The Dreamer's Wake

For all the dreams left in the dark, trodden by golden boots, we stand against the tide. Wake the Dreamers!
— Captain Eveline Norwood
  It is inevitable that everything which is historic and relevant to the current generation will be mostly lost to memory with the passing of time. Even far-reaching, advanced, and conquering empires will be forgotten, just as the Golden Empire has been. Though this galaxy-wide kingdom once controlled countless planets and the Empress lead endless war-forged armies with a golden fist, little evidence is left for modern generations to remember it.   The scars they left behind, however, remain. The Desolation, a vast swath of space cluttered with the remnants of dead worlds and civilizations long destroyed, is a constant, haunted reminder of the power of The Golden Empire even as it, too, was dying. Yet even as the Golden fleets burned their way through entire systems, there were those who had the courage to stand against them.  

The Merchanters

Free trade was little more than a dream for many who plied the stars during the reign of the Golden Empress. After she lost the War of Endless Suns, however, her grip on the galactic economy weakened and brave souls launched their family ships into the stars to establish trade routes between distant systems. The gulf of void between these systems was nearly impossible to navigate, especially after so many civilizations and their satellites were burned to ash.   At first, it would take more than a generation to reach the next port. Merchanter families would be born, live their entire lives, and die on their ships, never making contact with other people except for the occasional pirate attack or remnant fleet encounter. Until Eveline Norwood discovered the Dreaming Deep.  
There are some bright souls who naturally touch upon this other realm. Often, they do so in dreams. We can map it, we can travel through it. While they dream we can reach the most distant stars imaginable.
— Captain Eveline Norwood
  There are people who naturally touch upon the veil between real space, and the Dreaming Deep, which is much like a web of alternate space beneath all that mortals can see. By tapping into this with the Dreamers, Eveline Norwood was able to travel vast distances in far less time and with fewer risks. The Dreamers, unfortunately, had to be kept in their state of dreaming to navigate the Deep. As more and more Merchanters used the Deep, more Dreamers were needed to plot and chart the routes.  

The Dreamer's Wake

The remnants of the Golden Empire were not yet ready to release their grip on the galaxy. As Eveline grew in power, she led the Merchanters to take more territory and trade for themselves. She became the primary target of the remaining Imperial forces.   Her ship, The Dreamer, was a marvel of technology. It plied the Deep at near-impossible speeds and could maneuver in atmosphere despite its size. It also possessed one of the most advanced AI systems known to exist. As the Merchanters, under Captain Eveline's leadership, took territory and freed worlds from the Imperial remnants, a fleet was sent to destroy them once and for all. And the Golden Empress learned of the Dreaming Deep.   As the Imperial forces infiltrated the Dreaming Deep with their own captured Dreamers, they wiped out whole Merchanter families and their ships before the others even knew what was happening. It became clear that the Deep was no longer safe and, in fact, was now a threat to all Free Space. There was only one thing Captain Norwood could think of to save the Merchanters and destroy the Remnants. Wake the Dreamers.   The order went out to wake all the Dreamers, collapsing whole routes within the Dreaming Deep. Most of the Remnant fleet was destroyed but a few escaped, including world-dominating war machines. Captain Norwood changed the name of her ship to what became their battle cry, The Dreamer's Wake. They fought the fleet as Captain Norwood ordered the Dreamer's Wake to ground into a nearby planet. The ship, its crew, and the Remnants all crashed into the surface, most of them destroyed upon impact. And there is where the ship remained for many years. Until a new captain and crew found her.  
The Dreamer's Wake
Layout of the Dreamer's Wake primary decks.
Captain Eveline Norwood


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3 Oct, 2021 02:31

The Dreaming Deep seems like a really interesting concept and I really like how the Dreamer's Wake got it's name. I'm also really curious about who found the Dreamer's Wake, hopefully they have good intentions.

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3 Oct, 2021 16:42

Thank you! I do intend to write more about who found it after the challenge.

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3 Oct, 2021 04:54

What a very creative ship and a fantastic setting. Very enjoyable read.

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3 Oct, 2021 16:43

Thank you!

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3 Oct, 2021 11:38

This is really remarkable! I love the concepts here and how the ship fits in. And the blueprint map! Just loving that so MUCH! :D

3 Oct, 2021 16:46

Thank you very much! The base map is still a little blurry, it's a picture of a physical map I drew so getting a clear picture is a little difficult. But I'm glad you like it!

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3 Oct, 2021 17:41

I do! It's inspired me to consider drawing physical maps for some of my own projects! :D

Sage George Sanders
George Sanders
5 Oct, 2021 02:09

I like the story! You mentioned you wanted ideas for filling in later: show a layered map with the decreasing power/territory of the queen, along with the growing space of Eveline and the Merchanters. Show one of the queen's ships. Show a family ship.

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5 Oct, 2021 02:29

Thank you! All of those are great ideas, I hadn't even thought of doing a territory map!

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Sage George Sanders
George Sanders
5 Oct, 2021 13:33

Yay! Glad they were ideas you like.

Read about the ancient history of the Anhult Wildlands in my Challenge article, Echoes of the Past.

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
5 Oct, 2021 21:18

I like the way you've presented the article through the history. And that's an original way to travel! So when the dreamers dream, they create the path, and then the ship can physically go through it?   I'm curious what happens to the rest of the Empire and the Merchanters after their fleets were destroyed. Is the empire still around but limited to one or a few planets?   Small note, it's a bit hard to read your notes on the map because of the low resolution. Either a higher resolution or using the WA pins would help.

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5 Oct, 2021 22:06

Yeah, I was trying to take a clearer picture, but it's been difficult, I will be adding pins or labels soon.   But thank you for your comments! I do plan on expanding the history of the aftermath, and it was recommended that I make a territory map so that is something I will probably be adding later.   They do enter a physical space that only has an access point if you have a dreamer to open it and the proper drive on your ship. I think I may edit that to be a little more descriptive as I'm realizing I didn't really explain that properly. Thank you for your questions! It helps me a lot!

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6 Oct, 2021 18:11

You have created really intriguing story. The article was compelling, and I was actually sad, when it ended, since I would have wanted to know more. And I am really not a fan of space related settings, so well done! The hand drawn blueprint of the ship is gorgeous and creates a nice atmosphere to the article. Some of the texts in the map are pretty hard to read, but somehow, I really like the fact that they are hard to read as it adds character to the map. Overall lovely piece of work.

6 Oct, 2021 20:45

Thank you! I am so glad you enjoyed it! I will be adding more to it later, but I ran out of time for the challenge so that is why it ends a bit abruptly. That will be fixed soon! And I am going to add pins to the map. Thank you for your comment!

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