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Kesters Leather Goods

Kiorna Kester runs this tannery where she produces smooth, colorful leather for every purpose. Kiorna is keenly interested in acquiring hides from exotic creatures to craft into expensive leather. She is behind in her work, and it takes her quite awhile to respond to requests.  

Kiorna Kester

Kiorna is currently the only leatherworker in the town of Saltmarsh. She is careful and kind, but keeps a rather untidy work area. She is not particularly intelligent and any requests that she has not made before may not turn out well. She is religious, and visits the temple every week to give an offering.   Her son is only six and is learning to play the flute. She hopes to send him to Bards Gate to receive a proper education one day at the Bards College.   Her husband recently passed, and she has not taken it well. He got her into debt and when the collectors came, she was barely able to repay it and only when they discovered her retirement stash. Thankfully her one competitor has left town, and as the only remaining leatherworks has a monopoly on business. Unfortunately she is barely able to keep up with the work required. She is looking for help and needs an additional hand to aid her in her work.  
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Kiorna Kester
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