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Hommlet is a quaint little village nestled in the Plains of Mayfarrow. It lies on the Westward Way in the outer reaches of the Delafont Barony, and is a popular stop for traders seeking to head inland from Saltmarsh. What started as a small number of entrepreneurial farmers grew into the hamlet it is today. The local lords taxes are lenient and the common passing of adventurers has meant the town has a steady supply of those seeking to purge the evil that might otherwise threaten it.   Years ago a great evil sprouted up near the town, drawing bandits, evil humanoids and shut down all trade along the route west. The small chapel grew to an enormous temple, and the lands for leagues around buckled under the evil it unleashed.   In response, the Baron of Delafont led a great host against the temple and a great battle was fought. The superior host crushed the oppressors and evil was driven from the land. So compete was the victory that the evil temple was fell in a fortnight, and the terrible demon cast back to the abyss. The temple was ruined, and sealed against further incursions by powerful blessings and magic. Life returned to normal, and the occasional return of adventures has ensured that evil could not rise again. With the vast amount of soldiers and adventurers who went off to fight the Huun invasion, the region has since grown quiet.  

1. Farm Cottage and Barn

The wood and plaster house is well-kept, and the barn beyond is bulging with hay, grain, etc. Several fat animals are about.
This is the home of the Hoggarde's, and contains little of use to adventurers. Two of the sons are part of the militia and will come to the towns aid in case of attack.   Inhabitants: Farmer Harlow Hoggarde, wife Vanora Hoggarde, 2x large farm dogs named Ollie and Blue, four children, Harlows elderly mother.  

2. Farmhouse and Barn

This farmhouse is clean but a bit rundown, having not been repaired for some time. However, the stock around looks quite healthy and plump.   This farmhouse is owned by an elderly couple who have difficulty running the farm. There is nothing of particular interest to be seen, and these folks have nothing to trade.   Inhabitants: An elderly couple named Edgar Fairburne and Ainslee Fairburne own the farm. They have a son named Elmo, and another named Otis. An active lad of 12, named Wylie, who was orphaned years ago does chores.   Edgar Fairburne - He is a retired fighter and captain of the militia. He owns a full compliment of armor and weapons, but will not mention it.
Elm - He is a fighter with a bit of skill, but is also a drunk and can often be found at the inn.
Otis - He is a skilled high level fighter away on a quest  

3. Woodcutters Cottage

This rustic abode houses the local woodcutter named Chet Groves, his wife Ani Groves, and 3 young children. He has nothing of interest to adventurers and is not interested in adventuring. He is an active worshipper of Telophus and reports anything unusual to the Druid of the Grove (24).  

4. Halfling Farmstead

The house and barn are well kept, and the stock in the fenced-in yard are very fine looking. A halfling widow by the name of Crania and her two grown sons, their wives, and 8 children dwell here. They are interested in neither trade nor adventuring. As are most folks in the village, these people are followers of druidism and Telophus.  

5. Farmhouse

This farmhouse is in good condition and is ran by the farmer Easton Hoggarde. He is a widower and has 5 children, the eldest being two daughters. He is the brother of the farmer to the south (1), and quite distant and taciturn. He turns folks away unless they have farm business.  

6. Clive Hideworks Leather Shop

This is the home and business of the village leatherworker Clive Hidedworks. With him live his wife Windy, her brother (a simpleton), and 3 children of whom the eldest is a 12 year old boy.   The leather-worker is a jack-of-alltrades, being shoe and bootmaker, cobbler, saddler, hamessmaker, and even fashioning leather garments and armor, the latter requiring some time and a number of fittings and boiling. He is not interested in any sort of adventuring.  

7. Inn of the Welcome Wench

This large, walled building has a square wooden sign showing a plump, large breasted smiling women holding a flagon of beer.   This is the Inn of the Welcome Wench, a three story place renowned for its good food and excellent drink. Passing merchants make a point of stopping, as do many other sorts of wayfarers, and the place is always filled with patrons.   A young stableboy named Billy, and a groom named Scout handle the draft and riding animals, and themselves live in the stables. There innkeeper Ostler Gundigoot, his goodwife, their two daughters, a serving wench or two, and a pair of potboy apprentices bust about.   See the Inn of the Welcome Wench for more details.  

8. Weyolas Smithy

This small structure has apost with horseshoes nailed to three of its faces, and a forge and bellows in the shed. The smith is a halfling named Weyola Hillkeep. She is obviously hardworking, forthright, and likable. She is able to do all sorts of metalwork-even fashion iron and steel weapon heads, caps, and shield work, although she will readily admit he is not capable of fine armoring.   She is the assistant to the Druid of the Grove, although she will never work up very high because of her occupation.  

