative magic users and are fierce fighters.  
Racial Attributes
Age: (Infant-1-24) (Adolescent- 25-49) (Mature- 50-74) (Ancient-75-00) These beings reaches maturity by the age 300 and don’t usually live longer than 30,000 years.   Alignment: Members of this race are Good and rarely choose sides when it comes to Law and Chaos. Some members, like the leaders and warriors, might tend towards lawful alignments while adventurers might tend towards chaotic alignments. 54% are Scrupulous, 17% are Principled, 25% are Diabolical, 4% are Anarchist.  
Racial Sizes
Height: These massive reptile-like beings stand as tall as 20 to 400 feet tall; their wingspan is (40 to 800 feet) and they can weigh 10 to 900 tons or more.
  • (Infant-15 ft "Huge") Bonuses: (-2) Attack & AC Modifier, (+8) Special Attacks Modifier, (-8) Hide Modifier.
  • (Adolescent- 30 ft "Gargantuan") Bonuses: (-4) Attack & AC Modifier, (+12) Special Attacks Modifier, (-12) Hide Modifier.
  • (Mature-200ft "Colossal") Bonuses: (-8) Attack & AC Modifier, (+16) Special Attacks Modifier, (-16) Hide Modifier.
  • (Ancient- 400 ft "Colossal") Bonuses: (-8) Attack & AC Modifier, (+16) Special Attacks Modifier, (-16) Hide Modifier.
  Weight: (Infant-2,500 tons) (Adolescent-5,000 tons) (Mature- 15,000 tons) (Ancient- 20,000 tons)  
Racial Mental Attributes
INT/IQ (Intelligence): (Infant-1D6) (Adolescent- 2D6) (Mature- 3D6) (Ancient-4D6)   WIS/ME/MA (Wisdom): (Infant-2D6) (Adolescent- 3D6) (Mature- 4D6x5) (Ancient-5D6x10)  
Racial Physical Attributes
STR/PS (Strength/Physical Strength): (Infant-1D6) (Adolescent- 2D6) (Mature- 3D6) (Ancient-4D6) (SN)   AC/AR (Armor Class/Armor Rating): (Infant-1D6) (Adolescent- 2D6) (Mature- 3D6) (Ancient-4D6) (SN)   DEX/PP (Dexterity/Agility): (Infant-1D6) (Adolescent- 2D6) (Mature- 3D6) (Ancient-4D6)   CON/PE (Constitution/Physical Endurance): (Infant-1D6) (Adolescent- 2D6) (Mature- 3D6) (Ancient-4D6) (SN)   CHA/PB/HF (Charisma/Physical Beauty/Horror Factor): (Infant-1D6) (Adolescent- 2D6) (Mature- 3D6) (Ancient-4D6)  
Racial Speeds
Walking: (Infant-10 Feet) (Adolescent- 25 Feet) (Mature- 35 Feet) (Ancient-70 Feet)   Running: (Infant-40 Feet) (Adolescent- 85 Feet) (Mature- 100 Feet) (Ancient-200 Feet)   Jumping: (Infant-80 Feet) (Adolescent- 170 Feet) (Mature- 200 Feet) (Ancient-400 Feet)   Climbing: (Infant-10 Feet) (Adolescent- 25 Feet) (Mature- 35 Feet) (Ancient-70 Feet)   Swimming: (Infant-40 Feet) (Adolescent- 85 Feet) (Mature- 100 Feet) (Ancient-200 Feet)   Flying: (Infant-200 Feet) (Adolescent- 400 Feet) (Mature- 800 Feet) (Ancient-1,600 Feet)  
Racial Hit Points & Damage Locations
Main body: (Torso + Head + Eyes + Legs + Arms + Hands + Wings + Tail)   Natural Armor: (Main body x 2)   Torso: (Infant-1D6xCON) (Adolescent-2D6xCON) (Mature-3D6xCON) (Ancient-4D6xCON)   Head: (Infant-1D4xCON) (Adolescent-2D4xCON) (Mature-1D6xCON) (Ancient-2D6xCON)   Eyes (2-4): (Infant-1D6) (Adolescent-1D4xCON) (Mature-1D6xCON) (Ancient-2D6xCON)   Legs (2): (Infant-1D4xCON) (Adolescent-2D4xCON) (Mature-1D6xCON) (Ancient-2D6xCON)   Arms (6): (Infant-2D6) (Adolescent-1D4xCON) (Mature-2D4xCON) (Ancient-1D6xCON)   Claws (6): (Infant-1D6) (Adolescent-1D4xCON) (Mature-1D6xCON) (Ancient-2D6xCON)   Wings (2): (Infant-2D6) (Adolescent-1D4xCON) (Mature-2D4xCON) (Ancient-1D6xCON)   Tail: (Infant-2D6) (Adolescent-1D4xCON) (Mature-2D4xCON) (Ancient-1D6xCON)   Bio-Regeneration: (Infant-1D4xCON) (Adolescent-2D4xCON) (Mature-1D6xCON) (Ancient-2D6xCON)  
Racial Magical Attributes
PPE/Ki: (Infant-2D6xWIS/ME/MA) (Adolescent- 3D6xWIS/ME/MA) (Mature- 4D6xWIS/ME/MA) (Ancient-5D6xWIS/ME/MA)
Racial Psychic Attributes
ISP: (Infant-2D6xINT/IQ) (Adolescent- 3D6xINT/IQ) (Mature- 4D6xINT/IQ) (Ancient-5D6xINT/IQ)  
Racial Psionic Abilities
Telepathy (4), Telekinesis (8 per 10 pounds), Mind Block (Auto-Defense), Total Recall (2), Insert Memory (25), Bio-Regenerate (Super) (20), Mind Bond (10), Sense Time (2), Clairvoyance (4), Tele-mechanics (10), Curse Insanity (30), Telekinetic Force Field (30), Psionic Shield (30), Mentally Possess Others (30), Psychic Diagnosis (4), Psychic Surgery (14), Invisible Haze (30)  
