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Factions of Sigil

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Athar Symbol.png
The Athar
(Defiers, the Lost)
The gods are frauds! The unknowable truth lies beyond the veil. Divine Disavowal. You are immune to the following cleric and paladin spells: augury, bane, bestow curse, divination, and geas.   Divine Resistance. Once you reach factotum rank, you have advantage on saving throws against spells cast by any servant of a power.   Obscurement. If you are a factor of 9th level or above, any deity or servant of a deity has disadvantage on any attempt to magically locate or discern information about you.   Divine Ban. Priests or servants of specific powers are forbidden from giving you magical aid, especially in the form of healing.
Bleak Cabal Symbol.png
Bleak Cabal
(Bleakers, the Cabal, Madmen
The multiverse ain't supposed to make sense. There's no grand scheme, no deep meaning, no elusive order. The only truth worth finding lies within. Grim Resolve. You have advantage on saving throws against psionic effects and attempts to read your mind. You are also immune to effects which induce madness of insanity, such as confusion, Tasha's hideous laughter, or enemies abound.   Absorb Madness. At 7th level, you gain an ability that’s a natural extension of your own resistance: the power to absorb artificially-induced madness in others. This power works on sods driven insane by spells or magical items, but not on those who’ve gone insane naturally. To use the power, you must first meditate for one hour, cleansing your mind of all thoughts. (This is often impossible. You’ve got to make a DC 10 Wisdom check to cleanse your mind; if you fail, you can try only one more time to cleanse his mind for the same victim.) The insane berk’s got to hold still, either voluntarily or otherwise, and you then begin a ritulastic massage of the victim’s head. The massage must be kept up until the barmy’s body grows numb, at which point you absorb the insanity. You gain your regular spell resistance roll against the madness, but if you fail you suffer the full effect. The process is exhausting, taking 1d12+4 hours to complete. If the ritual is interrupted, you must start over; otherwise, success is guaranteed and the victim regains full mental health immediately. However, you’ll suffer mental anguish for two days afterwards, during which time you sort out the absorbed insanity; during these two days, you have disadvantage on attack rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and ability checks. You also fail your madness check if you roll a 1 or 2 during these two days.   Bleaker Madness. Bleakers constantly stare into the heart of despair, driving them to the brink of insanity. At the end of each long rest, secretly roll a d20. On a roll of 1, you gain a random long-term madness effect. If you also roll a 1 on your next long rest, you gain a random indefinite madness effect instead. Doomguard, Dustmen, Revolutionary League, Xaositects Harmonium
Doomguard Symbol.png
Entropy is ecstasy, decay is divine. The multiverse is supposed to fall apart. We're just here to keep leatherheads from interfering. Sword Training. You are proficient with the use of longswords, shortswords, and greatswords. At 3rd level, you have a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls with swords.   Entropic Strike. When making a melee attack roll against a target of an opposing alignment (for example, evil if you are good, or lawful if you are chaotic), you can choose to double the damage of the attack. You can use this feature after you have made the attack roll, but before the DM declares if it hits or misses. Once you have used this feature, you cannot use it again until you have taken a long rest.   Sift. As an action, you can sift through destroyed material and gain a psychic impression of how it was destroyed, so long as it was destroyed in the past 10 years. At 6th level, this increases to 500 years, and for each round spent in contact with the rubble you are able to relive five minutes of the disaster through sound only. At 11th level you can sift material that was destroyed up to 1,000 years ago, and you can also hear and smell when reliving the disaster. If you are a cleric, you can sift dead organic material to learn the cause of death.   Healing Resistance. The Doomguard see magical healing as counter to entropy. As a result, you are naturally resistant to magical healing. If you are magically healed, you must make a Wisdom saving throw. If the save is successful, the magic is negated. You cannot choose to willingly fail this saving throw. Bleak Cabal, Dustmen Fraternity of Order, Harmonium
Dustmen Symbol.png
(The Dead)
We're all dead — some more so than others. So, we explore our current state with patience, purge our passion, and ascend toward the purity of True Death. Dead Truce. An undead creature cannot attempt to harm you unless you attack it first.   True Death. The concept of resurrection is anathema to the Dustmen's philosophy. If you die and an attempt is made to bring you back to life, you must make a Wisdom saving throw (using your statistics when you were alive) against the resurrection. If the save is successful, the magic is negated and no further attempts can be made to resurrect you. You cannot willingly choose to fail this saving throw. The concept of raising and resurrection is counter to the philosophy of the faction, and so it’s not something willingly accepted by most Dustmen. Bleak Cabal, Doomguard Society of Sensation, Sign of One
Fated Symbol.png
(Takers, the Heartless)
The multiverse belongs to those who seize it. No one's to blame for a poor sod's fate but the sorry sod himself. Self-Sufficient. You gain proficiency in any three skills of your choice.   Nothing's Free. The Fated have the wherewithal to learn and grab what they need, but a Taker’s fierce independence is also one of his greatest weaknesses. No member of the Fated can give or receive any kind of charity. It’s an easy thing to refuse to drop a few coins in a beggar’s hat, but it’s another story if a Taker’s dying and a comrade wants to give him a cure potion. Hard as it seems to believe, the Taker simply won’t accept the potion — it must be earned, not given freely. Free League Harmonium
Everything has laws. Most are dark. Learn the laws of the multiverse, and you can control it. Intuit Pattern. Once per day, you can innately cast the comprehend languages spell, requiring no components.   Manipulate Probability. At 5th level, Guvners of at least factotum gain a limited power to manipulate probability. As a bonus action, you can give yourself advantage on an attack roll or saving throw. Alternatively, as a reaction, you can cause one creature within 60 feet making an attack roll or saving throw to make the roll with disadvantage. Once you have used this feature, you cannot use it again until you complete a long rest.   Letter of the Law. Guvners believe in laws, though the rightness or wrongness of them often makes little difference. You may not knowingly break a law unless you can find a legalistic loophole to do so. Harmonium Xaositects, Revolutionary League
