The Lost

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At first, your senses only allow you to see darkness, till you smell fresh soil, and hear the sound of muffled footsteps. A metallic chop cuts through soil and you check your immediate surroundings and feel a soft cloth lining over what could only be finished wood. Another two sharp chops later and the heat from your breath dissipates into the stale air. A heavy thud or two followed by a loud creek as a soft grey sky bleeds into your foggy sight revealing several large bestial figures and a white specter holding a gnarled cane. He points to you and the sound of various objects slipping off you as you're pulled to your feet by a beast.   Looking down at your neck you see two different coins. What do they look like? Are they wooden, stone, or iron? How about copper, silver, or even gold? Maybe they're ceramic, glass, or something else.   Your vision now returned, you can see the specter fully. His robe is stark white like a lighthouse in the fog, a porcelain mask of a bearded elderly man with vacant eyeholes, and his staff, greyish brown wood with veins of reddish copper. He speaks! Wait — he? Yes, or maybe no? Somehow both yet neither. "Focus" he calmly states. "Seek a seer of bone, find your worth in stone, and Ascend once you've atoned". In a moment the beasts equip your belongings to you and the specter points off in the distance towards a large landmass. You grab the rest of your items from the casket and begin to head off into the distance.   From afar the specter shouts "Mind the fog, steer clear of the dense areas!" and you can see across the grey waste sparse groups of white specters aided by dark beasts. You stow the coins and head onward.   This is Oblivion This is a place where the awoken can find themselves. Echoes of their former lives reside with them, but they are just echoes traveling until they fade. The world is covered in a grey fog, and a plague of coinless lost has been spreading across this endless plane. Speaking of those coins, hold them tight, they're all your worth here, and lest you wish to become lost, don't misplace them.   All awoken come to Oblivion through the graves, but there are many lands beyond here. While specters and the beasts of burden have already made an appearance there are many beings native to regions in service of the virtues and sins. Angels and devils rally in their respective citadels the Elysian Rings and Sunless Courts, chimeras of the rioting cities and beasts of the wildlands, and more.