Superior Senses This being has heightened senses of smell, touch, taste, hearing, and sight that is considered to be supernatural. The character can use their senses at a range of () miles and can identify specific odors, components in anything it tastes, identify or locate scratches, cracks, dings, imperfections, etc. anything it touches. They feel temperature changes and the slight disturbance in the air or gas that they are currently in. This being's vision abilities are as listed, Perfect Vision, Night Vision, Telescopic, Ultra Violet, Sonar, Infrared, Thermo, Motion, X-Ray, Time, Microscopic, Atomic, DNA, Electromagnetism Vision.   Superior Brain This being's brain storage capacity would rival planet sized computers, the organization techniques this brain uses enables this being to archive centuries worth of life experiences and still recall every memory they had experienced since they were born. The highly active neural network allows this being to think faster then most other intelligent species, they have a incredible imagination for creative skills. Their internal defenses are really remarkable because if a intruder were to attempted to force their way in to this mind they would only be met with endless mazes, libraries or universes, thus possibly trapping them forever. Any attempts of harming this being's mind will be met by endless defenses or constructs that will prevent any further intrusion. Additionally, this brain naturally prevents any psychic attacks from ever reaching this being's mind. (Automatic Mind Block)   Photosynthesis Skin The skin on the being can absorb or convert any light, pressure or heat into useable energy that feeds their body and serves as a substitution to food. This being will not need to sleep nor eat solid food after a month or suffer starvation symptoms. The skin will begin to shimmer once the photosynthesis cycle begins and a full cycle could take as long as 1D4 hours. This being should be nude to absorb the maximum amount of energy during the cycle. Additionally, their scales become translucent while absorbing the environment's heat, light & pressure; thus never hindering these being's ability to feed.   Wings They are gifted with a pair of very large wings that allow them to fly at a max speed of (200 to 1,600 feet wearing medium or heavy armor and their wingspan is (40 to 800 feet). If they hit with them, they deal slashing damage equal to 1d4 + 1d4 M.D. + your Strength modifier, instead of the bludgeoning damage normal for an unarmed strike.   Enchantable/Programable Scales: These being's body is covered with very fine scales that can cut through diamonds like it was paper. They serve as natural weapons; which they can use to make unarmed strikes. If they slice with them, they deal slashing damage equal to 1d4 M.D. + your Strength modifier and can be thrown from a distance of (200 to 1,600 feet). Additionally, each scale can be imbued with any desired magical spell; these spells can be programmed to be casted autonomously or be triggered by a desired condition. Each scale can only have one enchantment at a time and is a highly sought over item within any reality that utilizes magical forces.   Claws: Their five fingered & three toed talons are equally durable or sharp as their beaks. They serve as natural weapons; which they can use to make unarmed strikes. If they hit with them, they deal slashing damage equal to 1d4 M.D. + your Strength modifier, instead of the bludgeoning damage normal for an unarmed strike.   Jaws: They have a reptile-like jaw that can tear through most hard materials; if they bite with them, they deal slashing damage equal to 1d6 M.D. + your Strength modifier.   Innate Armor: The users have or can generate an innate armor as a part of their body, which is resistant to attacks, harm or pain, and temperature extremes. The armor varies from obvious, physical defenses, such as scales, thick skin/fur, natural shield, armor or shell, in-organic skin, etc., to bone-nodules below the skin, particularly wide/sturdy rib cage, blubber, or simply dense muscle.   Reproduction: These beings are birthed from the cores of planets; while a new solar system is formed; a member of this race will lay eggs within the molten cores of new planets. While deep within a planet's molten core; members of this species will grow and feed on the heat or light that it's environment naturally provides. Once they are hatched from their eggs; they will continue to feed on the natural energies of the planet's core and grow even larger as they age. They have no need for mates because they can self fertilize their own eggs but in order to ensure their eggs survival they must lay their eggs within the molten core of a planet. The heat & pressure that is naturally generated from these environments is essential for members of this species offspring natural development. A fully matured Dragonoid can lay up to (1D4+CON) eggs for every 100 years; members of this species will make a planet's molten core their nest and with time they can build entire civilizations deep within a world without the surfacers ever knowing that they exist.   