Free League Symbol.png
Free League
This ain't no faction, and nobody tells us what to do. Keep your options open — nobody's got the keys to the truth. Free Thinker. Indeps are naturally resistant to any attempt to control their mind, whether from an attempt to manipulate their emotions, be them from spells, creatures, or magical items. You have advantage on saving throws against being charmed or frightened. If a such an effect does not normally allow a saving throw, you may make a saving throw anyway (without advantage).   One of Us. The Indeps aren’t a tight group, but they do look out for their own. Free Leaguers who buy wares in the Great Bazaar of Sigil get a 20% discount on all items purchased. This discount is only intended for fellow Free Leaguers, and Indeps buying discounted gear for members of other factions, even those friendly to the Free League, will quickly find this discount disappearing. And in public scuffles, a Free Leaguer who makes his faction known is likely to get help from other Indeps passing by. Fated (sometimes) Harmonium
Harmonium Symbol.png
Peace is our goal. But if it takes a little war to get others to see things the right way — the Harmonium way — so be it. That's how we'll reach our golden harmony. Commanding Presence. Once per day, you can cast the charm person spell (Charisma is your spellcasting modifier).   Harmonium Weapon Training. At 4th level, Harmonium factotums benefit from their faction's intensive weapon training. You gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls with a weapon you are proficient in.   Obedience. The Harmonium do not tolerate disobedience from within their own ranks. You are expected to follow all orders from higher-ranking faction members or face punishment.   Mover Dedication. Harmonium factors of at least 7th level have become so rigid in their beliefs and dedication that they are difficult to distract. You have advantage on saving throws against emotion-affection spells or magical effects.   Dictate. At 10th level, Harmonium factols of Mover Four and Five rank can innately cast the dictate spell (Charisma is your spellcasting modifier) once per day. Fraternity of Order Revolutionary League, Xaositects
The status quo is built on lies and greed. Crush the factions. Break 'me all down and rebuild with what's left — that's the only way to find the real truth. Infiltration. You can seamlessly pose as a member of another faction without being detected. You also have proficiency in the Stealth, Deception, and Sleight of Hand skills, as well as with disguise kits and thieves' tools.   Power to the People. You cannot hold public office, own a business, or do anything else that would tie them to an established power structure. Additionally, 90% of all wealth you obtains must be donated, either to help the cause or to the oppressed. Doomguard, Xaositects (weak tie) Harmonium, Fraternity of Order
To know the multiverse, experience it fully. The senses form the path to truth, for the multiverse doesn't exist beyond what can be sensed. Heightened Senses. You have advantage on saving throws against poison, and you have darkvision to a range of 60 feet. You also have proficiency in the Perception and Insight skills.   Sensory Touch. At 3rd level, you gain the ability to absorb the injuries of others. As an action you can touch a creature, causing it to regain 1d8 hit points + your proficiency bonus + your Wisdom modifier, and causing you to take that much necrotic damage. You can choose to increase the dice when using this ability by 1d8 at 5th level (2d8), 11th level (3d8), and 17th level (4d8). Once you have used this feature, you must complete a long rest before using it again.   New Sensations. Sensates are fascinated by new sights, tastes, and smells. In practice, this means that they refuse a chance for a new experience unless it would put you or your allies in danger.   Broad Experiences. At 5th level, you've built up an extensive store of experiences that often give you unusual insights into problems. You can add half your proficiency bonus, rounded down, to any ability check you make that doesn't already include your proficiency bonus. Occasionally Free League and Guvners Doomguard; often Dustmen.
Action without thought is the purest response. Train body and mind to act in harmony, and the spirit will become one with the multiverse. Unhesitating Response. You have proficiency in initiative checks.   Action Without Thought. Once you state what you state what your character does in a given situation, you are forced to commit to that course of action.   Master's Discipline. Ciphers of at least factotum rank can place themselves in a trance where they act on reflex alone. While in initiative, you have advantage on saving throws against mind-affecting spells and magical effects. Most factions Harmonium (suspicion)
Chaos is truth, order delusion. Embracing the randomness of the multiverse, one learns its secrets. Babble. Once per long rest, you can generate a 10-foot radius emanation that causes all sounds in the area to turn into garbled, cacophonous, and unintelligible noise. Sounds that issue from, enter, or pass through the area are altered and made unrecognizable as a natural sound. Within this area, verbal communication is impossible. Even something as simple as a shout of surprise is turned into a warped and alien sound. Spells with verbal components cannot be cast, and magic items that require a verbal component to be activated do not function. Spells and items that rely on sound do not function.   Winds of Chaos. Xaositects embrace chaos in their thoughts and actions. As a result, you can't commit to any action that requires long-term planning or discipline, such as starting a business, raising an army, or building a stronghold.   Scofflaw. At 5th level, Xaositects of at least factotum rank gain protection from the sight of law. You cannot be detected by divination magic cast by a lawful spellcaster. Doomguard, Bleak Cabal Harmonium, Guvners
Mercykillers Symbol.png
When the law fails to serve us, we must serve as the law. The Mercykillers have yet to grow large enough for their collective belief to have any meaningful buffs for the individual members. Once they have grown more, this section will be expanded. Athar, Bleak Cabal, Doomguard Harmonium, Guvners

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