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Morrick Mansion

The main story revolves around the mansion and ending a curse placed upon it. I added a subplot with a wedding, as a tie-in to the town. This has been modified to fit in the Plains of Mayfurrow and the town of Leafton and the neighboring town of Orlane rather than the original location. The town can be any town, with the major characters referring to local areas that can fit into any village.   Assets can be downloaded Here.
The Original Module can be found Here.   The monster stats are entirely from the Monster Manual. Adjust quantity of creatures based on your parties strength.  

Character Tie-ins

• Natalia Tassae (paladin of Muir) might be a friend or contact of the party.
• The party might be sent here to restore order by a neighboring barony/town or the leadership of the town themselves.
• Iggy might hire the party to head with them to Leafton. He is bringing the famous Orlane Wine for the wedding.  


The adventure can start in Orlane or directly in Leafton. If it begins in Orlane, the party will be approached by Iggy who wants an escort. Will be attacked by bandits on the road.   Upon arrival in Leafton, they can find out rumors, and seek out the cemetery, the bandit camp or the bugbears. Eventually the party should go to the mansion and discover the source of the curse, and end it.   There is a wedding planned between Lady Sheila Eldoran and Ferdinand Von Conclair. If this takes place, the Conclairs will aid the town in ridding the curse from it, and acquire the nearby gold mines. This will strengthen the Conclairs significantly.  


Lord Arvath Morrick - Businessman/vineyard owner and owner of the Mansion. Reputation as kind/fair man. Had recently broke ground on a Gold Mine. He is dead in the library.
Larissa Morrick - Daughter of Lord Morrick. She is turned to stone in the mansions upper floor.
Lord Zakarias Ormond - Wealthy noble from the nearby town of Orlane. Wants revenge on his sons killer or at least the return of his sons body. Think the Morricks were responsible but is unsure.
Byron Ormond - Son of Lord Ormond. Died during the wedding. He was a devotee of Solanus and had a pendant of the sun goddess on him. He tried his best to temper his fathers temper and encouraged the wedding to his betrothed.
Lord Kyran Eldoran - Jealous neighbor of Lord Morrick who wanted him dead. After the plot (below) he died after the necromancer set his manor afire and killed him.
Lady Sheila Eldoran - Niece of Lord Eldoran. Knows of the curse and her uncles plot. Inherited the family name after the events.
Ferdinand Von Conclair - The son of the local baron, he is to be wed to Lady Sheila Eldoran to cement an alliance between the two.
Richard Arien - Representative of Baron Ormond in ending the curse. A low level fighter. Can be used if the party does not contact Zakarias Ormond directly.
Constable Kuan Solear - Local Constable, thinks the curse is spreading. His parents were at the wedding.
Fourale - A cowardly cleric of Thyr who has barely survived on the mansion grounds, unable to leave.
Natalia Tassea - Paladin of Muir who sought to end the curse on the town. Was slain recently in the manor, and the demon is currently disguised as her (6 more days).
Undertaker Ledhur Haggard - The local undertaker. While the leadership of the town defends him, others might blame him for their troubles. He knows someone is disturbing the graves, but is unsure of what to do.
Lothair - A local farmer, he is drowning his sorrows at the Plow and Circumstance inn after his son Mathrid was kidnapped.
Mathfrid - The son ofLothair, he is a good kid but adventurous and tends to get in to trouble. He has been kidnapped by the local thieves guild, and after Lothair tried to ransom him back.
Iggy Olivero - A trader from Orlane heading to Leafton.
Nobles Wedding - Characters in the wedding itself   Ag'thaloz - A Maurezhi Demon who escaped the abyss after tricking the lesser noble house of Eldoran that it will corrupt their rival, the leading family of the Morricks. It betrayed them, and now continues the curse and corrupting of the land. Recently the demon killed the paladin Natalia, and currently is disguised as her.
Sethik The Decayer - Once a wizard and now a Necromancer, he was at the wedding and began to be affected by the curse. The demon saw use for him, and he made a deal to lift his curse in return for him turning to necromancy and serving the demon. He is bringing fresh cadavers to the demon while animating the remainder. His camp is at the bandits camp, near town.
One Eye Jacqueline - Leader of the local bandit game, funded by Alistair Kreed from the Wedding. They have been doing tasks for Sethik, who has paid them with the loot from the Morrick Mansion. She has zero qualms with the morality of the task and loves the money she has gained.