Omni-Magic Wielder: Members of this species has the ability to use all forms of magic (phrases, symbols, gestures or dances and thought magic) that may exist in any reality or universe. They have unlimited access to all mystic arts & all supernatural forces; they can bend, break, destroy or create natural laws, distort the fabric of reality on a cosmic scale, they can perform unbelievable miracles, create anything without limits and they are immune to all opposing magics. These beings are not restricted by concepts like "Spell Slots" or "Spell Costs"; they can cast their spells or magical abilities without any costs. Additionally, they can draw or drain magical energies from either themselves, a ambient source from another universe, a extradimensional energy source, from prime sources and items.   Spell Weaving: (Extraordinary) Members of this species can cast more than one spell simultaneously; when they casts a spell, it can cast the spell with each arm or finger depending on the spell's level. (It must spend every spell slot required to do this). A typical Dragonoid has 6 arms & 30 fingers, allowing it to cast (30) 1st-level spells at once, (24) 2nd-level spells, (18) 3rd-level spells, (15) 4th-level spells, (12) 5th-level spells, or (6) spell of any level above 5th. Each spell is independent from one another even if cast at the same time this way, meaning that they can choose different areas or targets for each spell, but can't use this feature to concentrate on more than one spell at a time. As long as it's not casting a spell of 6th-level or higher, it can cast different spells or even spells of different levels this way, with 1 finger or hand per each level of the spell.  
This race is a 20th-level spellcaster. Its spellcasting ability is Intelligence (DM Note: This means it's Spell Attack Bonus is +15 and its Spell Save DC is 23). Members of this species has the following Wizard spells prepared: Cantrips (At will): acid splash, mage hand, mending, minor illusion, ray of frost, shocking grasp
  • 1st-level (4 slots): chromatic orb, detect magic, identify, magic missile, shield
  • 2nd-level (3 slots): acid arrow, blur, detect thoughts, invisibility
  • 3rd-level (3 slots): counter-spell, dispel magic, haste, lightning bolt, slow
  • 4th-level (3 slots): banishment, dimension door, phantasmal killer
  • 5th-level (3 slots): cone of cold, modify memory, telekinesis
  • 6th-level (2 slots): disintegrate, globe of invulnerability
  • 7th-level (2 slots): plane shift, teleport, prismatic spray
  • 8th-level (1 slot): mind blank
  • 9th-level (1 slot): psychic scream, wish.
Psionic Abilities
Telepathy (4), Telekinesis (8 per 10 pounds), Mind Block (Auto-Defense), Total Recall (2), Insert Memory (25), Bio-Regenerate (Super) (20), Mind Bond (10), Sense Time (2), Clairvoyance (4), Tele-mechanics (10), Curse Insanity (30), Telekinetic Force Field (30), Psionic Shield (30), Mentally Possess Others (30), Psychic Diagnosis (4), Psychic Surgery (14), Invisible Haze (30)  
Vulnerabilities, Immunities & Resistances
This race has evolved to the point where they can naturally live on the surface of stars, they are immune to all harmful effects that stars are towards organics other life forms. The intense light, heat, gravitational forces & pressure have no effect on this species. The following list are additional race vulnerabilities, immunities and resistances.   Slashing-Resistance (): Imagine this as any type of cut, gash, or – if you’re feeling extra fancy – laceration. Piercing-Resistance (): A big ole’ hole being poked in you from a sharp and pointy object. Bludgeoning-Resistance (): Straight up just getting smacked by something hard. Poison-Resistance (): A toxic substance that is “ingested” and causes harm to the body. Acid-Immune: Not the good kind… Simply put: An excess of H+ ions in a solution. This causes intense burning and stinging and can corrode through certain materials if strong enough. Fire-Immune: Any damage caused by heat or flames. Cold-Vulnerable: Any damage caused by intense cold or ice. Radiant-Vulnerable (): A divine smiting from the highest heavens. Necrotic-I think of this as the destruction of ‘life force’. Death, decay, rotting, and corruption. Smells like the geriatrics ward. Lightning-Lightning damage is caused by a high voltage of electricity (approx. 1.21 gigawatts). Thunder/Sound-Vulnerable (): Percussive noise that is loud enough to cause damage. It’s like standing next to the speaker at a concert. Force-Vulnerable (): A raw form of magical energy that hits targets like a brick wall. Psychic-Immune: Telepathic abilities inflicting massive damage to the mind. Hunger/Starvation-Immune: Thirst-Immune: Suffocation-Immune: Pressure-Immune: Magic-Immune: Time Displacement-Immune:

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