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What Evil Lurks

This is for What Evil Lurks by Frog God Games/Necromancer games.   Assets can be downloaded here  


• A paladin of Muir named Hanfred Vel ended a curse on his bloodline where the firstborn children were born with deformities and weakness.
• He did this by routing an army of chaos and gaining the Muse's grace.
• Over generations, the noble family fell into ruin over various financial venture failures.
• Generations later, Gilean Vel is the main antagonist.   Gilean
• Gilean is a talented acrobat, and joined a circus as a knife thrower.
• He lived in the shadows and devoted himself to its nature.
• Made a name for himself as an adventurer. Became a wizard. He found strength in the plane of shadow, and became a shade. Shades are sterile.
• He started a group of circus performers called The Song and Sorrow Traveling Shadow Show filled with other miscreants and evil-doers.
• Met a women named Anna Rose, daughter of a bargeman. As a shade, he was Sterile and could not sire a song. Prayed to the Gods, and she conceived.
• Family misfortune followed him, Anna gave him a daughter born with an affliction, she died in childbirth. He realized the curse had returned, and a deep-hatred for the god festered.
• To end Muirs curse on his family and cure his daughter, he petitioned Orcus for help. In return for aiding the dark one, he plans to plunge the realm into shadow. He create the Soul Engine, a device that takes human souls and powers the artifact.
• The artifact is burning souls to burrow into the Plane of Shadow.
• Gilean is being betrayed by his subordinate Siebkron, a disciple of Orcus, who is diverting this effort into the negative energy plane, in an attempt to flood the area with death and destruction.  


• The party starts by investigating the disappearance of an NPC friend. Alternatively they can skip this part, and go straight to the evil circus.
• The group starts in the small village of Leafton,where the Farmer Lothair has lost his son.
• They find evidence of Ghoul tracks, go into the forest in pursuit. Deep inside, they meet Katya (Gileans simpleton Daughter) and Gileans brother Daitha in his sanctuary. They do not reveal they are related.
• The druid will tell them about the Sawmill, which leads them to their next objective. It has lots of captives in it and is ran by Necromancers. They are using Ghouls to paralyze victims and ship them to the factory to power the Soul Engine artifact.
• The sawmill has evidence of the Song and Sorrow Traveling Shadow show in it, which leads to any city, with the circus being their objective.
• At the circus, the party can enjoy themselves a bit, but they find further evidence of the kidnappings that directs them into the Miasmoor swamp where the party fights their way into Gileans fortress.
• Here they have a final showdown on the Plane of Shadow, and either redeem him or kill Gilean and put a stop to his evil plans.  


• Brought to leafton to investigate an NPC's disappearance.
• Investigate the Circus for weird activity
• They might be looking for the lumber mill, and need its wood for a project.  

Build Up

These could be done before the adventure to allude to it or build it up and make the transition easier
• Introduce Gilean Vel as a boss and adversary. Possibly a subordinate is kidnapping people, or another bad guy is allied with him.
• in a previous adventure, introduce and make a wood elf tribe, to make the rescue of Zinaida Quespar more interesting in the Factory.
• The factory is belching shadow. You could allude to this by having tears to the shadowfell appear and cause bad shadows or other shadowell problems to pop out.
• Very early on, let the party meet a blacksmith (the dwarf in Leafton) who just finished making an enormous drill. (area 30: Chamber of the soul engine)  

Area A

1. Leafton, Forest and Daithas Sanctuary
2. The Sawmill
3. The Song and Sorrow Traveling Shadow Show
4. The Factory
5. The Battle with Gilean Vel


Gilean Vel.png
Gilean Vel

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