9. Village Hall

This is still under construction and is not yet used. There is no one within, nor are there any items of interest. The doors are unlocked, and a few benches and stools are against the bare walls; a large, plain table is at the far end. A tapestry on the back wall shows a green field with two acorns above a sheaf of grain (the banner of Hommlet)   Burne and Rufus (31) are constructing this town hall to aid the ever expanding town.  

10. Bentleys Threads

This well kept looking dwelling has a wooden sign showing a bag of wool and a loom.   Here dwells the elderly man named Bentley Weaver and his wife Cedrica, their daughter and her husband. There are also four young apprentice weavers, as business is very good. There are bolts of woolen and flaxen cloth here, but not much of possible interest. These folk are followers of St. Cuthbert of Thyr. They have moved fo the area only a year ago from Orlane.  

11. Cottage

Inside lives a halfling couple, two tailors named Evuh and Eiri. They are experts at making or repairing garments. The tailors are followers of St. Cuthbert.  

12. Farm

This place is the home of a strapping farmer named Edwin Greenee, and equally large son. The farmer's wife Morindal, and six daughters-one of whom has a small child, live here.   They are friendly but have nothing of interest to adventurers. These folk are druidical and have lived here all of their lives.  

13. Hommlet Trading Post

Outside the door is a shield and lantern suspended from chains; the shield is painted to show a sword and a cheese.   This is the local trader, a merchant providing the needs of villagers, travellers, and adventurers alike. It is run by Rannos Davi   See the Hommlet Trading Post for more details.  

14. Carter

A wooden sign outside this weatherbeaten building shows a cart and horse   Milton carter and his wife Tinble, his grown son, and five other children live in the house.   The attached barn has two wagons and two carts below, and 10 drivers who live in the loft. The smallish barn to the rear houses a dozen mules. This fellow and his associates are dour, but will gladly accept hire. Another newcomer and advocate of St. Cuthbert, the teamster is very honest. The fellow has 19 wagons  

15. Moneychangers

This sturdy new building has a sign with three yellow circles on it   This is the moneychanger's shop. There is a guard near the door wearing chainmail and carrying a crossbow and sword. Two large (war) dogs are always nearby.   The proprietor is Niro Melubb. He will happily exchange coins or metal for other exchange media, charging only 10% of the value. Niro also deals in gems and jewelry, and even making it. He asks no questions and is always obliging and polite.   His cash box holds 200 each copper, silver and gold. A small Iron box nearby contains 50 platinum, 12 5gp gems, and 6 50 gp gems. In his quarters there Is an oaken chest with a poisoned needle trap In the lock, and If the top Is opened, acid sprays out In front to a 10' distance, Inflicting 3d6 damage to all there.   The back has a trick catch which allows entry, and inside are 1,000 each of copper and silver, 500 gold, 200 platinum and 9 100 gp gems, 2 500 gp gems, 1 1,000 gp gem  

16. Cabinet Maker

This small house has a nicely painted sign showing a shield and chest of drawers.   The building is the shop and home of the local cabinet maker Florian Davis, his wife, and two young children. He has an apprentice who does most of the rough work, while the proprietor does the fine work and the limning.   He is quite adept at shield designs and sign work and can fashion almost any sort of furniture. The cabinet maker will happily do commissioned work of any sort, but he is not interested in adventuring, of course, nor is his assistant.  

17. Potter

This nice looking cottage is home to a potter who is busily engaged in the manufacture of various sorts of dishes and vessels, although most of his work goes to passing merchants or the trader. He has a variety of earthenware bottles and flasks available for sale.   Edgar Potter, his wife Rovena Potter, and four children all work in the business.  

18. Brewmasters

This nice cottage has an imposing stone building nearby with a barrel hanging from chains   The house is the home of the local brewmaster David Lee, and his wife and two children. A nephew and his wife have recently come to help run the affair, as it is very successful.   The brew house has an aging cellar, several vats are on the main floor, the side sheds hold ingredients, and above dwell three apprentice brewers.   They brew the various ales and beers under the direction of the brewmaster.  

19. Herders Cottage

Three dogs guard the home and flock of Black Jay, a grizzled herdsman who does not like company or strangers and says so to any who come onto his property. This retired warrior is not interesting in any adventuring, for his wife and children were slain when he was away in the recent wars.  