• The Morricks are the nobles of the land given authority over most of the Leafton lands, with the Eldorans being the second most powerful family in the town.
• Larissa Morrick was to be married to Byron Ormond at the Morrick estate. This was to strengthen the relations between Leafton and Orlane, strengthening the alliance with the Conclair Barony. Since the death of Lord Ormonds son, the Ormonds have distanced themselves.
• Lord Kyran Eldoran contacted an Maurezhi demon, he incorrectly believed he had its true name and could command it to curse the wedding. The demon tricked him.
• The entire estate was cursed, and none at the dinner survived. The demon was now on the material plane.
• Adventurers and soldiers have been hired to end the curse but most have been lost!
• Survivors describe horrifying and deformed creatures. The curse corrupts those on the lands. None could identify how to end the curse.
• The demon needed a lieutenant, and made another pact with a wizard who was cursed. If he betrays the demon, he will mutate horribly. He is now a necromancer and doing the demons bidding in town. The necromancer is named Sethik The Decayer. He is now hiring the local bandits.
• Lord Kyran Eldorans original manor burnt down while his daughter Lady Sheila Eldoran was moving his things out.
• She had planned to sell it if the curse could be ended, being so near the cursed property she couldn't live there.
• The local bandits are far more organized than they should be. They are hired by the Best Man, who does not know they have teamed up with a necromancer.  

Major Locations

Orlane - Start of the adventure, likely where the group begins in transit to Leafton.
Leafton - The main source of the adventure.
Lady Sheila Eldoran's Home - If the players investigate Sheila Eldoran about her uncles involvement in the murder they can find evidence in her home.
Plow and Circumstance Inn - At the local inn the players can learn about Lothairs son being kidnapped. They might also be attacked by bandits. Rumors of the curse.
Bugbear Open Paw Tribe - This tribe was hunting the grounds near Morrick Mansion and lost many of their members to the cult. Their camp can be found outside of the cursed area.
The Onyx Brigade - They might attack the players on the road to Leafton, their camp can be found in the woods near a cave, or they might be encountered digging up bodies at the graveyard.    

Rumors and Information

• Lothair is lamenting the kidnapping of his son. He can't afford to pay the ransom.
• Richard Arien only claims to be offering a reward. He is really just another damn noble tricking people into finding their deaths at the mansion.
• Lord Morrick was wealthy, he had a lot of treasure.
• Lord Morricks wife was beautiful, perhaps too beautiful. Maybe she was a demon and cast the curse?
• The curse is just a story the nobles are using to cover up the murder of Lord Morrick and his family.
• The bugbears in the hills attacked us. They must have a shaman who caused the curse.
• The local undertaker Ledhur Haggard is a weird man. He must be the cause of the attack.
• A Paladin named Natalia Tassea came through town.
• Lord Morricks focus on the gold mine upset the local priestess. I bet she did it.
• Lord Eldoran was his nearest neighbor and second most powerful family. I bet they did it.
• Lady Sheila Eldoran has been quiet on the curse and hasn't sought to seek it out. I bet she did it.
• Lady Eldoran has evidence in her house.
• Room40 on Morrick Mansion indicates he believed a credible rumor that Lord Eldoran might be planning something against Lord Morrick.    


(See 0. Morrick Mansion Curse )


Zakarias Ormond.png
Lord Zakarias Ormond
Richard Arien.png
Richard Arien
Ferdinand Von Conclair.png
Ferdinand Von Conclair
Undertaker Ledhur Haggard.png
Undertaker Ledhur Haggard
Iggy Olivero.png
Iggy Olivero

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