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The bitter cold of the mountains can be brutally harsh, so moments of warmth and comfort are a cherished reprieve. Most foods in Isturoth are hearty and dense, but the pinnacle of comfort food in the kingdom is "chaduk", which is essentially a tenderloin cut from the Mountain Cow that is slow-roasted with herbs and spices before being sliced thinly.   This is usually served with roasted or stewed vegetables and a side of flatbread. It is a beloved favourite amongst Isturians to stave off the cold, dark nights when the wind howls through the icy peaks.  


While chaduk is loved by all, not everyone has access to the choicest cuts of meat. Chaduk would easily be eaten regularly by nobility, while the lower classes might have a more difficult time acquiring the tender strips of cow meat, instead having to settle for cuts with more gristle.  


Most combinations of herbs and spices, of which there is a multitude in Isturoth, will work with chaduk. One only needs to apply a small amount of oil to the entire tenderloin and then rub a generous amount of their spice mix (along with a good amount of salt and pepper) to properly season the meat.  


The first step is searing. Using a hot plate, the tenderloin needs to be seared on each side until it is very well browned. After this, the meat is put in a clay pot (often with oils, sauces and chopped vegetables) which is left in the fire or oven for a number of hours.   Once this is complete, the meat should still have plenty of structure; it should not be falling apart. The roasted tenderloin is sliced and then served with the vegetables that were cooked in the same with the juices with the meat. Only after it has been sliced is the dish referred to as "chaduk".  


Every man, woman and child would start to salivate at the smell of chaduk roasting in someone's oven. The people of Isturoth are very much into community-based feasts, so chaduk is a very common contribution that earns one a lot of praise at these social gatherings.   If someone is welcoming an honoured guest to their house, this would also be something they would prepare in advance and cook in time for their arrival, to show off to their guest the most.

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