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Saltmarsh Green Market

This strip of open land is the place for everything that isn't fish, salt, or nautical wares. The market stretches among dozens of stalls down to the bridge. All the stalls are permanent, but the positions are not. One must pay a rental fee of 2 silver per day to rent a stall, handled by Jenina. The maximum stay is a ten-day before a merchant must move stalls or leave entirely to make way for newcomers.   The food and goods sold here is usually more expensive than that of The Weekly market. During the summer on the second day of the week, Telday, the weekly market is filled with farmers from all over the Plains of Mayfurrow. While the weekly market only opens once a week, the Green Market is open every day except holidays, though it is signifcantly slower on Telday. Unsold or excess food is bought from the farmers wishing to return home, and are brought to the Green Market where they are sold throughout the week. Other farmers who had a bad day of selling will stay in Saltmarsh for longer and come to the Green Market where they hope to sell the remainder of their stock. The higher prices found here   Other merchants rent stalls to sell goods made from their homes or shops that might not be in a great location to sell their wares. Some merchants sell an incredibly wide variety of wares and goods, that they have largely procured from others. These cost more, but can be bought year round.   The Green market has a nice view of the Harbor and the Sharkfin Bridge. On the top of the bridge is an impressive view of the Statue to Telophus. While the larger mooring spots are located elsewhere, there are a few smaller docks that goods can be offloaded and carried directly into the market.  


Janina is a hard-working women who organizes and manages The Green Market as well as The Weekly Market. After a string of fights and complaints, the Council decreed that a fee would be applied to the market in order to fund its organization. Part would go to the town coffers and the rest would pay the wages of someone who would manage the scheduling. Signups are required in order to place your stall in the market. While she is generally pretty honest, if she sees no harm in it she is not above taking a bit of a bonus in order to not require someone to move, or to give someone a prime spot. She is also not above flattery, and a few kind words goes a long way to getting her help.



Market square
Parent Location

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