20. Church of St Cuthbert

This newly built edifice was raised by the baron in honor of the aid rendered to him by the cleric of Thyr In the war against the Temple of Evil.   A somewhat distant cleric and his assistant officiate during services and otherwise serve their flock. In general, anyone coming to the church in other times will have to deal with the lesser cleric, the Priest, Calmert who is known for his zeal in obtaining contributions.   See the Church of St Cuthbert for more details.  

21. Cowherders Cottage

This well-kept cottage and barn are filled with cows. A particular odor is quite noticeable in the area. The farmer Elden Vandalay, his aged mother, wife, and seven children have a dairy farm and make cheese. The trader and the inn take what he produces to sell to passing merchants, so very little is available to individual purchasers.  

22. Mill

This large structure is home to Mytch the miller, his wife, 3 children, and 2 servants. They grind grain into flour, of course, and goodwife miller also does some bread baking for the village.  

23. Farmers Cottage

This quaint cottage and small barn are come to a somewhat reclusive farmer named Peter Grindal, his spinster daughter and son. They are not particularly successful at farming, but they are excellent fishers, trappers, and hunters.  

24. The Grove

The trees are neatly pruned, and the grass is well-tended. A carefully placed line of bluish stones sets off the path leading to a rock cairn where flowers, nuts, berries, and garlands of leaves are placed. A small path leads beyond the shrine to a low-roofed wooden building placed under the great boughs of the central oaks of the copse.   The druid of Telophus resides within named Joroo Ashstoff. All comers to the Grove are expected to make offering-then and there, and the druid will so state. The druid will listen to requests for assistance from those who contribute.  

25. Herders Bome

This home and large barn is home to Harlow Wescotte. His wife is dead, but a fullgrown son and his wife core for the five children. A cousin helps to tend their flocks, and he has brought his two dogs along.   These folk ore friendly, but they are not interested in adventure and hove little interest in the way of goods.  

26. Wainright

This barn-like house has a wheel nailed to a post.   This residence and shop of the local wheel and wainwright. The main port of the structure is a barn where he builds and repairs carts and wagons. The artisan Jethro Wainright, two helpers and a small child live in the side apartment. His wife is dead, and his helpers are nephews.  

27. Elders Manor House

This place has on 8' high stone wall and a heavy gate. It is the residence of the village elder Marshal Haige, his wife Briar, and four grown sons.   Two of these sons are married and their wives and three children live here also. The elder is a retired farmer. and his sons now care for the fields and livestock. All of his sons have horses, and are very proud of their status.   There are two servant girls and a hired farmhand quartered in the loft of the stable. In time of attack, villagers nearby seek safely in his compound. Once each new moon he holds a village meeting to hear ideas and complaints, as he is also the justice of the peace.  

28. Carpenters

This large building has a sign over the door showing a saw and hammer   This newly constructed building is the shop and home of the local carpenter Mike Wyatte, his wife, and a younger brother. He also does work for some of the other tradesmen in towns.  

29. Stonemasons

This new house is set off from the road by a low stone wall.   Another of the newcomers to Hommlet recently built this stone home. The stonemason Kingsley Mason, his wife, two children and three are at work on the new castle being constructed on the low hillocks to the southeast. He is well-regarded in the village. The master mason has offered to help with the working of several large monoliths for the Grove after the castle is finished.  

30. Castle

This double field between two low mounds is the beginnings of a castle. Workers have dug deep trench lines about 1O' wide and as deep, down to a hard clay, and it can be seen that they are in the process of mortaring the foundations of the wall which they will build above.   Work has barely begun, but the outlines of bastions, towers, a gatehouse and a keep can be noted. The keep is atop the second hilltop, and considerable excavation has taken place, the earth from this digging going to use in the walls. Some dressed stone blocks are visible, evidently having been carted in from elsewhere, as they are not similar to local stone. The whole operation is being financed by the baronness and the clerlc of Thyr, for favors done by the owners of the tower, (31.), which they built as well. The pair of adventurers will, In return, serve the baronness by holding the area safe for her and reporting on any untoward happenings. It will also be used as a staging area to project her power should she need a staging area for her soldiers.  

31. Tower

This structure is some 55' high, a smaller tower rising inside the greater at about 35' above the ground. Its entrance Is accessible only by going up a curving flight of stone stairs which terminate in a landing about 1O' above the ground and 5' away from the opening. The outer door of the tower lowers to form a bridge to the stone landing.   See the Hommlet Guard Tower for more information.  

32. Tents and Simple Huts

Some dozen temporary shelters are along the edge of the copse of trees here. They house a dozen peasant laborers and associated train-women, children, stray dogs, etc. They are the workers constructing the new castle. Whenever a load of materials is brought in, there will be a half-dozen new laborers with it, and a like number will return to the town with the empty wagons.
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