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Ideologies, Politics and Factions in the Plains of Mayfurrow

The Plains of Mayfurrow has a diverse collection of factions vying for power, each with unique goals and motives as directed by the leadership or a consensus of members. The individuals within have a wide variety of beliefs and allegiances. With the relinquishment of the Plains by the Foere Crown, Bards Gate has asserted that it is now the dominant force in the region and those within are under its Suzerainty. However, many living here do not wish to see their titles of nobility stripped away, while others believe the distant City State does not control them. Others believe this will lead to great wealth, while others have a more pragmatic view.   The factions can largely be broken down into four schools of thought based on the current events, described below as Ideologies. They represent the predominant views on who should be in control of the region and why.  

Ideology: Mercator

Those that would describe themselves as a Mercator or Mercatii are primarily concerned with the mercantile trade of the region. Most of these are members of Bards Gate aligned factions or believe that Bards Gates influence on the realm is a positive force.   Mercators are most common in the Suzerainty of Bards Gate, but many within the former Foere baronies believe they would rise in power were they not held down by the caste system. Similarly, those with noble titles see the influence of Bards Gate are often fundamentally opposed to their titles being stripped, and as such few are Mercators.   With the Overking relinquishing control over the region, Mercators now have a legitimate claim in their belief that the region should be considered part of Bards Gates mercantile Empire. Most are directly opposed to the Dominus faction, seeing hereditary nobility as backwards and detrimental. Some are sympathetic to the Simulii, seeing the idea of their own mercantile empire as being at least a reasonable idea, but predominantly they feel that joining Bards Gate would be easier and more beneficial.  

Ideology: Dominus

The Dominus group, often referred to as Dominii, are primarily comprised of those in the Foere faction that believe that the caste system has a place in society. Many knights, those who have gained power through their noble name, religious leaders, former nobles in the Suzerainty of Bards Gate who have seen their familial name deteriorate, and the noble families within the regions formerly belonging to the Foere Crown, all are commonly Dominii. The nobility are educated far above what most commoners could ever achieve, are far more often powerful priests and magic users or trained in combat, and feel it is their duty to protect those of lower status.   After the abandonment of the region by the Overking, many in this group feel that is their right and duty to band together in the defense of the realm against the foreign Bards Gate Empire. Many have thrown their support to Lady Delafont, seeing her efforts as their last chance at maintaining nobility and the unification of the realm, others believe that one of the other Barons has a better claim and that she is simply a warmonger.   The Dominii are universally opposed to the Mercataii and Bards Gates influence. Some are sympathetic to the Licentii, believing that the region does not necessarily need a centralized power and the individual barons and nobles can govern their regions effectively. Some are sympathetic to the Simul, believing that they will retain their noble status under a Republic, and that it is still vital to have a central government to stand against the many larger nations near their borders. However the most common belief is that one monarch should be in control, and those nobles under owe that person their allegiance. Under this system the Dominii believe that they will be strong enough that their claim of as independent nation will have the means to defend itself from outsiders.  

Ideology: Simul

The Simul, or Simulii, share the belief of the Dominus in that the region needs to be under a central authority. However, they do not wish it to be a return to a Monarchy and believe this is the chance for the region to secure its place in the future as a Republic. Many see the Republic method of governance as superior for growth to the traditionalist methods of the crown, but do not with to join Bards Gate.   The Simulii are mixed in their beliefs on Nobility. Some think that the nobles are best suited to leadership and will be able to best govern when the Republic is formed, others believe that individualism and merit must be put above all else in determining who rules. The Simulii have a large movement across the former Foere realms, as rich merchants and those who have been held from positions of authority due to the caste system now see a chance to rise to power. However, they do not want to trade one ruler for another, and wish to form their own state rather than rely on Bards gate where they believe no representation will be gained.  

Ideology: Licentia

Those of the Licentia are called Licentii are considered one of the more radical of the ideologies. Instead of a central authority such as the Foere Crown or a new monarchy, or a central Republic or Bards Gate, they believe each region or town should be up to its own devices and remain independent. Those towns could come to support of one another should they wish, but each would generally stick to their own and not get involved with the squabbles of distant empires.   The Licentia are often opposed to the other ideologies desire to unite the realm and as such rarely find non-Licentii in similar company. The common belief is this centralization of power will only lead to corruption, and that the authority must be local.  

Ideologies: Other

There are many others in the region that do not quite fall into these schools of thought, are firmly independant, or simply do not care about the politics enough to have an opinion. Whether they are aspiring warlords, the hill tribes who oppose all not in their clan, monsters and monstrous humanoids, these simply do not fit into the above ideologies.   Some are technocrats, believing that magic users should, by the power of their arcane arts, be in control. Others are theocrats, firmly believing that religious orders should be in control of the people.  

Bards Gate

The city-state of Bards Gate has much dominion and influence in the Plains of Mayfurrow through various factions under its control. With the decline of the Feore crowns influence over the region and the usefulness of the region to the city, they have steadily increased their holdings in the region. The invasion of Bards Gate by the Huun Imperium slowed the advance of Bards Gates forces, but with the siege over it now begins its steady expansion.  

Suzerainty of Bards Gate

Bards Gate exerts a significant amount of power and influence over the Plains of Mayfurrow but does so indirectly through many different groups and individuals. The Burghers of Bards Gate issue charters and orders from afar and the following factions are the major ones that further the distant city-states interests.  

The Dominion Arcane

While it does not have an official interest in the region, The Dominion Arcane has many casters at their disposal and many operate within the Plains of Mayfurrow on behalf of the organization or as independents.  

The Stoneheart Valley Trading Company

The Stoneheart Valley Trading Company is one of the strongest powers in the region. Bards Gate has delegated the company dominion over the area as well as a Governor, and it seeks to expand its control over many of the regions currently controlled by the remnants of the Duchy of Newmont. Their primary port in the region is out of Darnagal, but with minimal room for expansion seeks to use the southern ports as a means of pressing inland.  

The Monarchy


The Foere Crown

The Foere crowns decline and further lack of control has resulted in much of its influence in the Plains of Mayfurrow waning. The former Duchy of Newmont controlled most of the lands found within until its dissolution. Now, the individual baronies found within hold barely any allegience to the crown and look to one another with suspicion.  

The Delafont Barony

The Delafont Barony, led by the must respect Lady Delafont, commands a strong old in the Plains of Mayfurrow. After conquering both her neighbors, she now has the strongest army in the region.  

The Conclair Barony


The Ambrose Barony


The Hanover Barony


The Darrington Barony


The Sea Princes

See Isles of the Sea Princes

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