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Elianders House

Tucked at the edge of town and overlooking the sea, Eliander's home provides him with a relaxing sanctuary away from the bustle of Saltmarsh. Eliander maintains the largest library in town; during his days of military service, he made a hobby of collecting rare books. He does not just allow anyone access to it however, only those he trusts or owes a favor.   The house is somewhat new, recently commission before he moved to the village. It is two stories, includes its own kitchen, library, three bedrooms, a dining area, pantry and living room. Like almost all buildings in Saltmarsh except the Jail, it does not have a cellar. Outside is a small yard and a walled courtyard complete with garden and outdoor privy that is on the edge of the cliff, which contains a special drain that goes straight into the sea.   Eliander Fireborn lives here along with his wife Belinda Fireborn, and his servant Metilda.   Belinda Fireborn - Belinda is Elianders wife, whom he met while still in the Waymarch cavalry. As the daughter of a fisherman, it took some time for her to acclimate to the wealth she now has available to her. But now that she has it, she would do anything to keep it.   Metilda - She is the live-in servant of Eliander Fireborn. Her family has never had an abundance of wealth, and when she came of age she began working odd jobs around town. When Eliander moved here, through a stroke of luck she got the job and has worked for him since. While she has few lofty aspirations, she contents herself with her work and does an adequate job of tending to the house and grounds. In her free time she likes to go down to the docks and watch the ships sail. While she is actually afraid of the sea, its size and the impressive sailing ships fascinate her.


Fireborn Sigil.png
Fireborn Sigil

Eliander Fireborn.png
Eliander Fireborn
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Belinda Fireborn
House, Large
Parent Location

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